While we’re all incredibly excited about the upcoming Twilight Eclipse premieres next week, we can’t help but be a little sad about the fact that one of its main stars will be missing a fabulous opportunity to show off his impressive physique.

Last week we told you about a Twitter account @_princewiliamwhere he started tweeting about how amazing #RobertPattinson looks in real life. When people started suspecting that he was either an imposter or had hacked the account, he changed his tweets to reflect this fact. Now we can confirm that he did indeed take the easy way out by hacking the account. We can also confirm that he has been bragging about it on his Twitter feed, so there’s that.

In other news, #RobertPattinson looks incredible but it’s not just his muscles. He has also been hitting the gym hard in preparation for the big screen adaptation of Twilight. He has been posting regular updates about his workouts on his Twitter account and we bet you he’s working on that six pack!

What do you think? Is #RobertPattinson a fraud or is he the real deal?