After almost a year without any activity in the spotlight, it’s wonderful to see a couple make such a huge comeback. Most recently, we’ve been treated to a flurry of media activity surrounding Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The interviewee couple have had a major PR blitz behind the scenes and have been taking advantage of every photo opportunity.

This wave of goodwill from the public was surely aided by the phenomenal performance that both actors gave in the new film, On the Road. In what is undoubtedly the most intimate portrayal of the couple’s relationship to date, Stewart and Pattinson play a burned out couple attempting to navigate the post-adulthood world solo. The film is a unique and personal offering from the couple themselves, and it marks a major turning point in their on-screen collaborations. They’ve moved away from the brooding anti-heroes of their Twilight days and embraced a more humanistic approach to their characters. This newfound friendliness is perfectly encapsulated in a scene from the film where Stewart and Pattinson (playing themselves) share a tender moment while out for lunch. It’s been a long time coming, but the reconciliation between these former foes is truly sweet to see.

The Reunion

It’s almost strange to think that when Stewart and Pattinson first collaborated on The Twilight Saga, they were at complete odds. Though their on-screen bickering was frequently comical (a running giggle-fight that would inevitably devolve into a full-blown shouting match), the pair mostly avoided each other off-screen. As the franchise’s first unmarried coupledom, Stewart and Pattinson’s dynamic was a breath of fresh air for the Twilight fanbase, who eagerly awaited their on-screen reunion. They’ve both attended various events and promotions since the end of the franchise, including a Vanity Fair party where they snuck into an intimate dinner with Hubert’s host of celebrity guests.

However, it was the culmination of the Sundance Film Festival that marked the beginning of their public reconciliation. There, Stewart and Pattinson revealed that they’d indeed been working through their differences and had even patched things up with their parents. With nothing left to prove to the world (or at least their audience), they were finally ready to embrace their new relationship and move forward with renewed vigor. 


Since that moment, we’ve been treated to a series of intimate glimpses into Stewart and Pattinson’s burgeoning romance. The most recent of these came in the form of their joint interview with Charlie Rose. It was here that they discussed their new found partnership in detail, revealing their deep affection for and connection to one another. The interview is full of heartfelt comments and moments of pure honesty. When asked about their future together, Stewart responded, “I think that, more than anything else, we just want to be inseparable. And I think that we can.”

These interviews and other intimate scenes have helped to humanize Stewart and Pattinson from their Twilight iconography and granted us an insight into the foundations of their romance. Still, it’s fair to say that these interviews have mostly been focused on the duo’s newfound affection for one another. We’ve rarely seen them exhibit anything other than fondness and an eagerness to please. It’s been a completely different story behind the scenes, where they’ve been embroiled in a public battle of wills. As their partnership gradually develops, we’ll no doubt see more of their past animosities come to light. Perhaps most interesting is what their respective publicists have had to say about their relationship.

Wedding Plans

Though Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have yet to officially confirm their engagement, publicists working for the couple have already begun making wedding plans for the future. It was recently reported that the pair had chosen a wedding planner and were aiming to hold a luxurious ceremony in New York City. 

The couple have already started making wedding preparations and have chosen a wedding planner. They plan to have a luxurious ceremony in New York City. [Photo by Neil Porteous/The Guardian]

The engagement of a lifetime is a moment to celebrate, and for Stewart and Pattinson, it may only be a matter of time before they commit to each other. Still, it will be interesting to see how their relationship evolves over the coming months and years – not to mention the media scrutiny that comes along with being an internationally famous couple. We can’t wait to see how their story continues moving forward.