Since the beginning of this year, there have been some major celebrity match announcements, with many people questioning if these celebrity pairings will work out. And considering their recent break-up, can they really recover and live happily ever after? Let’s examine the evidence and discover what will make this ‘celebrity comeback’ different to any other.

A Real-Life Fairy Tale

The year 2018 was a big one for celebrity splits. In January, Hollywood superstar couple Tom Hanks and Florence ‘Loretta’ Larkin tied the knot, while in February, actress and fashion icon Grace Kelly wed British businessman Antony Arshak Arshvelovian. But the biggest news came in March, when Harry Styles made headlines around the world when he ended his four-year engagement to singer and songwriter Alice Hyde. The couple announced their separation a few months later.

Amidst all the gossip, there was one Cinderella story that stood out. On March 8, Collins and Arshveloviani became the first couple to be married at the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel in what was considered a ‘celebrity comeback’ after the Italian designer’s dramatic split from the daughter of Marlon Brando. The ceremony was a ‘wedding of the century’ and one of the most intimate events in the couple’s history. The following day, the ‘Darling’ actress wore a stunning white gown by Ralph Lauren and carried a bouquet of white orchids. She also wore a simple gold necklace, with matching earrings. Her hair and make-up were done by celebrity hair and make-up artist Carole Rozyne.

The wedding photos and video featured some truly iconic images, with the couple looking dashing in their white suits and holding hands as they walked towards the altar. During the ceremony, the ‘Someday’ singer cried as she said her vows. “This is not a marriage of convenience,” she said. The couple then kissed, before pronouncing their marriage valid before an audience of 300 people. “From the day we first met, we knew this is what we wanted. Never, ever, will we be content with just ‘being together,’” she added.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds left the church and made their way to the reception venue, where they were joined by hundreds of celebrity guests. The couple were later seen dancing with each other at the reception.

Fashion’s Sweethearts

With so much attention being paid to their relationship, it was no surprise that Collins and Arshveloviani’s fashion styles were closely followed and covered by the media. The two have been fashion’s granddaddy and granny when it comes to style, with the designer helping to reinvent fashion for the likes of Kelly and Grace as well as modern-day bombshells like Kate Winslet and Naomi Campbell. So, when it came to their style choices for the wedding, it seemed only natural that designers would want to give them a helping hand.

The wedding dress was a particular focus for the fashion world, with many publications running feature articles on the iconic designer Ralph Lauren. “It was an honor to dress such an iconic couple. I loved designing for Grace Kelly and Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers, so it was such a thrill to be able to dress them together one last time,” said Christian Dior designer Maria Teresa Castellani. Elle MacLeman of Blue Note World Events added, “It was an exceptional privilege to dress the princess and the designer. Their story is one of the most iconic fairytales of all time, and it is an honor to have been part of this once-in-a-lifetime event.”

Others, however, were less kind. “It’s a real shame that Ralph Lauren didn’t leave something more unique and extraordinary as a wedding gift for Maureen and Antony. I feel really sorry for the designer because he will most certainly lose a customer for life,” one Twitter user wrote. Another tweeted, “I don’t think he [Lauren] did the right thing. Instead of designing a wedding dress, he should have designed a pair of shoes or a handbag.” It seems that the designer may have hurt his reputation among Twitter users and fans when he failed to deliver on what was promised in the sales pitch. It wouldn’t be the first time that Lauren had made a similar mistake. Back in 2015, he was embroiled in a major scandal when it was discovered that he had duped customers into thinking that their wedding dresses were custom-made when, in fact, they were poorly made by cheaper manufacturers.

A Fairy-Tale Reunion

After the wedding, the newlyweds retreated to their honeymoon in Italy. On their return, they drew even more attention to themselves by walking down the aisle together at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards in January. Since then, they have been frequently sighted together, with many fans hoping that this would spark another romance for the Hollywood stars. As the saying goes, love is in the air.

A Powerful Symbol Of The ‘New’ Romanticism

Collins and Arshveloviani were certainly not the first celebrities to tie the knot, with many celebrities previously achieving notoriety for their personal lives and romantic relationships. In 2017, for example, American reality TV star Kat McEntee wed businessman Andrew Taylor. The couple, who met while filming a TV show in New York, carried out their wedding ceremony in a small church in New Jersey and then continued the celebration in a nearby restaurant. Taylor, who proposed to McEntee during a trip to London, wore a bespoke suit and coordinated tie, and the newlywed couple spent their wedding night in a five-star hotel.

Similarly, American TV personality Jillian McAllister married British director Luke MacGillivray back in 2015, with the ceremony taking place in an intimate setting in front of just a handful of guests. The couple were later pictured on MacGillivray’s Instagram account, hugging and kissing in what appeared to be a cozy, private moment.

A ‘New’ Kind Of Royal Wedding

It would appear that, in 2018, the royals are setting a new trend when it comes to wedding celebrations, with many popular publications dubbing Collins’ wedding to Arshveloviani a ‘royal comeback’. While we can’t put it down to mere coincidence, we can’t help but wonder if the growing trend of royal weddings is partly responsible for the celebrity comeback. What do you think? Is this a sign that the monarchy is still capable of drawing people to the big day – or have we gone past the point of there being a ‘royal comeback’?

For those curious about the fashion style of the future king and queen of England, it seems that they are keeping up with the latest trends by opting for a relatively low-key wedding celebration. As a result, they have managed to avoid a host of scandals that would undoubtedly have been splashed across the newspapers if they had carried out a more extravagant affair. While the Duke of Cambridge sported a traditional waistcoat and socks alongside his kilt during the wedding of Kate and Wills in 2018, the outfit choice seemed to draw criticism from some guests who felt that the clothing was anachronistic and out of place. The bride’s parents also wore outfits that were heavily criticized by style experts, with her grandfather, Sir Roger Luce, and father, Prince William, opting for blue jeans and casual shirts instead of the more traditional black suits.

While we can’t put it down to coincidence, it’s interesting to note that both Collins and Arshveloviani’s dress styles were chosen with an eye on the future. With the designer having worked with some of Hollywood’s most famous stars, it seems entirely plausible that the designer may have advised the couple to keep things simple, and classic, for their wedding day. It’s clear that both Collins and Arshveloviani are determined to tread a unique path to the altar – and, given the designer’s previous work for some of Hollywood’s most famous couples, we can’t help but wonder if they have something special planned for their big day.