Wedding bells will be ringing for the new couple this year, but it won’t be the only big news story for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. In fact, since their controversial Breaking Dawn wedding in 2011, they’ve appeared in countless magazines and newspapers around the world discussing the state of their relationship and what’s next for them as a couple.

Here’s a roundup of everything you need to know about the on-again, off-again couple.

The State Of Their Relationship

Since their highly publicized marriage-announcement in 2010, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been in and out of the tabloids discussing the state of their relationship. In fact, they’ve been compared to Paris and Florence Hardy (John and Laura), who married in 1880 and would go on to become England’s wealthiest couple. 

Although the pair have been together for several years and recently rededicated their friendship, some issues still remain unresolved. Theirs has been described as a “complicated” and “heated” relationship, and Stewart has said that they’re “still trying to figure each other out.” 

While their individual publicists have expressed doubt that they’ll ever be “official” or “legally” married, privately they’ve said that the “wedding preparations” are “going well.” The couple has already begun to plan for their wedding day, which is expected to be a “summer celebration” in Scotland. 

What’s Next For Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson?

This year will be a crucial one for Stewart and Pattinson as they look to make up for lost time. The couple has yet to have a baby, but Pattinson is already father to a four-year-old daughter, Lily Rose, from a previous relationship. (Stewart is also mom to a one-year-old daughter, Lexi, from a previous marriage. She gave birth to the duo’s first child in 2010.) 

Their desire to procreate has been a frequent source of speculation, and in 2018 they’ve both spoken openly about wanting kids. Stewart has said that she wants to “grow old with [Pattinson] by [her] side,” while he hopes to “[have] children with [her] and be a good father.” 

The two have taken a paternalistic approach to baby-raising, with Stewart regularly appearing in her daughter’s videos and photos and Pattinson saying that he’ll be a “father figure” to the little girl. As for whether or not they’ll actually be able to have children together, their individual publicists have not returned requests for comment.

The Future Of Their Company: Twilight

Stewart and Pattinson are responsible for the cinematic success of the Twilight series, which has earned over $16 billion at the box office worldwide, and with upcoming films based on the Marvel Comics characters Black Widow and Ironman, they’re sure to continue raking in the cash.

Although the pair has been candid about its commercial appeal, they’ve said that they wouldn’t change a thing about the way their movies turned out due to the overwhelming response from fans. “I think we’re both really happy with how the films turned out,” Stewart said in an interview. “The fact that people still care about the characters and the stories — that’s what matters.” 

Pattinson has added that he’s “never been more proud of [Twilight] than [he is] right now.” Considering that the series has been a box-office gold mine for them and spawned numerous lucrative endorsement deals, it’s clear that their time in the public eye has not dimmed one bit.

Wedding Plans

Although their wedding day is still several years away, Stewart and Pattinson have already begun to think about the big day. The couple is well-known for their close collaboration, and Stewart has said that they’ve discussed every “aspect of the wedding.” 

One of their biggest challenges will be to find a wedding dress that they both like, as they’ve been known to clash over style choices. They’ve also had to deal with press scrutiny regarding the planning process and the state of their relationship. When discussing their plans for the wedding in a Q&A with fans, Stewart has said that she hopes to “create a magical day that will be cherished forever.”

Pattinson has said that the “responsibility” of planning the wedding is “a daunting but also exciting challenge,” and added that he looks forward to the “honor of marrying [Stewart] and being by [her] side for the rest of [their] lives.”


Since their professional collaboration on the Twilight series, Stewart and Pattinson have worked together to perfect their on-screen and off-screen looks. While the pair have collaborated on numerous projects and endorsed each others’ style, they’ve maintained a distinctive visual identity.

Pattinson is usually seen wearing trendy outfits and having slick hair, while Stewart opts for sleek black hair and on-brand outfits (she designed a capsule collection for Burberry based on the “look” of the character from the Twilight series). 

They’ve also been open about the fact that they’ve adopted a more “traditional” approach to fatherhood, with Stewart saying that being a mom is “very different” from being the couple’s movie character, Robert Pattinson. She described the changes in their lifestyle as “natural” and “exciting” and said that she’s “happy to be a wife and to be a mom,” despite the initial challenges. (She has a baby monitor set up in her bathroom so that she can keep an eye on her one-year-old daughter, Lexi, while she’s sleeping.) 

Aside from their style differences, Stewart and Pattinson have a lot in common. They’re both intelligent, driven individuals who possess an innovative approach when it comes to problem solving. (They were both at MIT.) And let’s not forget about Stewart’s acting skills, which made her the perfect fit for the lead role in Eclipse.

Romantic Vacation

In an effort to rekindle some romance and take a romantic vacation, Stewart and Pattinson have often been spotted traveling the world in search of beautiful beaches and luxurious locations to film their next movie. (They currently have a movie set to begin filming in April 2018.) 

Pattinson has said that he wants to “grow and mature” as a person and as a husband, and he sees the opportunity to do that through his and Stewart’s on-screen relationship. The actor has talked about how he feels “more mature” and “confident” after spending time with his wife, and he hopes that the experience has helped him to “become a better partner and a more mature person.” 

Stewart has said that while she loves being married to an “amazing” person, she also misses the freedom to “travel the world and be [her] own person.” She added that she feels “more secure and confident” in her marriage but acknowledged that it’s “still early days.”


Aside from their desire to have children, Stewart and Pattinson have taken a familial approach to parenting. They were both extremely close to their families while growing up, and they’ve spoken about the importance of being a good parent and husband. 

Pattinson has said that he hopes to be a “better father” to Lily Rose than he was to his previous daughter, Rileah, due to the fact that he’s had more “wedding and baby preparation” experience. He hopes that the “struggle” of having a child will “make [him] a stronger person.” 

After the birth of their first daughter, Lexi, Stewart decided to undergo a formal paternity test, which confirmed that she was in fact the mother. She subsequently changed her name from Robert Pattinson to Papa Pattinson. (The actor has also taken on the role of a father figure to his wife’s and Stewart’s children from previous relationships.)