It’s not quite as dramatic as the end of Romeo And Juliet, but it’s not far off. Robert Pattinson has had an orgasm scene in a film before and he’s no stranger to sex scenes. It seems that, with each new film, his orgasms get more and more extravagant. Now he’s returned for arguably his biggest role yet, and the buildup to the film’s climax is one of the most intense scenes audiences will ever see. This is likely to go down as one of the most significant movie orgasms ever.

The Set Up

It’s been six years since Twilight, and in that time, Robert Pattinson has become one of the biggest stars in the world. Much like his onscreen counterpart, Christian Grey, the English actor seems to have found a way to harness his fame and fortune, and use them to his advantage. In real life, he has spoken openly about his love for kinky sex and flirting, and now he’s brought both of those qualities to bear in a seductive performance that leaves little to the imagination.

The film opens with a shot of Christian walking towards an old house set against a beautiful English countryside. It’s a stunningly picturesque location, and it sets the tone for the rest of the movie. It’s not long before he discovers that one of the house’s previous owners, Robert Pattinson, is now the current owner. While Christian is initially pleased to meet a famous actor, he becomes frustrated when he learns that Pattinson is not in London to meet him but instead is there to film a movie. The script obviously calls for the two to meet in person, but Christian’s manager, Teddy, doesn’t want to miss this acting opportunity and convinces him to go along with it. It’s here where the seduction scene begins, as Christian makes his way up to Robert’s bedroom. Teddy stays back downstairs and, as soon as Christian enters the room, Robert shuts the door behind him, trapping him inside.

Once the door is closed, we cut to black and immediately hear Pattinson moaning as he comes. The camera remains fixed on the bed where Christian is hiding, as he impatiently waits for the audition to end. He wants to get back to his hotel and try out some new moves with his girlfriends, but first he needs to shower and dress in his acting suit. He’s nervous, excited, and a little wet – and we’ve never seen Pattinson look so good. He seems to have taken on a completely different persona in this scene, and it’s not hard to see why, as it’s quite an iconic image: Robert Pattinson in a state of undress.

More Than Meets The Eye

In one of the first scenes of the movie, we find Christian walking through the wilderness. It’s dark and his eyes are adjusted to the low light – he can’t quite see where he’s stepping, and that’s the point. It’s a beautiful, lonely image, and something about that isolation and desolation makes the viewer want to step in and help out. It’s not long before Christian is discovered by a group of hikers. One of them is a young girl, Mia, who is immediately infatuated with him. The rest of the hikers quickly join in, and it doesn’t take long for Christian to realize that he’s stumbled upon the ultimate group of girlfriends. Despite their obvious affection for him, Christian declines their invitation to stay. It seems that he’s not yet ready to commit to a long-term relationship just yet.

Kinky And Creative

The hike doesn’t end well for Christian. He eventually falls and scrapes his knee, giving him a bloody wound that has to be cleaned. When the hikers discover his injury, they rush him to the nearest village to receive first aid. While there, they offer to take him to the pub for some dry clothes and an ale, but Christian declines as he doesn’t feel that he’s at a place in his life where he can properly relax and feel comfortable in a crowd. Instead, he suggests that they take a walk in the countryside, and the group agrees. When they return, Christian has disappeared. They search for him but, after several hours, give up and decide to go home. Once they’re back in their car, one of the hikers calls Christian’s cell phone but he doesn’t pick up. Finally, Teddy calls him but he still refuses to answer. His friends realize that he must be at a hotel, so they phone the front desk. The hotel management sends someone to check on him, but Christian wants to be alone. He finally relents and lets his friends bring him home, but he asks that they not call anyone else. What happens next is unclear, but it looks like Christian has engineered the scenario to get exactly what he wants: attention and admiration without having to admit to his friends that he’s a desperate child looking for love. They find him passed out on the floor, and when he comes to, he reveals that he’s taken a whole bottle of pills, trying to kill himself.

Despite Christian’s suicide attempt, his friends insist that he should go to a hospital. They call an ambulance and soon he’s being stretchered out. As he is being loaded into the ambulance, he waves good-bye to his friends. When the paramedics ask how many drugs he’s taken, Christian replies that it was a number of pills that he couldn’t remember, but that he was feeling lucky. At the hospital, they check his vitals and then begin to examine him. The ER doctor asks Christian if he’s had any head injuries and, when he admits that he’s hit his head while training for a martial arts tournament the day before, they begin to worry about possible long-term consequences. The doctor suggests that Christian should be accompanied by a professional during his time in the hospital, but Christian still refuses and insists on being released.

An Opportunity To Experiment

The next morning, Christian is woken by Mia, who enters his room wearing only a towel. He becomes instantly aroused and they have sex, although not before she gives him a small gift – a heart-shaped box with a ribbon and a card that reads, “To my sweetheart, I love you.” The card is signed, “Mia.” When he realizes that she’s left her phone behind and goes to get it, she runs away, but not before he gets a chance to read the sign on the bathroom door, which reads, “Too bad, so sad.” It seems that Mia has left her phone at home in order to spend the whole night with Christian and they can finally be together. When she realizes that he hasn’t called any of his friends since the night before, she insists that he go home to get his cell phone. He reluctantly agrees and they begin to make their way back, along with Mia’s dog, Bekah. Along the way, they stop at a bar to meet a friend and have a drink. While Christian is having a beer, Mia asks if he’s hungry and he orders a sandwich. When it arrives, she notices a bruise on his arm that she doesn’t remember seeing when they were having sex the night before. It’s here that they begin to question whether or not what they’re doing is right. Shouldn’t someone be getting hurt? Shouldn’t there be some sort of commitment? They decide to call a halt to their night of passion and decide to go their separate ways. On the way home, they discuss what happened and decide that they need to be more careful. Back at his house, Christian decides to experiment with self-pleasure and, as he begins to stroke himself, he realizes that this is something he should share with Mia. He suggests that they should film themselves having sex and, as he strokes himself harder, he begins to moan. Once again, he’s nervous, excited, and a little wet – and we haven’t seen Pattinson look this good in a very long time. He eventually comes and, as he’s being loaded into the ambulance, he gives the camera the finger and waves good-bye, as his friends look on in amusement. They haven’t seen him this happy in a long time and it seems that his fame and fortune have restored his self-confidence – and his cock. When he finally recovers from the drugs overdose, he tries to kill himself a second time by jumping off the roof of his hospital. Fortunately, he survives the fall and is soon back doing what he does best: acting out. It seems that all he needs is a little chance to prove that he’s still got it and we, as an audience, are lucky to be there to experience it.