A few days ago, fans of the Twilight franchise got a glimpse of their favorite star’s new look as he walked the red carpet at the premiere of the final installment of the series, Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Amidst the slew of pictures that emerged from the premiere, there was one in particular that had Twitter abuzz with excitement: Robert Pattinson showing off an amazing hair and makeup transformation from total trash to Hollywood superstar!

Pattinson’s stylist, Fergie Peacock, took to Twitter to gloat about the superstar’s fab new look, writing, “Hey @_KristenStewart_ how does it feel to be the most popular girl in the world?”

While Stewart was a little more restrained in her comments, she couldn’t help but shower praise on her costar and friend as well, tweeting, “Such a good look..@_robertpattinson_ looks so incredible. What a difference a few shampoo and conditioning sessions can make.”

The Evolution Of Robert Pattinson’s Hair And Makeup

Pattinson’s hair and makeup transformation couldn’t have gone better – his hair was a complete wreck a few years ago, and now it’s one of his signature looks. The actor sported a long, shaggy dark hair and a bushy beard in the old days, but his hair and makeup team completely revamped his image with some serious conditioning and sculpting. The final result is spectacular!

Pattinson’s hair is a full-on hooligan. He roots it aggressively, often going darker than his natural hair color. As a result, his hair has been described as “mulish” and “unruly”, and he’s even received a few hair-styling bans from famous fashion houses.

These days, you’ll often see Pattinson with slicked back hair, and he makes full use of his groovy hair by rocking it low on his brow or across his face. The only thing that hasn’t changed about his hair is its complete inability to behave; it will never, ever obey the command to “tie back that hair!”

On the subject of his facial hair, it started off as a patchy, scruffy goatee and has slowly evolved into full-on facial hair. When he was first cast as Dracula in the 2012 adaptation of the classic novel, he was given a razor-sharp, classic pointed beard that he grew out of necessity – the role required a lot of hair sculpting!

Since then, the actor has kept the razor-sharp points and has grown out the rest of his facial hair. It started off light in color but has since turned full black, which suits him perfectly! You’ll often see Pattinson sporting a full, bushy beard, especially when he’s portraying Shakespearean characters. It’s perfect for adding that extra touch of authenticity!

The Ultimate Robert Pattinson Makeover Make-Believe Session

If you’re not into makeup, you may opt out of this entire process and just enjoy the awe-inspiring results of Pattinson’s hair and makeup transformation. To those who are into it, it’s a whole different story. Instagram is filled with pictures of fans posing with their phones while watching Pattinson’s transformation – it’s quite an experience to witness such an iconic beauty moment!

What makes this transformation even more remarkable is that it was done entirely with make-believe; there was no actual blood, gore, or bruising involved. This makes it even more special – it’s like watching a character from a Hollywood classic come to life before your very eyes! And what’s more, the entire process was captured on camera for those in search of makeup inspiration.

What Do You Think Of Robert Pattinson’s Hair And Makeup?

Pattinson’s hair and makeup transformation is one of the most talked about topics on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. And it’s easy to see why – not only does his facial hair and hues of hair bring back fond memories for those who enjoyed his performance in Twilight, but he also completely reimagined his look for a role that required a lot of intense prosthetics and makeup!

Do you think that Pattinson’s new look is a game-changer or do you still think of him as the quirky English actor that you fell in love with in Twilight? Let us know in the comments below!