In a romantic comedy, the lead character is often defined by his/her sex drive. In reality, many men and women could be the definition of ‘romantic’. We need to change the meaning of ‘romantic’ to be more realistic and recognise that not all passionate kissing and groping is a result of puppy love.

To prove his devotion, a man may throw himself on all fours like a dog – except, in this case, a very, very well-bred dog. While it’s endearing to see so much effort go into showing love, it can also feel a bit insulting. After all, all animals deserve respect, regardless of their anatomy.

The question is: what happens when the sexual tension between two people turns into an actual physical attraction?

Robert Pattinson is the embodiment of a modern-day Renaissance man. The British actor has starred in critically acclaimed films such as Twilight and The Lost Honor of Katharine Hawley, as well as music videos with the likes of Lady Gaga and U2. He was even named after a famous Renaissance composer.

On the other side of the coin, the 28-year-old British star has also been linked to several controversies. In 2014, he was arrested for driving under the influence, and in 2016 he was accused of raping a female friend. He has always vehemently denied the allegations, but the damage was already done. Following these accusations, his film prospects slowed and he was forced to take a break from the industry. As is often the case with high-profile figures, the break gave him time to reflect and reassert his principles.


The result of this self-reflection was the creation of a film project titled Couple, which became available to watch on Netflix in December 2019. In it, Pattinson plays a successful business tycoon who starts seeing a therapist to work through his anxieties. This eventually leads him to meet and fall in love with his therapist (Katherine Waterhouse).

The film explores some of the themes that arose from the actor’s controversies, as well as the issues that continue to plague celebrity culture today. It is essential viewing for anyone who has been affected by these events, as well as a fascinating dive into how they came about. For those who know and love Pattinson, however, the film provides an intimate glimpse into the creative process that has led to such critical acclaim.


If you’re unfamiliar, ‘masterbating’ is the act of masturbating whilst in the company of a partner. The phrase ‘jacking off’ and its variant forms – such as ‘jaking off’, ‘jacking down’ – exist in part to provide a more accurate description of what happens when you and a lover engage in solo sex. ‘Masterbating’ can take myriad forms, but it usually involves the man or woman, lying on their back and stimulating themselves whilst looking into the eyes of their partner.

In the bedroom, in front of the mirror, on the beach…no matter where you do it, ‘masterbating’ is both intimate and sensual. Some men and women engage in this activity as a foreplay ritual, where each partner takes it in turns to massage their genitals as they get undressed. It’s about mutual exchange, as much as it is about the individual. The sexual act is just a vehicle for the two of them to express their love and devotion to one another.

Many people associate ‘masterbating’ with gay men and women, due to the way in which it can be used as a way to express yourself. As mentioned, it is usually done whilst looking each other in the eye, and there are sometimes subtle but important differences in style and technique between queer and non-queer individuals. For example, queer individuals may use their hands to explore their sexual organs more effectively than people who are not – which can lead to greater sensory stimulation and, ultimately, to a more powerful orgasm. This is why, sometimes, gay men and women can cum several times during a session of ‘masterbating’! Although all sexual activity is good, ‘masterbating’ has often been associated with homosexuality due to the way in which it can be used as a means of self-pleasure.

Whether you’re gay, straight, or somewhere in between, there is something uniquely intimate about ejaculating in front of a mirror. For those who love to masturbate, it is a way of connecting – intellectually, physically, and, in many cases, emotionally – with another person. It is a way of asserting your individuality and expressing your sexual preference whilst also providing a moment of pleasure for your partner.

For many years, the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction meant that people with these issues were often prevented from coming out about their sexuality, even though they might genuinely want to. The result of this is that many gay men and women were able to enjoy an authentic and passionate romantic experience without the fear of being rejected or ridiculed by their partners and society at large. Sadly, we still see this prejudice in some social circles, which means that some people with these issues might not be able to enjoy a full and happy life.

If you’re interested in ‘masterbating’, then there are several ways in which you can enjoy this experience without needing to resort to exhibitionism. For example, you can masturbate whilst in the company of a partner, or you can masturbate in front of a mirror, or you can ask a partner to watch you masturbate. The important thing is that you find a way that works best for you. Be mindful of those around you, and use common sense. Remember: practise safe sex, and you might find that ‘masterbating’ is not only comfortable but also extremely satisfying. It can also help you and your partner connect in a way that feels genuine and nurturing. Remember: no one is perfect, and that’s what makes us human.