When most people think of Lego, they probably think of the iconic building blocks that were first introduced in 1946. While Lego bricks have long been a popular toy among children and adult fans alike, the company has actually been exploring new ways to play with their classic building blocks for some time now. Most notably, the Danish company has been experimenting with different colored bricks and unique shapes; these unusual elements make modern twists on classic Lego structures.

One of the most interesting and innovative of these “Alternate-Reality” sets is called “Island Escape” and was inspired by Danish artist Christian Sørensen’s work, The Gates. You’ll often find this set in the Lego collection of wealthy collectors or in fancy toy stores that have a good eye for unique designs. It’s the perfect set for a creative child or adult collector who wants to build something unique!

But if you think that this is some sort of luxurious plaything that rich kids might enjoy, think again. As it turns out, adults aged from 35 to 54 are more likely to buy this kind of set than any other, with the average buyer being a bit younger. As a Toy Industry Council (TIC) report put it in 2019:

“Generation Z (ages 2–24) are creating their own identities and choosing their own hobbies and interests, and play is a key way they develop their social skills.

“They may grow up with technology but rely on their social skills to interact with others. Playing games is a great way for them to practice these skills and may even introduce them to new hobbies or interests.”

It’s interesting to note that kids don’t necessarily need to play with LEGO to develop their social skills. In fact, they might even need to spend less time with devices to strengthen these crucial skills. This is why it’s important for adults to step up and be good role models for kids by actively participating in the activities that they enjoy, whether it’s building blocks or searching for monsters under the bed.

Why Do Adults Buy These Sets?

While it’s true that these sets are a bit pricey (the average Island Escape set costs $349), they aren’t as expensive as you’d think. For starters, most of these sets aren’t made of expensive materials like gold or silver and most of the pieces are fairly common (e.g., yellow bricks, brown ground, etc.). For those interested in unique decorations that aren’t stickers, this is the perfect option. Not only do they allow you to express different colors and designs, but they also come with an assortment of mini figs, animals, and other themed elements that can be used to decorate your structure.

As a result, these sets aren’t just an additional plaything but can also be used for creative and innovative projects. In 2019, a Lego fan named Daniel Young used these colorful, plastic bricks to create an outdoor movie screen that he installed in his back yard. He equipped this unusual movie screen with a projector, speakers, and a huge blanket to create a private outdoor theater. Young notes that:

“I wanted to build something that would allow my family and friends to come together and enjoy a night out under the stars. This project is a labor of love that I’m very proud of, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

“These colorful, interlocking bricks are a great way to add a modern spin to your child’s bedroom or play space. Not only do they offer endless creative and innovative possibilities, but they can also be used to decorate your structure. With a little bit of imagination, these sets can become a part of your daily life and can be fun for the whole family to build together.”

An Easy Holiday Gift That Will Be On Every Child’s List

If you want to buy an easy and inexpensive Christmas gift for your child this year, what could be more personal and exciting than getting them a set of their very own unique LEGO creations? Whether your kid is a big fan of Disney characters or has a love for space, they will cherish and play with these colorful bricks all year long. What’s more, you’ll have created a lasting memory that will be cherished for years to come. At the very least, these sets are a fun way to engage with your child and build their confidence while enjoying some quality family time during the holidays.