The gorgeous couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have been together for a long time. The actress, 37, was previously engaged to her Twilight co-star and now husband, Taylor Lautner. But it was Pattinson, 28, who proposed to Stewart after only 23 days of dating. Despite the fair isle ring and the promise of a wedding day, not all was well in paradise. The couple’s relationship soured when Stewart caught Pattinson cheating on her with one of their friends. But in recent years, they have worked hard to rebuild their trust in each other and in marriage. Here, we take a look at how Stewart and Pattinson have kept their marriage strong from the start.

They’ve Been Through A Lot Of Hard Times

The fair isle certainly didn’t bring the happy ever after for Stewart and Pattinson. The actress became engaged to Taylor Lautner in 2013 and almost half a year later, they got married. But the couple’s fair isle white wedding was overshadowed when the actress was outed as being intimate with her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson. There were reports that Stewart was upset about her engagement to Taylor Lautner (who she eventually married in 2017) and that she’d been having an affair with the younger actor for some time. The cheating scandal rocked the marriageability of the Hollywood couple and put an end to their fair isle proposal.

The couple have since gone through a lot of hard times. They had to make the public apology and vow to get back together again. And it has been a long road. They’ve since worked hard to rebuild their trust in each other and in marriage. They’ve been open about their struggles and difficulties, and it’s shown their fans that they’re still committed to each other and that their relationship is still very much alive.

They’re Both Confident In Who They Are

Even before their cheating scandal, Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship was a bit dysfunctional. It took the cheating scandal for them to really see each other for who they were and what they needed. After the cheating scandal, a lot of people viewed them as a broken couple. But because of their mutual understanding of who they are and what they want from life, Stewart and Pattinson have fought back with a vengeance. They’ve made it clear that they’re not defined by their relationship, but they’ve also stuck by each other during some pretty rough times.

It wasn’t until after their cheating scandal that Stewart and Pattinson acknowledged just how much they loved each other. They’ve worked hard to rebuild their marriage and their trust in each other, and it’s paid off. They now have an understanding of what they need to work on and are determined to make their relationship better. And make no mistake – this couple is in it for the long haul. They want to be together forever. They are truly devoted to each other and are confident that their relationship will be worth it in the end.

They Believe In Rebuilding Trust Through Open Communication

One of the most vital things that Stewart and Pattinson have done is to rebuild trust. And it all starts with communication. The cheating scandal broke down the couple’s wall of security and trust. But it took a lot of talk and listening to one another to get back to a place where they could rebuild their trust in each other. And it’s something that they continue to do. Whether it’s an argument or a difference of opinion, they know that the only way that they can resolve their issue is if they come back to the table and have a conversation.

The trust-building continues today. Stewart and Pattinson continue to work hard to ensure that their communication is open and honest. And it’s a tactic that’s paid off. They continue to build their personal and professional relationships with one another and within the community. They’ve always been vocal about their support for various social causes and efforts to give back to the community. And it’s something that they want to keep doing. They want to be known as a positive couple who have something nice to offer the world.

They Want To Be Known As A Couple Who Is Proud Of Their Kids

Another thing that Stewart and Pattinson strive for is to be a couple who is proud of their kids. Despite their differences and issues, they still want the world to know that they’re a devoted family. And it’s one of the things that makes them so attractive and relatable to their fans. They show their fans that even if they struggle with each other, they are still a proud family. They want to be known as a couple who is committed to their children and is an example of a functioning and happy family. They are both confident that they can be a good parent and that their kids will be proud of them one day.

They’ve Stuck By Belief In Love

One of the reasons why everyone connected with Stewart and Pattinson loves and respects them so much is because they’ve stuck by their beliefs in love. Even when the world told them to give up on love and to stop being together, Stewart and Pattinson refused to do so. They believed in true love and continued to work at salvaging their relationship. And it’s paid off. Not only have they worked through their issues, but they’ve also proven the naysayers wrong. They’ve shown that love can and will conquer all, even if the circumstances are incredibly difficult. When times were at their lowest, Stewart and Pattinson found a way to be together. They proved that love is stronger than death, and it’s an example that their fans have followed. They’ve stuck by their beliefs in love and in each other, and it’s paid off. Not only is their marriage alive and well, but it’s also one of the most inspiring and motivating examples of a happy couple.

They’ve Always Wanted To Work At Salvaging Relationships

Another vital quality that Stewart and Pattinson possess is the desire to work at salvaging relationships. They’ve always worked hard to fix their problems, and it’s something that they want to continue. They’ve proven that they’re masters at putting their problems behind them and working to fix them. So much so, that they’ve become pretty good at it. Their fans have watched in awe as Stewart and Pattinson have worked hard to overcome their differences. And it’s made them more relatable and admirable. Not only have they proven to be a devoted and passionate couple, but they’ve also shown that even when faced with some of the most difficult circumstances, they can still work at saving their relationship. This is one couple that doesn’t give up. They fight for their issues, but they also continue to work at salvaging their relationship.

It isn’t easy to be in a long-term relationship with someone you don’t genuinely get along with. But for some reason, Stewart and Pattinson have stuck it out for so long. They’ve both made a conscious effort to change and grow with the other and to be better people for each other. They’ve proven that love can and will conquer all – even when the circumstances are difficult. And that’s something that their fans can take solace in. It isn’t always easy being in a committed relationship, but it’s always worth it.