The Caped Crusader may be the king of all superheroes, but it seems he doesn’t monopolize all the LEGO brick building blocks. In fact, there are at least three other members of the LEGO Batman team who are every bit as cool as ol’ Bats himself. One of them is apparently a female member of the group who goes by the name of Harley Quinn. And who could forget about the Joker himself? In the middle of all this LEGO ingenuity, it’s hard to remember that these figures represent bad guys. So it goes to show you that being a vigilante is a very serious business, and it requires a lot of self-control.

The Perfect Fit For The Caped Crusader

There’s no question that Batman is one of the most recognizable figures in modern pop culture. With so much media presence, it’s no wonder that LEGO would want to cash in on this phenomenon and give fans everything they could want in a LEGO Batman set. Thankfully, they did exactly that with this beautiful creation. And it’s easy to see why LEGO would want to give Batman a run for his money, because this spectacular set brings a wide spectrum of awesome to the table.

First off, we have the standard LEGO bricks that every set builder knows and loves. These bricks allow for a wide variety of creations and make any model stand out simply because they’re so diverse. Then, we have the big-name licensed bricks that offer additional versatility, like the Technic beam or the Nuclear Reactor. These elements were essential to making this set so impressive, and it’s great that the set includes a brick that represents a piece of modern culture that is so important that it’s a part of everyday language like “Dark Knight” or “Joker’s smile.” Lastly, we have the classic characters from Batman’s rogues gallery, like the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler. These characters have transcended the imaginations of previous set builders, and it’s great to see them in such amazing detail. What’s more is that these characters are so iconic that even people who’ve never seen the movie will know what elements are supposed to go together.

The Perfect Set Of Minifigures

It’s not only true that the set includes a wide variety of awesome elements; it also has a perfect assortment of minifigures to go with them. For starters, we have the Penguin, the Riddler, and the Joker, all of whom have been seen in the comics or the movies multiple times. It seems like an age-old rivalry is what makes these characters so interesting, and it will be great to see how LEGO interprets this competition for the amusement of its fans. Then, we have Harley Quinn, the female member of the Caped Crusader’s crime-fighting team. This character is as interesting as her famous partner, and it will be interesting to see her interact with the other colorful characters in the set. Last but not least, we have the main character himself, “Mr. Batman” himself, as he’s known in the sets. This character could probably use some work, but it’s hard to put the perfect LEGO brick in with the wrong shape. Overall, this is a great start for a LEGO Batman collection, and it will grow with time as more sets are produced.

An Authentic Tuxedo

In a way, this set truly represents the “Dark Knight” because it captures his essence perfectly. The way a true blue fashion victim would dress up, complete with a white tuxedo and black suit, Mr. Batman would look just like a real life superhero. Of course, the suit is a bit flashy for a true fashion victim, but it still has that classic Batman look. It makes you wonder if the Caped Crusader ever actually dons a vest and spends his days working with his ward, Dick Grayson instead of throwing around his usual gadgets and kicking ass. This set would look perfect paired with an actual tuxedo, and it’s a great accent color too! The attention to detail is incredible, and it’s apparent that a lot of thought went into creating this perfect set. This is why it’s hard to put into words the feeling you get when you open this box and see all these amazing things laid out on a table in front of you. Hopefully, LEGO will continue to release awesome LEGO sets like this, and we’ll be able to experience the thrill of creating even more intricate designs and arrangements with LEGO bricks. So, Mr. Batman, what are you waiting for? It’s time to save Gotham and make the city shine again!