After spending more than a year as an officially confirmed couple, it was only a matter of time before Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up. The two most famous faces in Hollywood found themselves at the center of a media frenzy after Pattinson was photographed kissing FKA twigs on the set of her latest movie, Mermaid. The pictures of the couple in a passionate clinch were simply too much for the public to take. It’s been almost a year since then and while the lovebirds have since gone on to make amends, their romance is certainly not without its strains. In order to try and find out just how far this particular ship has sailed, we now need to turn to one of the people who has been most closely watching the break-up from the sidelines, the one and only Anna Wintour. In this month’s Vogue interview, the magazine’s chief editor spoke about the unlikely pair and what is next for both Stewart and Pattinson.

‘A Real Passion’

Wintour said that her first impressions of Stewart and Pattinson were “quite romantic.” The editor added that she was “flabbergasted” when she heard that the couple had split and that both had moved on with their lives. “To me,” she said, “it seemed like a real passion.”

While Wintour expressed surprise at the news of the split, this was hardly a complete surprise to those who had followed their relationship closely. For several years now, there has been chatter in the press about Stewart and Pattinson’s on-again/off-again romance. This followed a rocky start to their professional relationship, which saw the pair barely speak to one another for the first year of their collaboration. Their split came as a relief to those who had grown weary of the constant news stories about their turbulent love affair.

Hollywood’s Most Epic Love Story

If you thought that Stewart and Pattinson’s messy breakup was the end of the story, think again. Just last week, it was announced that the couple had reunited at a special screening of Pattinson’s latest movie, The Magic Mountain in London. This was followed by photos of the two holding hands and sharing a kiss. While this may have had the appearance of a happy ending, it was in reality just that, an appearance. As with many celebrity relationships that hit the headlines, it appears that the once proud couple’s fairy tale had one final twist. Several days after the photos of the apparent reconciliation were published, it was revealed that the two had, in fact, broken up yet again.

While the public may never know the true reason for their latest split, it is certainly not without speculation. In a recent interview with Vogue, Stewart said that she felt her relationship with Pattinson had become too “public.” In the same interview, Wintour said that it was “difficult” to keep up with all of the couple’s public displays of affection. This includes all of their red carpet moments and countless interviews in which the two have recounted their tumultuous relationship. In this particular case, the speculation surrounding the cause of the break-up is not without merit. Stewart and Pattinson’s desire to keep their romance private led to a number of unfortunate privacy breaches. Despite their best efforts, they found themselves at the center of numerous invasive publicity stunts and their story was leaked to the public through various Vogue interviews. The desire to keep their personal life private clearly played a role in the breakup and while Stewart and Pattinson have gone on to make their peace, it is clear that this is not a marriage made in heaven.

The Future Of Kristen Stewart

Once the romance between Stewart and Pattinson began to take off, it was inevitable that their desire to keep their personal life private would be exploited for the greater good. Stewart has capitalized on her newfound celebrity, appearing in some of the most well-known movies of this century. In addition to Twilight and The Runaways, her filmography also includes Ocean’s EightEnchantment, and Margin Call. Most recently, Stewart starred in the Netflix series Homecoming, for which she received critical acclaim. While it was a departure from her previous work, she nonetheless managed to leave an indelible mark on the series. According to the trailer,

It’s 1920, and the roaring ‘20s are here. While women around the world are flocking to the new freedom of the time, one young woman is trying to find herself. Kristen Stewart plays Shelby, a successful writer who lives in New York City. After a fiery affair with a married man, her perfect life is turned upside down.

Just as Shelby begins to find her feet in the world of literature, her life is rocked by the unexpected arrival of her brother, Cooper (Liam McNamara). Cooper is a troubled man, the kind of man who would eventually ask Shelby to be his wife. But despite his many shortcomings, Cooper also has a gift for seeing things others cannot: a unique ability to see the stories behind the stories.

Shelby and Cooper’s story is a fascinating study in family dysfunction that unfolds over the course of one wild night and many sleepless nights that follow. With her keen eye for detail and her easy flowing language, Stewart brings new life to a classic character, offering an insight into a woman whose story is as familiar as it is fascinating.

The series also stars Naomi Watts, Anna Paquin, Tom Holland, and Stephen Fry. The four-part Netflix series is now streaming and is available to watch in its entirety.

With her career seemingly in a steady state, it appears that Stewart has taken her recent success and used it to set up camp for the foreseeable future. While it is unclear just what her next project will be, her keen eye for fashion and design has made her an easy person to follow on social media. In an interview with Vogue, Stewart said that she is currently in the process of “taking a little bit of a break” from acting, but did not elaborate on what type of projects she might be pursuing.

The Future Of Robert Pattinson

While it seems like Stewart’s career is enjoying a fruitful afterlife, the same cannot be said for Pattinson’s. After several critically acclaimed dramas – including The Lost Daughter and Pride And Prejudice (for which he won an Academy Award nomination) – it was perhaps somewhat inevitable that his big break would come in the form of a comic book movie.

Based on the graphic novel The Death of Stalin, Pattinson plays the lead role of Stalin, the Soviet dictator who led the country during the period of ‘The Great Purge’ in the mid-1930s. While the movie does not come as a complete surprise given Pattinson’s well-established talents, it is still a big leap from playing Shakespeare to playing Stalin. It is perhaps telling that the actor said he saw the film as an opportunity to try something new. It is also interesting to note that it was a fairly late development to produce a comic book movie. Up until this point, Pattinson had appeared in mostly independent films, trying his hand at a number of different roles. While he has not entirely given up working in movies, he has clearly taken a backseat to Stewart in the past couple of years.

It is unclear as to what direction Pattinson’s career might take now, although it does seem that he has settled into a comfortable place in the Hollywood firmament. While he has continued to work steadily (with credits including JackieDark Shadows, and The Favourite), he has seemingly chosen to play it safe, accepting every role that comes his way, no matter how big or small the part might be. It is perhaps this very versatility that has allowed him to remain in the public eye, appearing in a number of big-budget blockbuster movies, but also in smaller independent productions, where he can show off his incredible range. He certainly has not lost his incredible ability to mesmerize an audience, as evidenced by his latest film, The King, in which he plays the title role. While the film treads familiar territory, it is still very much in the vein of his earlier work, namely The Rover and The Lights Out.