Last month, on July 14th, the world was plunged into despair when it was announced that Robert Pattinson had filed for divorce from his wife, FKA Twigs. Now that the shock of the divorce has worn off, we can examine the events that led up to it and how it will affect both of their professional and personal lives. To get the inside scoop, we reached out to the many insiders who have been close to the actor over the years.

The Early Days

It all started when the couple first met in 2009. According to reports, the ‘Twilight’ star was initially unimpressed by the oddity that was FKA Twigs, but their paths finally crossed when he was filming the 2010 film ‘Water for Elephants’ in Budapest. The two bonded immediately over their mutual appreciation for retro music and horror films, and before long, they were inseparable.

While it was initially assumed that Pattinson would play the role of Romeo and Twigs would act as Juliet, it quickly became apparent that the leads were quite the opposite. Much to director Bill Condon’s dismay, Pattinson often turned up to work late and unprepared, causing the shoot to grind to a halt. Twigs, however, rose to the occasion and stepped up to the plate, doing more take-offs than anyone had seen before. The pressure paid off, however, as the film was hailed a triumph.


The following year, Condon was once again brought in to direct ‘Belle’, based on the classic French novel ‘Belle Époque’ by Prosper Mérimée. Again, it was assumed that this would be Pattinson’s next role and Twigs his ‘Astaroth’. While they still worked together, the dynamic between the two had shifted. Now it was Twigs who was more of a mentor to Pattinson, showing him the ropes and inspiring him to embrace new projects.

The year 2012 was a breakthrough one for Pattinson. In addition to starring in the biopic ‘The Artist’, he also portrayed author Marcel Proust in ‘The Private Life of Walter Mitty’, starred alongside Kristen Stewart in the romantic comedy ‘On the Road’, and won an Oscar for his role in the film ‘Belle’. It was arguably the performance in ‘On the Road’ that helped pave the way for his eventual success as an actor, as well as establishing him as the go-to guy for men’s fashion magazines.

The Breakdown

Although they kept working together, there was a sense that something was off. Rumors began to swirl that Pattinson and Twigs were on the rocks. This was all brought to a head when, in February 2014, the pair attended the ‘BAFTA Awards’ in London dressed in matching custom-made suits, a look that Twitteratti claimed was a “game-changer”. Soon enough, the divorce rumors were confirmed. Twigs subsequently filed for bankruptcy and the couple’s shared custody of their daughter, Genevieve, was immediately appealed. A showdown was looming.

The Bad Timing

While the legal battle raged on, there was one person who was trying to salvage the situation: Pattinson’s manager, Christian Trulson. Knowing that the actor’s schedule was as busy as ever, Trulson worked tirelessly to craft a peace plan, putting together a series of meetings between the couple and their lawyers. Unfortunately, it was at this point that things went horribly wrong. Just as negotiations were getting rolling, the ‘Twilight’ star was hit by a car while out riding a bike, suffering serious injuries that put his acting career on hold. While he eventually made a full recovery, the accident served as a reminder that, at any time, his health could once again become an issue.

A Whole Other Person

Two years later, in May 2016, Pattinson made his return to the big screen in the action comedy ‘Getaway’. Featuring an ensemble cast and shot in the British capital, the film marked a departure from his previous roles, in which he had often played the object of affection to Stewart’s character. In ‘Getaway’, he played a much more complex character, Joe Bananas, a charming, but incredibly irresponsible young man who befriends a group of criminals, led by Robert De Niro, and agrees to help them plan the heist of a lifetime. For his performance, Pattinson was nominated for a Golden Globe.

The Fallout

The fallout from the crash and the ensuing fallout from the divorce were serious. Aside from putting his career on hold, it also led to the break-up of his friendships with Stewart and De Niro, as well as the loss of several high-profile roles. He subsequently became very selective about the roles he takes on, only agreeing to work with A-list directors and producers. As a result, his fee drastically dropped, and he often turns down projects. According to reports, the ‘Twilight’ actor is now worth around £30 million, having previously been valued at £50 million. In addition to his acting career, he now earns a living from commissioned art portraits and designing men’s fashion accessories and clothing. He also continues to write poetry and has published a number of collections of his work, including the critically acclaimed ‘Rocking the Dock’ and ‘Cocktails’, which was shortlisted for the 2017 William Blake Literary Prize. His new album, ‘Songs For Beginners’, is set to be released this year.

Lessons Learned

After two incredible years away from the big screen, it is fair to say that Pattinson has not looked or acted the same. Gone is the dashing young man from ‘Twilight’, replaced by a more mature actor who continues to surprise in his choice of roles. While we wait to see what 2019 brings, here are a few lessons learned from the actor about life and love.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Music

It is well-established that music is deeply personal to the ‘Twilight’ actor. A love of music was already evident in his film debut, ‘Eclipse’, where he sang along to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “Crazy in Love” by the Bee Gees. Since then, his affinity for pop music has continued, with him performing at several music festivals and releasing his own album, ‘Kings of Pasture’, in 2017. This year, he will be performing at several music festivals, including London’s ‘Sotheby’s Music Festival’ and the ‘Prague Spring Festival’ in May. Fans will have the opportunity to catch him live if they purchase a ticket to one of the concerts. He has also recorded a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” for the film ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’.

Choose Your Partners Carefully

It was not always smooth sailing for the ‘Twilight’ actor. At various points in his life, he has been linked with a host of beautiful women, including Emily Elizabeth ‘Lily Collins’, Sofia ‘Sofia Coppola’, and more recently, FKA Twigs. While he has not openly spoken about any of these relationships, they have all been cited as contributing factors to his current marriage troubles.

Pattinson has been dating Twigs since 2014 and, according to reports, the two have become inseparable. It was initially assumed that they would wed, but the union was recently postponed until after the birth of their first child. The ‘Twilight’ actor has also taken a liking to the stage, and in 2018, he premiered an elaborate new dance routine, inspired by his time in Hungary. The routine, which he performed wearing a tuxedo and accompanied by classical musicians, was met with rave reviews.