Yes, Hollywood heartthrob Rob Pattinson’s new movie, Belle, is now in theaters. The British actor’s latest offering is based on the classic 1886 novel The Beauty by Marie Corelli. The Oscar-winning producer, Sir Richard Attenborough, is directing the feature film. The movie’s storyline sees Pattinson’s character, John Maxwell, falling for a rich, older woman (played by Hollywood legend Greta Garbo).

While there has been no confirmation from Garbo’s camp about whether or not she will portray the iconic character of the Grand Tour, Greta’s niece, Barbara, is playing the role of Belle. And, to add to the allure, it was recently revealed that the 74-year-old actress, who is considered by many to be the world’s greatest living actress, had secretly worked for years on her portrayal of Belle.

Meanwhile, speaking of legends, Grand Tour is the nickname given to Greta’s late husband, Frank. The couple were married for more than 70 years and remained friends and work colleagues throughout their life. The film marks the late actor’s final acting role before his passing in 2002. To provide some continuity with the novel, the storyteller of Grand Tour, H.G. Wells, signed on to write a prequel novel that will serve as an epilogue to the story. It will be published in October 2021 and will be entitled, Grand Tour – Part II.

Now, fans of Greta Garbo and fans of Sherlock Holmes could team up and see which film character she most resembles, as the actress’ famous granny glasses almost exactly match those of the legendary detective of Baker Street. Or, they could simply enjoy the fact that both ladies look gorgeous without a single shred of clothing on display.

The Dark Lady Of The Manor

Speaking of Baker Street, another Sherlock Holmes connection can be found in the form of Felicity Jones, who is currently portraying Lady Georgiana Ladywater, a.k.a. Irene Adler, in the upcoming Aquaman sequel, Sequel. Fans of Jones and Sherlock Holmes know that she has an almost uncanny resemblance to the great detective’s famous client, the famous female detective, and that she even played the part of Adler in a famous episode of the Sherlock Holmes series. So, while it is true that Jones’ character, Georgiana, is a modern-day incarnation of the legendary detective’s long-dead client, she’s clearly not a pushover and is more than capable of kicking Holmes’ flamboyant, drunken, and misogynistic self in the gut.

The role of Adler in Aquaman is significant, as it was established, even before the release of Sequel, that Georgiana is, in fact, Arthur Conan Doyle’s adoptive daughter. In addition to playing the iconic detective’s long-dead client, she also serves an interesting dual role as Queen Victoria’s appointed lady-in-waiting – a fact that has given rise to some interesting theories about the true identity of the legendary detective’s greatest foe. Additionally, Jones will lend her voice to an as-yet-untitled Nintendo Switch game, which is currently in development.

Garbo’s Final Performance

But let’s get back to Greta Garbo. It was recently revealed that the legendary actress, who turned 100 in April 2021, had quietly worked on her last project before her passing. The news came as a shock to fans, as it was previously reported that Garbo had been living a recluse-like life and had largely avoided the public eye. However, it appears that the rumors of her retirement, which first surfaced in March 2021, may have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, it now seems that Garbo could very well pull off one of the most incredible final legacies of all time. If the following evidence is any indication, then it would appear that Garbo’s final performance, which is set to air in August 2021, could well earn her an unprecedented tenth Academy Award nomination: