Ever wonder what it would be like to have a famous person as your roommate? Well, wonder no longer because legendary musician Rob Pattinson has become a popular celebrity. He’s known for his unique laugh that can seemingly melt even the coldest of hearts and his boyish charm that makes even the most grumpy person endearingly endearing. So, if you’re looking to dive into the world of pop culture with a little less fear than usual, we have exciting news: You can download every song Rob Pattinson has ever recorded for free. Yes, you read that correctly. Every single one of his songs is available to be downloaded for free. You may recognise some of the songs as they’ve been covered by other artists but, for the most part, this is a chance to discover gems you may have missed out on.

Let’s take a look at how you can download Rob Pattinson’s music.

The Legal Aspect

Before you start downloading, it is important to note that all of Rob’s songs are legally licensed through Universal Music Publishing International (UMPI). UMPI is a non-exclusive licensing association that manages the rights of the public and professionals to use music in film, TV, games and commercial advertising. You can view the full terms of Rob’s music contract here. In short, this means that you are free to distribute these songs for any purpose, as long as you credit the source and do not make a profit from the work.

Where To Start?

To get started, visit this official website, roppattinson.com. On the page, you will see nine links, each one leading to a folder containing hundreds of MP3s. To keep things simple, we’ve grouped the songs into three categories: Comedy Album, Movie Soundtracks and Solo Album.

There you have it, the perfect place to start your adventure into Rob’s music. While you may recognise a number of these tracks, there are undoubtedly many more gems waiting to be discovered. So, go ahead, start your download today! 

The Best Of Both Worlds

Yes, you read that right. You may be wondering how a musician can both be famous and yet have so many of his songs available for free. The answer is quite simple: He’s created something truly unique that integrates both his musical talent and celebrity status into one entity. These songs exist in a state of legal limbo that means they can be freely available online yet also still be able to be sold and collected by fans. So, for the ultimate in both worlds, you can purchase CDs, download them for free or stream them from this official website. How’s that for an all-encompassing solution?

What if I told you there was a way you could enjoy all the music you wanted, whenever you wanted, without having to worry about paying for a single song? What if I told you that not only are all of Rob Pattinson’s songs available to be downloaded for free but that he’s also partnered with a company that would let you download albums for free? What if I told you that this company’s aim was to put an end to online music piracy and that they were willing to take legal actions to make sure you only listened to legal, streaming URLs? What if I told you that this company was also committed to supporting the music industry and promoting new, independent artists?

Well, this is the good news. All of that is true and it’s called #JusticeForAll. When you download this album, you will be given a one-time link that will allow you to stream or download the entire album for free. What’s more, the album will be sent to you wrapped in a neat, legal bundle. So, as you can see, there are many benefits to this deal. The only thing you have to do is to hit “OK” to start your free trial.

Why Should You Download?

You should download this album for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s free. What’s more, it’s full of popular songs that everyone knows and loves. You’ll find classics such as Walking on Sunshine, Never Say Never and more. These are songs that anyone can listen to time and time again. For something different, you can try the album’s title track, which was originally performed by Florence and the Machine. It’s an upbeat, indie pop song that will have you jumping around with joy. Lastly, you should download this album because it’s the perfect way to discover songs you may have never heard of before yet truly believe in.

To recap, here’s what you need to do: Head over to roppattinson.com. On the page, you will see nine links, each one leading to a folder containing hundreds of MP3s. To keep things simple, we’ve grouped these songs into three categories: Comedy Album, Movie Soundtracks and Solo Album. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the download button to start your free trial. You’ll be taken to a legal page where you can read about the album’s copyright clearance and make sure you’re aware of legal obligations. When you’re comfortable with the agreement, click “OK” to begin your download.