In the past year, Robert Pattinson has had a roller coaster ride, both on- and off-screen. From breaking up with girlfriend Kristen Stewart to starring in the biggest box office bomb in history, 2019 has been an erratic year for the actor.

As the year draws to a close, the 35-year-old is gearing up for a comeback, not only on the big screen but also in music. After completing a world tour with his band, Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Live in Paris, the actor has returned to the city he once called home and is determined to make a difference. The Guardian called Paris the “city of lights” in which “anything is possible”, which has clearly rubbed off on Pattinson.

Paris Offers Safe Haven For Actor After Breakup With Kristen Stewart

After dating since 2010, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson called it quits in December, ending one of the most celebrated celebrity relationships of all time. Though the two are still friendly, they were never engaged and have since gone their separate ways.

The “Snow White and the Huntsman” director didn’t mince words when talking about what he thought of the Twilight starlet. “She’s a little liar, and a whore,” he said of Stewart, adding: “[She’s] not even that good of a person. I mean, she’s not. You can’t be with someone if you don’t respect them.”

But rather than fall into a deep depression, as many predicted, Pattinson emerged from the break-up with a new found energy. Rolling Stone described the actor as “feeling liberated and excited about life”, while the New York Times quipped that “[he’s] emerged from the debacle with a bounce in his step and a twinkle in his eye”.

Pattinson’s Upcoming Tour Dates

While Stewart took a step back from the limelight to focus on healing, Pattinson has been busy capitalizing on the success of Eclipse. After a string of sold-out shows in North America and Europe, the actor has finally returned to Australia for Christmas and the New Year. He will then continue on a worldwide trek that will take him back to Paris for a performance on Bastille Day, July 14th.

Pattinson will wrap up the year with two nights in London, one at the O2 Arena and the other at Hyde Park. All told, this will be the actor’s twentieth concert tour since 2011.

Where Do I Buy Eclipse Merchandise?

With the release of the final film in the Twilight Saga just around the corner, fans are scrambling to purchase all of the related merchandise. Though the hype around the final installment may have died down, people are still hungry for all things Twilight and its stars. Luckily, the internet makes finding exactly what you want easy.

While many stores offer an array of Twilight-related items, including apparel, swimsuits, and even a cookbook, the best place to secure all of the Saga’s swag is the official Twilight store, Here, you’ll find not only official merchandise from the franchise, but also a curated array of third-party apparel and accessories that are on sale at discounted prices. For instance, you can purchase a black hoodie with Twilight’s iconic yellow lightning bolt for $25.99. That’s more than fifty percent off the regular price of $49.99. Plus, this store also offers a money-back guarantee if you meet the right conditions.

Robert Pattinson’s Iconic Yellow Jacket From Twilight

Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the Twilight Saga is its iconic yellow jacket. The color has become synonymous with the gothic romance, and the jacket has been spotted on camera numerous times. From giving Edward and Bella their first kiss in Twilight to walking down the aisles of a supermarket in the upcoming On the Road film (which is also set in France), the jacket has made numerous cameo appearances throughout the series’ ten years. Fans of the series will recognize the yellow jacket from the characters’ outfits, as well as from the jackets that Robert Pattinson wears in several of the films. To this day, the Twilight starlet is often seen wearing her signature hue.

Though it isn’t actually made in France, but New York, the French fashion house Valentino has designed a gorgeous replica of the actor’s jacket. Based on the one that he wore in his breakout role as Quentin Tarantulinu in 2009’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the designer’s interpretation pays homage to the actor’s Italian roots. The house’s creative director Thomas Newman has stated: “It was a great challenge to re-create Robert’s look and feel for our collection. We focused on his height, silhouette and muscularity.”

The French fashion house also offered up a behind-the-scenes look at how they brought the actor’s unique style to life. “We drew on our extensive knowledge of vintage garments to research and re-create pieces that we feel accurately represent the style of a 70s football hero,” explained Newman. “The results make us confident that our interpretation is authentic and flattering to Robert.’

Though the replication may not be 100 percent perfect, it’s clear that the fashion house did their homework. Not only does the jacket look exactly like the real thing, but it even has the same zipper. The designer noted that they had a hard time finding the right shade of yellow to use, but they eventually settled on the classic color. As for the collar, the house chose to leave it off to make it more of a “pure” design. A beautiful addition to any wardrobe, the replica of the “King of Cannes” jacket will make you feel like a true movie star. And at a discounted price of $4,995, it’s a steal.