We’ve all seen the hilarious Twitter videos, with BFFs Selena Gomez and Emily Ratajkowski playing around with each other’s hair and makeup, screaming and laughing at hilarious jokes. But who would’ve thought that these two funny ladies would put on such an interesting show for the camera?

In one of Selena’s funniest videos, she reveals that she and Robert Pattinson had a bit more fun than your typical hair and makeup routine before the premiere of their new movie. Watch as the couple play around with each other’s makeup and hair, with some truly hilarious results!

Beauty Secrets Spilled In This Very Funny And Sexy Video

The first thing you’ll notice about this hilarious and sexy Twitter video is that it has absolutely nothing to do with beauty. Instead, the pair are simply having fun and playing around with each other’s makeup and clothing. But even in this instance, there are some beauty secrets spilled that you might not want to know!

When asked about the biggest secret she’d like to reveal in this video, Selena said, “I want to show you a beautiful nude lip color that will make any woman feel like a goddess. And, of course, I also want to show you my new tattoo, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

Then, she proceeded to pull off the perfect nude lip with a mix of Revlon’s Lip Butter in the shade Nude (a dupe for Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Hide Beach) and Maybelline’s Baby Love.

After showing off her flawless lip, Selena let out a huge laugh and said, “I know, right? I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so cool. That’s such an obscure movie. I’ve never heard of that movie.’ And I was like, ‘I’ve got to try that, it sounds fantastic.’ So, there you go!”

As for her new tattoo, which you’ll see her mentioning several times throughout this skit, Selena revealed that it’s the name of a really famous director who she’s had a huge crush on for years. When we asked if there were any other tattoos she wanted to get, she said, “I don’t know, we’ll see. Right now, I’m having a really good time with this one.”

Getting Down And Dirty With A Little Lip Tarring

As you’ll see in this clip, which is part of Emily’s very funny and sexy YouTube channel, she and Robert start off their fun makeup session by taking a break from their hair and makeup routine and jumping into their skivvies. But even in their underwear, they look stunning!

Then, they start by painting each other’s toenails, getting messy and dirty with paint as they go. Once their nails are done, they move on to the next part of their outfit—a gorgeous yellow dress that Emily is wearing. While you might not want to try this at home, these two make it look so easy!

Before continuing with their outfit, they take a break and joke around a bit, as you’d expect from someone who makes videos the way she does. After getting makeup done, Emily asks Selena if she’s tried the new Beneful dog food, and the gorgeous brunette responds with, “What, you mean compared to other brands? No, I haven’t tried any other brands. It’s the best.”

Getting Nude Is The KEY In This Funny And Sexy Video

While part of Emily’s appeal is her perfectly stacked curves, the main appeal of this video is her willingness to get naked! As she starts to disrobe, she reveals that she’s followed the advice of her friend and fellow YouTuber Miranda Sings and removed all her clothes—except for her socks and shoes. (Miranda also appears in this video and reveals that she’s removed all her clothes, as well.)

And it’s not just because Miranda sang the praises of getting totally nude that made Emily take the leap. As she says in the video, “I’ve wanted to do this since I was a little girl. Since my mother used to dress me in her underwear as a little girl, I’ve always wanted to see what it felt like to be naked.”

So, without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff—Emily getting completely naked!

As beautiful as she is, it’s not hard to see why Emily has found such a large audience. Not only does she have great skin and a stunning figure, but she also shows a level of enthusiasm for getting naked that is truly captivating.

Once she’s undressed, the two friends take a selfie together and begin to play around with each other’s bodies, checking out all the different tattoos and piercings each other has as they fondle and caress one another’s breasts and bottoms. (There’s also an in-your-face sexual banter in this video, which you might not want to watch if you’re still at work.)

The Lingerie Is Where It’s At In This Hot And Sexy Video

While playing with each other’s clothes is always fun, in this video Emily takes it up a notch by slipping into a sexy lingerie set. (Yes, she is wearing a thong under that gorgeous dress.)

Not only does this set her up perfectly for getting naked with Robert, but it also adds a whole other level of sexual tension to the already fun and flirty banter between the two.

As you’ll see in the video, Emily and Robert start to make out, eventually progressing to more oral sex and her giving him an anal massage. (Yes, that’s right—this video contains many anal references, which might not be for the faint of heart.)

Not only does the lingerie set add a whole new dimension of sexual chemistry to this video, but it also provides a gorgeous view of Emily’s gorgeous body, framed by her black lace lingerie.

And it’s not just the lingerie that makes this video so interesting and appealing—it’s the fact that Emily is wearing it. (Not too many YouTubers would be so bold as to show off their bodies this way.)

Miranda’s Got Great Taste In Men

Speaking of tastefulness, let’s not forget about Miranda Sings, who often pairs down-home country charm with flawless fashion sense. We couldn’t talk about Emily and Miranda’s friendship, which we’ve covered on this blog before, without mentioning their mutual love for each other’s tonsils, as well as Miranda’s tongue in Emily’s mouth. (For those of you who don’t know, tonsils are the little glands in your mouth that help your immune system fight off infections. Eating someone’s tongue is known to boost your own oral health, as well as that of the person you were eating. Sounds like a hot and steamy night to us!)

In any case, Emily and Miranda are always a great pairing when it comes to friendship and style. Here, the two give each other makeovers, with Miranda painting Emily’s nails and giving her tips on fashion and how to be sexy. (Miranda also reveals that she’s been inspired by Emily’s curves, saying that she “always wanted to be skinny but with curves.” Who knew beauty and brains could go hand in hand?!)

As you’ll see in this video, the two are shown in increasingly intimate settings as they get their hair and makeup done. Then, they head to the red carpet, where Miranda puts Emily’s dress on her, which miraculously stays on as Miranda helps Emily pose for pictures.

One Of The Most Memorable Twosomes On TikTok

One of the most memorable couples on TikTok are David Choi and Genevieve O’Neal, better known as @choidev and @genevievee. Here, the two show off their perfect matching manic
dresses, as well as their matching wedding bands. (You’ll see them pose together several times throughout this short video.)

The two met while working on a film set in Australia, fell in love, and decided to settle down together in LA. Their outfits in this video are stunning, and the way that they wear them is so elegant and feminine. (We can’t help but notice that David’s outfit is a little less practical—he’s not wearing shoes in some of the shots. Is this a fashion choice or did
he lose them earlier that day?!)