The Lego Batman collection is one of the biggest in the brand’s history, and easily one of the most anticipated sets for 2019. Coming 16 years after the brand’s first batmobile set, there are more than 40 pieces of the Caped Crusader’s justice-themed crime fighting vehicle for kids to build and play with.

This super-sized collection includes everything needed to construct a fully functional Batmobile, featuring a working elevator, spinning rotors on the roof, twin windshield wiper arms, and an opening front windscreen to enable the display of your personalized racing stripes. There are also two minifigures included—one in a police uniform holding a trilogyelectric ray gun and the other as Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

The Evolution Of Building Blocks

The evolution of Lego is quite evident in the design of this new vehicle. While the brick-built series has always focused on simplicity and ease of construction for children, the design team wanted to introduce more sophisticated building techniques into the brand’s offering. Hence, the inclusion of Technic bricks, which are longer and thinner than the traditional Lego brick.

These longer, thinner bricks enable the construction of more intricate, creative structures. They’re also stronger and more durable, so children can have more complex constructions than before. In fact, the Technic portion of the Lego Batman collection alone is more than three times the size of the regular Lego brick series.

The Ultimate In Minimalism

This being said, the minimalistic look of the Lego Batman sets is something else. It’s sleek, modern, and sleek again. With bold graphic styling and a sleek chrome finish, the sleek, shiny metal exteriors of the car combine with the modern minimalism of the brick interior to create an ultra-sleek design that’s both functional and beautiful.

The sleek exterior of the vehicle is formed from four Technic brick walls, two large rotating tires, an over-sized metal gear, and a sleek canopy. The front of the car can be opened up to show off the Lego engine with working pistons and rotating orange lights, the twin spinning rotors on the roof at the back, and the two rear view mirrors. This sleek design is both functional and beautiful, and it’s the ultimate incarnation of the classic Batman vehicle.

A Super-Sized Meets Super-Functional Design

In addition to the sleeker look of the car, it’s also far more functional than any previous Lego design. This is mainly thanks to the inclusion of multiple working parts and large open spaces enabling multiple configurations. The elevator, for example, can be raised to access the upper levels of the Batmobile and closed to make it travel silently like a bat.

Similarly, the rotors on the roof can be moved to open up the rear of the car to create an open-air driving experience like never before in this series. They’re also large enough to accommodate two minifigures standing abreast, side-by-side. This enables even more creative play for children, while enabling grown-ups to have a more utilitarian experience as well.

Everything You Need To Build The Ultimate Car

Everything needed to construct this magnificent machine is included in the set. That is, except for the rubber band and the instruction manual, of course! So even though the overall construction is rather simple, it still takes a bit of time to put it together. Children will find this enjoyable, as they get to use their hands to create something functional and unique. In addition, with many large pieces included, it will inspire young builders to become creative and innovative, while also providing a sense of accomplishment when the finished product is revealed.

This is the first Lego Batman set to include a working elevator, which means that it’s the first set that can be completed without the need to sit down and program an instruction manual. That’s certainly a great quality for a Lego set!

An Heirloom For LEGO Builders

Finally, what is perhaps the greatest quality of the Lego Batman series is that it’s a truly heirloom quality set. This is because not only does it include many valuable elements and pieces that can be used to build other, more elaborate vehicles, but it is built using multiple parts that can be combined in multiple ways to form new vehicles and structures. As such, it is easy enough for future generations to continue building on this foundation, and thus create their own personalized brick-built vehicles.

The set is also durable and built to last, so it can be passed down from generation to generation, much like the brick itself. This makes it a worthwhile investment for children, since it not only provides them with a heirloom, but will also allow them to play creatively with their friends and build new things without having to ask for help from adult supervision.

How To Build The Ultimate Car

So, how exactly does one go about constructing this fabulous machine? Let’s have a look.

First, you’ll need to collect all of the pieces for the set. Fortunately, there are many for the adult collector to enjoy, while the little ones will find it easy enough to identify with their favorite character. The pieces for this set are widely available at retail stores, but if you want to build this set without spending a fortune, you can find the necessary pieces individually online, or from the catalogs of brick-and-mortar stores that sell construction toys.

Step One – Select The Best Location

It’s always best to start by determining the best suitable location for your project. In this case, you’ll want to find a flat surface in a well-lit room with plenty of room for movement. In addition, the surface should be smooth and level, so that when the completed car is placed on it, it will not wobble or shift its position even slightly.

Step Two – Find A Suitable Surrounding

Now that you’ve selected the location for the construction, it’s time to look for a suitable surrounding. In this case, we recommend using landscape timbers for the base, as they provide a stable foundation and can be adjusted to form a nearly perfect square.

Step Three – Mark Out The Area

With your base now prepared, you can begin to lay out the area that you’ll use for the construction. Remember, the more room you’ve got, the more places you can fit the pieces in, and thus the more freedom of movement you’ll have. In this case, you can use one of the two available parking spaces, since that’s all the room you need for the construction of this set. Make sure that you leave enough room at the front, where the elevator will be located, as well as at the back, where the rotors are located on the roof. You may also want to leave an area at the side for the seats, as they are rather wide and can accommodate two or three minifigures comfortably.

Step Four – Level The Area

Now that you have the area prepared, you can begin to level it. Use a straightedge and a level to ensure that the area is flat and even. In addition, as this is a toy construction set, you don’t need to worry about precision, so take your time and do it right. Once done, you can hide the edges of the timbers using landscape timbers or other construction pieces.

Step Five – Assemble The Build Platform

With your base level now finished and ready to go, you can start to assemble the build platform. Start with the front of the vehicle, using a pair of hinges to connect the two large outer walls. From the front, the car will be approximately waist high, so you’ll want to make sure that it can be raised and lowered smoothly and easily without the use of any tools. Once the front is attached, you can move on to the next wall, which is the back wall, using a similar technique. The last wall is the roof, which you’ll attach using two hinges.

Step Six – Create The Working Platform

Now that you’ve assembled the four walls, it’s time to create the working platform. For this, you’ll want to use a table or any other flat and stable surface. A good place to start would be by attaching the front two walls using a pair of hinges, as before. Once the front walls are in position, you can attach the back wall and the roof, once again using a pair of hinges. When attaching the back wall and roof to the front two walls, make sure that all four walls are level and flat, as before, using a level and a straightedge.