Robert Pattinson has always been very private about his sex life, so much so that he rarely even shows his face in public. In fact, he’s mostly kept a low profile since becoming famous in the first place. But, in a new interview with Playboy, he opened up about his sex life and even gave some pretty graphic details about his sexual adventures. Here’s what he said.

On What Turns Him On

He said that since he’s been in a relationship with Kristen Stewart for so long, he’s now used to expressing himself through her. So if she’s not around, he turns to his other loved ones for solace. Among them, he pointed out his dog, Buster, as the best friend he has in the entire world. It seems that every time he’s had a successful set of romantic encounters, he’s credited it to his pet pooch. He even pointed out that when he had sex with his ex-girlfriend, Emily Brown, the dog showed up to lick her genitals clean. (Brown would go on to become the mother of his daughter, Billie).

Pattinson goes on to say that right now, he loves giving head and getting fucked by giant dildos. He also enjoys watching porn, but not while getting himself off. Instead, he masturbates to the point of orgasm and then shuts off the screen to preserve his privacy. (He often points out that if you Google his name, many of the photos you’ll find are of him masturbating).

How He Views His Own Sexuality

Pattinson thinks that it’s an important part of his identity to be able to give and receive oral sex. (He’s even appeared in several pornography videos doing just that). But he does have some kinks of his own, which he’s never explored. The most extreme being anal sex. He said he’d tried it once when he was younger, but it scared him so much that he ran off. He noted, though, that some of the sex dolls he buys are “extremely perverse” and come with assholes that can be penetrated and gagged on command. (A video in which he demonstrates how to use one of these dolls can be found here).

How He Views Other Cultures’ Sexuality

Pattinson is very open-minded and respects other cultures. For example, he often plays the role of an Indian in his movies or is surrounded by Indian costumes and artifacts. In the interview with Playboy, he even went so far as to say that some of his girlfriends have been Arab women. (One of them was reportedly named Marisa, and she was with him for five years).

Do You Think He’s The King Of Vacation Sex?

Believe it or not, yes, we think Robert Pattinson is the king of vacation sex. Why? Well, it’s not just because he’s got a sweet smile and is very charismatic. It’s also because he’s always seems to be on vacation. For instance, he went to Indonesia for the premiere of the new Harry Potter film in 2018. Or, consider his appearance on the silver screen wearing an Indian headdress or his memorable scene in a hot tub with Anna Kendrick. (Or, even better, an appearance in a short swimsuit on a beach in Italy).

Pattinson can be extremely romantic, frequently posting sweet messages to his followers on Instagram. So, it’s no wonder that women want to be with him. But it’s not like he can offer consistent love and attention. After all, he’s always got his next project to prep for. Luckily, his loyal fanbase usually makes up for it. There are even a few memes dedicated to his unique brand of romanticism.

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

Pattinson doesn’t believe in long-term relationships, so it’s not like he’ll be tied down to anyone. Or, at least, he doesn’t seem like it. So, if he isn’t involved with anyone in 10 years, he’ll be looking for someone to share his bed with and, perhaps, a family to raise his daughter together. (Or, a surrogate daughter).

He doesn’t seem to see himself as a traditional dad, however, he’d like to be present during the early part of his daughter’s life. Which is probably why he’s had so many girlfriends. For now, he’s perfectly happy to be in a committed relationship with Kristen Stewart, but they aren’t planning on getting married anytime soon. (She referred to their relationship, in a 2018 interview, as, “The best of both worlds.”)

Pattinson was previously married to actress Alicia Vikander for three years. They married in 2016 and had a daughter, Billie, in 2018. Although they are still together, Alicia has expressed her interest in dating other men. (Pattinson himself has admitted to being bisexual).

In general, we think that Robert Pattinson will continue to have a reputation as a ladies’ man and will remain the king of vacation sex for a very long time. Which is a good thing, since nobody wants to be the one who ruined his perfect smile. (Even if his fans want to give it a go).