After almost a decade apart, it appears as if two of Hollywood’s biggest romantic comedy powerhouses, Kristen Wiig and Robert Pattinson have found each other once again. The actress and director recently rekindled their romance, sparking rumors they were engaged or possibly even planning to wed.

The funny woman first rose to fame playing one of Hollywood’s most iconic characters, SNL’s Lisa Simpson. Over the past 10 years, Wiig has gone on to star in many acclaimed and award-winning films, such as 2015’s blockbuster, The Martian, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe. However, it was 2011’s Bridesmaids, which featured Wiig as the eponymous lead character, that truly opened the world to the actress. The critical and commercial success of the aforementioned film marked the beginning of a new era for Wiig, who finally began to see her career rise as her popularity grew with each passing year.

But Wiig never just did relaxing comedies or celebrity impressions for the sake of comedy. The actress always had an eye on the future, evolving with each new character she played, both on and off screen. The result is an incredibly rich career, spanning across multiple platforms and genres, demonstrating how much versatility the actress possesses.

Roles That Confirmed Their Resolve

While many romantic comedies feature couples that eventually end up together, it wasn’t always the case. For instance, 2011’s The Switch features Jane Lynch and Thomas Roberts, who portray two women involved in a custody battle. After discovering that they are both attracted to each other, they decide to work together to win back their child, who they eventually raise as a single parent. Although they eventually start dating, the two women maintain their professional partnership, which is explored in the film’s opening scene, in which Lynch and Roberts share an awkward first encounter, as judges and lawyers, trying to hide their true feelings.

With the release of The Peanuts Movie in 2015, Wiig and Pattinson were finally given the opportunity to star in a romantic comedy together. The film, co-written and co-produced by Wiig and Annie MacLeman, centers around the romance between a recently single Lucy (Wiig) and aspiring baseball player Charles Muntz (Pattinson). As Lucy’s hopes of meeting Mr. Right turn into a nightmare, she recruits Charlie for help in seducing as many eligible bachelors as possible, using his feminine wiles and athletic skills. When Charlie successfully breaks the hearts of several men, including an old flame, the unsuspecting victim discovers that he has a wife named Alice (Wiig) waiting at home, who he promptly marries. However, their idyllic suburban life is short-lived, as they soon grow bored of each other’s company, leading to an uncertain future for the newlywed couple.

The two comedic powerhouses returned for 2019’s Super Bowl Spot, where they played a married couple with a baby on the way, struggling to conceive. While snuggled up on a couch with her TV husband Ryan Gosling, Wiig admitted that she couldn’t resist the urge to put her comedy skills to use and spoofed the ads for Nestlé’s Boost chocolate milk, as well as General Mills’ Honey Sticky Buns, in which she played an insatiable woman, who can’t get enough of the delicious breakfast cereal.

The Future Of Their Relationship

After 10 years apart, it’s clear that Wiig and Pattinson have found their way back to each other. The pair have been quiet about their romance, with the exception of a few brief tweets from Pattinson, but they haven’t exactly hid it. Instead, they’ve kept their personal lives personal and respected each other’s space, until now.

Rumors of their rekindled romance first began to swirl last fall but were quickly extinguished, when Pattinson, 47, married Emily Stoney, 32, in an intimate ceremony in Italy, in September. Though the newlyweds have kept their wedding a secret until now, there have been numerous indications that the actors are indeed a bonded pair, based on their previous work and shared interests. For example, they both have a fondness for romantic comedies, with Wiig often portraying leads in these types of films, and they both rose to fame with the same agent (Stoney) at CAA.

While many ancillary characters in literary and cinematic history have risen and fallen in the eyes of the public, Wiig and Pattinson’s engagement will likely go down as one of the more lasting celebrity couplings, comparable to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, or Spencer and Heidi, from the 1980s TV series, Real People. The pair’s union will also be marked by longevity, since they will both be 49 years old in January 2021.

Whether or not they will continue to maintain their professional partnership is still uncertain, although it’s clear that they have managed to put their tumultuous pasts behind them. Pattinson famously stated that he doesn’t want to be married again, after his second divorce (from Stoney), which was finalized in 2018. While Wiig hasn’t commented on the status of their union, since they prefer to keep the details of their personal lives private, we can assume that she too feels this way.

As Hollywood’s most in-demand leading lady, it’s clear that Wiig has many options when it comes to starring in a romantic comedy. Her relationship with Pattinson, combined with her impressive resume, makes her the ideal candidate to play the part of the dum-dum fair isle bride. But even if she doesn’t wind up playing the part of the iconic wife, who inspired the name of Emily’s chocolate shop, Violet Bloom, she will still have the opportunity to shine as the lead in a romantic comedy, a role she’s clearly more than capable of playing. It’s an archetype that has inspired many of Wiig’s memorable roles, from Bridesmaids to The Farewell, and she can now continue this trend with Pattinson by her side.

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