Most recently, the 28-year-old actor was seen enjoying some quality time with his family as he prepared to celebrate Christmas with them. Pattinson is currently in London filming Christopher Robin, which is based on the famous Winnie the Pooh books and sees the British actor play Eeyore, a pessimistic bear who longs for his childhood. As well as film work, Pattinson is also known for his charity work in particular with Waterfield Primary School in Twickenham, where he is a mentor in their Drama Festival.

The actor’s private life had been plagued by rumors of his marital woes, which he eventually addressed in an emotional interview on the red carpet at the 2017 British Academy Film Awards. “I think the most important thing is to be happy and try not to be too critical,” he said, as he accepted his Best Actor award for his role in the coming-of-age film Beautiful Boy.

A year before that, the Twilight star was reportedly detained by British police for a reported driving under the influence charge. According to reports, the actor was stopped a short distance from his London home and was subsequently held for a sobriety test. It was then that he reportedly blew a 0.29, above the 0.08 limit.

Twigs’ Comeback

Twigs was last seen on our screens in the gritty drama Tainted, which was released in 2015. Since then, she has vanished from our radar, only to be seen on the big screen in a brief cameo as Mia in the Ben Affleck-helmed The Only Child. The actress briefly returned to Twitter to announce that she was “officially back” and that she had “more exciting projects on the horizon.” However, it is unknown what these projects are or if Twigs has any further plans to return to the big screen.

Back in 2014, Twigs was forced to defend herself against a litany of sexual misconduct allegations, which surfaced after she spoke out against then-boyfriend and music promoter Scooter Braun. The allegations included rape and serious sexual assault. Many of Twigs’ supporters have rallied around her in the wake of the scandal, with several high-profile supporters like Lady Gaga and Giorgio Armani speaking out in her defense. Since then, she has mostly kept to herself, but earlier this year, she did make an appearance at a glitzy event in Los Angeles, where she was seen partying with friends and flaunting her curves in a revealing black dress.

Pattinson’s Upcoming Movies

At this juncture, it is worth noting that, in addition to his work on the big screen, Pattinson is also a seasoned TV face. The British actor has appeared in multiple high-profile series, including the teen drama Skins and the comedy series Nottingham Lace, as well as a number of acclaimed feature films, the most high-profile of which are Twilight and its two sequels. Most recently, he starred in the crime thriller Breathe, which premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. The film also stars Al Pacino and it will be released in theaters on August 24th, 2019.

The Hollywood Reporter has also dubbed Pattinson “The Most Influential Actor of the 21st Century,” a title he has proudly borne since the turn of the century.

What is Happening with Elizabeth Taylor and Bradley Cooper?

Since their split in 2015, Taylor and Cooper have been frequently linked to one another, even rekindling their romance in 2018. However, the speculation did not result in a reconciliation and, as is typically the case with Taylor, the actress’ dating life has remained private. Taylor’s rep has regularly denied that she is dating anyone, while Cooper has remained tight-lipped about his own love life. More recently, rumors that the pair might rekindle their romance have heated up once again, with the speculation being fueled by the fact that Cooper has been spotted with a group of women, some of whom may have been Taylor’s friends. While the women were largely draped in winter coats, the speculation surrounding this sighting has certainly persisted.

In related news, a number of websites including TMZ and the New York Post have reported that Taylor is seeking to renew her contract with Columbia Pictures, her longtime home studio. A representative for Taylor has since denied the rumor, insisting that it is “absolutely not true.” It is interesting to note that, when asked about her future during the Toronto Film Festival, Taylor reportedly said that she would only make “one more film” before considering retirement. This could be a reference to either Cooper’s aforementioned crime thriller or another as-of-yet untitled project. In any case, it is currently unclear as to what extent Taylor’s reported desire to extend her contract with Columbia will materialize.

What Is Happening with Kristen Stewart?

Following her highly-publicized marriage to director Rupert Sanders in 2016, Stewart entered a period of relative seclusion. The actress has not appeared in a feature film since 2017’s Life of Pi and has largely kept to herself, only breaking her silence to speak out against Harvey Weinstein in an interview with the New York Times earlier this year. Stewart has also become a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement, using her profile to shine a light on the misconduct of powerful men.

However, Stewart’s reclusive nature has reportedly been challenged of late. In August of this year, Stewart was photographed shopping for lingerie with a large bouquet of flowers, fueling speculation that she had begun to date again. While it is still unclear as to what extent this new romance will blossom, it is certainly promising that the 29-year-old Stewart has chosen to put her personal life on display. In the meantime, Stewart’s loyal legion of fans have continued to support her, with many turning out in force to watch her take part in the 2018 Vogue Awards.

Where Is Leonardo DiCaprio?

The 41-year-old actor and environmentalist has not been seen in a feature film since 2018’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, although he has popped up in smaller supporting roles here and there. Most recently, DiCaprio was photographed at a boxing gym in Australia, fueling speculation that he may be preparing to return to the big screen. The actor remains in regular contact with his fans via his Instagram account, where he frequently shares glimpses of his daily life. However, given the actor’s penchant for keeping his private life private, it is still unknown what exactly he is up to or if he has any further film projects in the pipeline.

Notably, the actor also has a large number of Twitter followers, some of whom are likely aware of his supposed activities. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that, while DiCaprio’s Instagram and Twitter accounts are undoubtedly engaging and interesting, the information they contain may not always be completely truthful.

The Industry Is Changing

While the future of film may well belong to streaming platforms, which allow users to consume content as they desire, independent movies continue to have a prominent place in mainstream popular culture. And, increasingly, the spotlight is turning on the people behind the screen rather than the celebrities in front of it. In light of this, we thought it would be a good idea to examine a number of interesting facts about the contemporary film industry.

The Film Industry Is Popular Worldwide

While the film industry as a whole may be struggling to secure a spot in popular culture, the reality is that individual films continue to find an audience worldwide. In 2018, 99.9% of all movie tickets sold were for films that appeared in theaters, according to the research company Statista. The percentage of people that saw movies from the comfort of home rose by 2%, from 23% to 25%, while the percentage of people that skipped movies altogether and watched TV instead increased by 3%, from 12% to 15%.

Over 2.5 Billion People Have Watched A Film

According to UNESCO, there are currently more than 2.5 billion people around the world that have watched a movie. This represents a significant audience that film studios and movie theaters must continue to tap into. In 2018, this audience watched a total of 7.7 billion hours of film, which is approximately 140 filmographies (a filmography is a full-length feature film) per person. This is compared to the 7.3 billion hours watched in 2017 and the 7.1 billion hours in 2016. It is likely that this figure will surpass 10 billion hours per day by next year.