There was a time when people would’ve gone to the theatres to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster. These days, they’ll often opt to watch a movie online, or on their phones. Why? Well, for starters, the big screen is beginning to feel like a small screen. Watching movies on a small device has its perks. You can bring along snacks and drinks, and you can use your hands to navigate the interface, which can be easier than trying to follow the instructions in the small print onscreen at the same time.

One of the biggest films of the year so far is Joker, starring and written by the late Heath Ledger. Now that its premiere date has passed, one might wonder what all the fuss was about. The story follows the Joker, portrayed by Ledger, a sociopathic prankster with a dark past who doles out mischief and mayhem as part of his twisted brand of humour. Though it won’t be as easy as it sounds to emulate the Joker’s antics, anyone can achieve petty crime as a means of extortion, especially in Gotham City.

Robert Pattinson Joins the Fray

Though his star slowly began to fade as he aged his character in the Twilight films, Robert Pattinson was never truly out of the spotlight. After the final film in the franchise, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, released in 2012, his name began appearing more frequently in the press, whether in relation to his social activities, or his political activism. Most infamously, he was arrested for jumping into an edible French maid outfit in 2013, and eventually charged with exposing himself and two others to an undercover police officer. Following a year-long probation, he made good on his promise to donate blood and tissue, appearing in person at a donation centre in London. He has also spoken out against the death penalty and human trafficking, vouching for victims of sexual violence, identifying himself as a “sort of modern-day Jesus Christ,” and supporting various other charitable causes.

A Star Is Born

The most recent entry in the Star Is Born franchise, in which Pattinson starred, had its world premiere in May 2018. The story follows an ambitious young woman, Lana, who travels to Europe to make her presence felt in the music scene. Upon arriving in Berlin, she befriends a fellow DJ, Oliver (Diego Luna), who introduces her to the eccentric and intimidating Klaus (Pattinson). Klaus, who happens to be the father of Oliver’s girlfriend, is a brilliant and reclusive music producer. He doesn’t make enemies easily, but he does have a soft spot for Lana, who he sees as a kindred spirit who shares his passion for music. When Klaus hears that Lana has arrived in Berlin and is looking to start her DJ career, he immediately sees a rival and sets out to sabotage her. The struggle to succeed in the music world is a theme that will recur throughout the film. In the words of producer Barnaby Goodman, the similarities between DJing and acting are “virtually indistinguishable.”

From Good To Great

Though the trailers for A Star Is Born don’t do it justice, audiences are immediately drawn to the film’s eclectic soundtrack, which blends popular songs with legendary one-hit-wonders. Though the film doesn’t shy away from cheesy one-liners and pop culture references, it mostly keeps its sense of humour self-deprecating and low-key. Director and co-writer Anna Eiga frequently returns to the theme of self-doubt in her work, exploring how artists and creators can face their fears and insecurities, and rise above them to achieve greater things.

Robert Pattinson’s Upcoming Movies

Though the last few years have been relatively quiet on the entertainment front, that could well change at any moment. With an estimated net worth of over one billion USD, coupled with an ever-expanding fanbase, Robert Pattinson could end up back in the spotlight at any time. Let’s take a quick look at his upcoming movie projects, which is by no means a complete list.

Mountain Climb (2020)

Pattinson plays real-life mountaineer Jim Whittaker, a man who sets out to climb the world’s 14 highest mountains, before the year is out. The expedition is chronicled through the eyes of mountaineer Willie MacLeman, who documents his ascent through photographs and journal entries. Though the footage will no doubt be incredible, the fact that this is being billed as a “documentary” gives it a slightly cynical edge. When asked about the film by Vogue, Pattinson acknowledged that being associated with a film of this nature could possibly tarnish his image, but he sees it as a “great opportunity.”

Wife Sight (2020)

Working title: The Unusual Death of Mr. Green. Directed by Marc Etchewen. Cast includes: Elizabeth Debicki, Toni Collette, and Tim Robbins. According to the director, this is “a dark comedy about a housewife who is faced with an unusual and dangerous situation that forces her to rethink her life and her place in the world.” Though the cast list suggests a dark comedic tone, Elizabeth Debicki’s portrayal of a devoted wife won’t be easy to watch. After her husband’s (Robbins’) unexpected death, she must navigate an ocean of grief while trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life. Though she’s seemingly got everything she needs, including a seemingly infinite number of men to choose from, she finds that the search for love doesn’t end with marriage. The film will explore the challenges of being a newlywed in the modern age, and question if enduring such an enormous life shift is even possible.

Foster Child Wit (2021)

Pattinson will co-star with Kate Winslet and Charlie Cox in this adaptation of Celeste Ng’s bestselling novel. According to Ng, the story centres around a Chinese immigrant living in San Francisco who adopts three children abandoned by their mother, only to discover that her new family isn’t as stable as she would like. When the children go missing, her world is turned upside down, threatening to unravel her carefully constructed life in the process. Though director Martin Scorsese brings his usual flair and aesthetic sensitivity to the material, there’s also a sense of urgency to the proceedings, underscored by an excellent ensemble cast.

Dark River Flow (2021)

Pattinson will star in this adaptation of the popular eponymous debut novel by Jim Thompson, focusing on life on the Mississippi River in the 1950s. According to the director, this will be a darker, grittier, and more realistic portrayal of the era than most other films could ever hope to achieve. Though the book was first published in the 1950s, it’s still regarded as one of the greatest crime novels of all time.

Somersault (2021)

“Somersault” is the story of an aspiring artist who travels to Rome in the late 1800s to live with his uncle. There he becomes embroiled in a sinister plot to blackmail the Pope. Though the script is only in its early stages of development at the moment, director Dome Karimitsu has assembled an incredible cast, including Tilda Swinton, Lizzy Caplan, and the promising newcomer Enzo Cilento. If this project ever gets off the ground, expect to see more from this talented young director.

Untitled Silvertastes Project

This is one of the more exciting projects I’ve heard of in a long while. Back in May, it was reported that Marc Marien, the director of the documentary Searching For Sugar Man, had hooked up with an investor to fund a new film project. The money will go towards hiring a reputable music producer to put together a comprehensive package of songs for a potential superstar. If the material is as good as the soundtracks for A Star Is Born and Darkest Hour – Alias Madeline Murray’s (Una Mujer) standout performance in Roman Polanski’s latter film – then we’re in for a real treat. Though little has been reported since, it would seem that some exciting music is on the way.