The English actor and musician is one of the most popular movie stars of our time. He first came to our attention as the hunk in the “Twilight” films, and since then, the 26-year-old’s career has really taken off. He’s appeared in movies such as the upcoming “Goodbye Christopher Robin”, and is even more in demand now than ever before. If you need some inspiration to get you through life, then read on.

A Family Man

While many of his movie roles have been sexy and adventurous, Pattinson is actually a pretty traditional guy when it comes to the woman in his life. He married his high school sweetheart, FKA twigs, in June 2019, and was joined by a bevy of big stars at the wedding ceremony in St Barts. The reception was held at the iconic Tower of London, which is fitting as the pair have chosen to call their new family home. We’re sure that their union will be a loving and committed one, and that they’ll continue to stay true to each other through thick and thin as most happy couples do.

Pattinson has always kept himself grounded and focused on family, and in November 2019 he opened up about his incredible gratitude towards his wife. In an interview with The New York Times, the star said:

“I’m so lucky to have such a supportive and loving wife,” he said. “I feel very, very blessed that I got to share my life with her. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Pattinson’s parents, Graeme and Elisabeth, had a big influence on his life. His father is a retired doctor and amateur photographer, while his mother is a retired teacher and artist. The English actor credits much of his success to them both, and in 2020 he published a book called ‘My Parents: A Memoir’. For someone who’s spent so much of his life in the public eye, it’s incredible how much he values his family and the memories he made with his parents.

From Romantic Comedies To Real-Life Drama

While he’s previously dabbled in romantic comedies such as ‘Friends with Benefits’ and ‘Just friends’, most of Pattinson’s recent roles have been in dramas, with his leading lady appearances skewed more towards the dramatic side. He’s tackled some remarkable roles, including that of a young king in ‘The King’, which was based on the life of King George VI. The drama won the 2019 International Emmy for Best Miniseries, and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

After ‘The King’, Pattinson appeared in a series of acclaimed movies directed by Stephen Frears, including ‘Cosmopolis’, ‘The Pass’, and ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’. In the former two films, he plays political dissidents who must hide their identities from the public, while in the latter he portrays a spy who goes undercover as a pizza delivery man to infiltrate a gang of drug dealers.

Pattinson’s filmography is a diverse one, as he’s played in movies based on video games, such as ‘DmC’) and comic books, such as ‘Harley Quinn’. In 2020, he will appear in the upcoming movie ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’, in which he plays a father whose grown-up kids come back home. He will also play the title role in the upcoming adaptation of ‘The King’, which will be released in 2021.

A Role Model For Men

Even though the ‘Twilight’ films were intended for a teen audience, men across the world have been inspired by Robert Pattinson’s good looks and charming personality. In fact, his filmography boasts of some pretty big roles, which is fantastic considering how little time he has at the box office. But beyond his on-screen achievements, it’s Pattinson’s philanthropic work that’s really struck a chord with people. In 2019, he became an ambassador for the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and in 2020 he donated £1 million to the Teenage Cancer Trust. While many celebrities have been known to throw their weight behind worthy causes like these, it’s unusual for an ambassador to give so much of his time and energy to such causes.

The Making Of ‘Twilight’

One of the biggest films of all time, and certainly the most successful teen romance ever made, ‘Twilight’ has become a cultural phenomenon. It was the first movie that truly globalized storytelling when it was released in 2012, and helped to popularize the megahit phenomenon known as ‘The Lunar Cycle’. ‘Twilight’ was filmed in and around London, with the British capital serving as a stand-in for New York City, and the streets and subway populated with extras from the U.K. The production team really did try to give an authentic New York vibe to the film, and even went as far as to have their director, Bill Condon, research the city’s infrastructure and culture.

Condon spoke to Metro about the cultural impact of ‘Twilight’, and how he wanted to bring New York to Life in the movie.

“The biggest change is that you can go almost anyplace in New York City and have a story to tell. It’s incredibly evocative of a trip to the Big Apple. If you’ve never been there, then it’s an incredible opportunity to see it through the eyes of someone who has. We tried to create a world that was believable, and I think we did a decent job of it. Even now, when I walk down the street, I’ll suddenly find myself thinking, ‘Ah! So that’s where I’m supposed to be going!’, just because I recognize a place or a person.”

‘Twilight’ was a massive financial success, earning over $500 million at the box office, and went on to become a major hit around the world. And while it undoubtedly changed the way Hollywood does romantic comedies and teen films, it didn’t do anything to stop the world wanting to live in Bella’s world.

A Life Less Ordinary

‘Twilight’ aside, Robert Pattinson’s career has taken an entirely different turn, with him steadily gaining a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most interesting and exciting upcoming film stars. He’s certainly put in the work to prove himself, having begun appearing in minor roles in B-movies while still in school. But it was his breakout role as the hunk in ‘Twilight’ and its sequels that really set him apart from the pack, and he’s continued to build on that ever since.

“I don’t think there’s any question that [‘Twilight’] was a turning point for me. I got to work with good people, and the scripts were good. It gave me a chance to show a different side to the public. Before ‘Twilight’, I think I was best known for my comedic roles, and I think that’s something people will always remember me for. But since ‘Twilight’, I’ve been able to show a darker side as well, which I think people appreciate more.”

Pattinson attributes his increasing bankability as a film star to the fact that he’s not just stuck to doing teen romcoms. He’s tried his hand at a variety of dramatic roles, including that of a young king in ‘The King’, and has even played comic book characters, such as Harley Quinn in ‘Harley Quinn’. His performances in these films have been critically acclaimed, and have further established him as an exceptional dramatic actor, not just a pretty face.

Pattinson’s prolificacy in the world of film is a testament to his sheer work ethic. He doesn’t just show up for work, he shows up for work as well as play, often appearing in multiple movies every year, and constantly pushing himself to improve as an actor. While we all want to believe that our appearance on this earth is an accident, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson has done everything in his power to make his existence meaningful. He wants to be known as a great actor, respected philanthropist, and husband to a wonderful woman.