A few weeks ago, Taylor Swift caused quite a stir when she shared a photo of herself with her new boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, on her Instagram account. The two were posing for a romantic photo at the bashful garden flower shop in London, England where they were both wearing very sweet engagement rings. Within hours of the picture being posted, people were swooning over the handsome British actor. Since then, we’ve seen plenty of photos from their much-publicized trip to England. While we await the arrival of their baby girl, Florence, it’s fun to look back on the happy couple’s first meeting and subsequent courtship.

With the news that Taylor Swift is expecting a little girl in August and Bruce Willis’s divorce from Susan Willis finalized earlier this year, more high-profile couples have found themselves unexpectedly single in the near future. It seems like every week, we’re graced with yet another story about a celebrity cheating on their spouses or falling out of love. Sometimes, it’s with a member of the opposite sex. Sometimes, it’s with the same sex. Sometimes, it’s even with a member of their own sex. It’s rare that we ever see a celebrity remain committed to one partner during their entire lifetime. So, while we await the next big scandal, let’s take a look back at some of the most romantic and interesting photos of Robert Pattinson.

The First Meeting

In the wake of Taylor Swift’s Instagram post, many news publications and celebrity blogs rushed to cover the story. However, it was a matter of time before the paparazzi found themselves in the picture as well. On May 20th, photographers from Life and Style magazine spotted Robert walking beside his friend, the designer Stella McCartney. The magicians from Style Italia noticed him, too, and managed to get a few good shots of the two talking before they entered a limousine. According to sources, the British actor was in town to accept the prestigious Diamond Award for Greatest Actor at the 2014 Italian Fashion Awards. A little over a week later, on June 4th, Robert was present at the Glamsquad Invitational, an annual award show that honors achievements in film, fashion, and lifestyle. While there, he was seen talking with the designer Valentino, who was celebrating the 10th anniversary of his label. That night, he attended the BAFTA LA Ceremony, where he received a Best Actor Award for his role in the movie, The Lost Honor of Katharine Hanbury.

On the Set Of The Great Gatsby

On June 22nd, Robert was seen leaving a candlelit church in Belgravia, London, England with his grandmother, Marjorie Merriweather Post, just one day before the start of principal photography on the Great Gatsby. The following day, he attended a costume fittings with Olivia Colman, who stars as Daisy Buchanan in the upcoming film. On June 25th, he was photographed outside Buckingham Palace. While there, he had a word with Princess Mary, who is cousin to Queen Elizabeth II. Later that afternoon, he traveled to Dublin, Ireland to begin filming the thriller, The Theory of Everything, based on the life of British physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Stephen Hawking. The following day, he attended a screening of the film in London. On July 1st, he returned to Dublin for more filming, this time of The Lost Honour of Katharine Hanbury. A source tells Us Weekly that Robert’s character, John, will fall deeply in love with Daisy, played by Olivia Colman. According to the outlet, Olivia attended the premiere of The Theory of Everything in London on July 27th and is thrilled about the project. Finally, on July 28th, he was photographed arriving at the 2014 BAFTAs, having just cast a spell on the red carpet. From that point on, our curiosity about the handsome British actor was piqued.

Romantic Getaways

In the wake of all these romantic outings, it’s clear that London is one of Robert’s favorite cities to spend time in. In fact, he visited the city a total of 21 times between May 2014 and March 2015. He typically spends his time there walking, sightseeing, and taking in some of the city’s finest restaurants and bars. While he hasn’t been spotted at a restaurant or bar in some time, he’s still often seen walking the streets of London. The following list is a selection of our favorite romantic getaways starring Robert Pattinson:

  • May 20th: He was spotted walking alongside his friend, the designer Stella McCartney, in London.
  • June 4th: He was photographed with the Italian designer Valentino in London.
  • June 22nd: He was seen leaving a candlelit church in Belgravia, London with his grandmother, Marjorie Merriweather Post. They were photographed boarding a private luxury bus that transported them to their destination.
  • June 25th: He attended a costume fitting for the drama, The Great Gatsby, in London. He was also seen walking with his co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, in London.
  • July 1st: He returned to Dublin for more filming of The Lost Honour of Katharine Hanbury. On July 27th, he attended a special screening of The Theory of Everything in London and is currently there shooting The Lost Honour of Katharine Hanbury on July 28th.
  • August 4th: He was seen leaving a restaurant in London with a woman believed to be his new girlfriend.
  • August 18th: He enjoyed an intimate dinner at the Café Royal in London with his rumored girlfriend.
  • November 24th: He was seen walking towards his car in London after a night out with a mystery woman. The two were later spotted parting ways in a crowd. This was later revealed to be British fashion designer, Kate Middleton. She was wearing a custom-made dress designed by the Queen herself, which was later revealed to be a wedding gift from the royal family. Now, it seems like Kate and Robert are an item and were very much enjoying their time in London. Since then, they’ve been spotted together on a number of occasions.

Attending A Wedding

On March 12th, British actor, Rob Pattinson, became an uncle when his sister, Georgia, married Travis Scott. A few days later, he was spotted at the wedding reception of his other sister, Bella. On March 19th, he traveled to New York City to attend the wedding of his good friend, Luke Wilson. A week later, he attended the wedding of his other good friend, Jamie Campbell. He was also seen walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California on March 24th.

More Recently

Since then, we’ve seen a lot of photos of Rob Pattinson. Some are from behind the scenes, attending events, or just hanging out with friends. The most recent photos of the handsome British actor are from the set of the drama, The Eclipse. The film is based on the first in a series of young adult novels by Richa Hutt. The book, The Lunar Trilogy, tells the story of Cressida, who has just returned home from a year studying abroad. Upon her return, she discovers that her family has been kidnapped by space miners seeking to harvest their flesh for sale on the black market. As the film’s official site points out, the dystopian world of The Eclipse is a far cry from the luxury lifestyles of the affluent playboys and movie stars that graced our screens in the 1950s and 1960s.

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the most interesting and romantic photos of Robert Pattinson, it’s time to ask the question: Is he still single?