While it’s great to have your dream man as your boyfriend or husband, it can be frustrating when he doesn’t always make good decisions. One of the most difficult things for a wife or girlfriend to deal with is their significant other’s bad habit of getting into situations that could put their safety or the safety of others at risk. Believe it or not, this is a pretty common issue for women who are dating or married to famous men. Just last year, Hollywood star Margot Robbie revealed that she’s had to intervene on more than one occasion to protect her and her husband’s daughter, Satana, from harm. It’s not always easy being the wife of a mega-star!

The Downside

Of course, there’s a downside to dating such a wonderful man. First of all, fame can become a burden. If you’re used to living your life in the spotlight, being with Robert might mean being on display and having to deal with a whole lot of attention. It might also mean that you’ll have to put up with his endless stream of one-night stands. It’s no secret that Robert has a hard time keeping his girlfriend and wife waiting – and he’s not exactly good at showing affection either. If being with the most gorgeous man in the world gets you a headline or two, it also means that everyone will be watching you every move. Your private life will be under a microscope – and you’ll never be able to truly be yourself again.

The Upside

On the flip side, there’s great upside to dating Robert Pattinson. For starters, he’s a bit of a romantic. Contrary to what you might expect, he actually likes to spend time with his girlfriends and wives, going on dates and treating them to dinner at nice restaurants. He’s not always great at showing affection, but when he does it’s pretty spectacular. Not only does it make him a bit more accessible, but also it makes the ladies lucky enough to be with him feel incredibly special. If you’re looking for a real romantic, Robert is a great choice because he actually takes his duties as a husband and father seriously. When he is with his kids, he is a devoted and affectionate father. He also coaches their soccer teams and takes them on camping holidays. The list of his philanthropic work is endless – so much so that he’s often referred to as “The King of Good Works.”

As a celebrity, Robert wears many hats. He is often the face of fashion and beauty brands, and is frequently photographed wearing distinctive creations from these prestigious houses – but he also does so much more behind the scenes. He loves to cook, and when he’s not filming, he spends his time devising healthy meal plans and snacks for his family. He is active on social media, especially Twitter, where he has almost 400,000 followers. He encourages his fans to stay positive and look at the bright side of life. And finally, he is a strong supporter of animal rights and has donated money to various charities that help animals. He also regularly donates food to those in need, especially during the wintertime.

So, as you can see, there’s definitely both sides to this story. While it’s certainly an upside to be romantically linked to such a handsome man, it can also be a real pain dealing with all the attention that comes with being Mrs. or Ms. Pattinson. It’s important to remember that you are a valuable and worthwhile person, just the way you are, so never change to satisfy others. And finally, if you’re worried about your safety, remember that you are always welcome to accompany your partner to the police station, if necessary. Just make sure that you’re both comfortable with the idea before doing so.