Kristen Stewart and her longtime boyfriend, Stephen Pattinson, tied the knot in an intimate and cozy ceremony in Scotland on Saturday. The couple exchanged vows in front of their loved ones and friends, and celebrated the beginning of their married lifestyle with a romantic stroll down the aisle as newlyweds.

Shortly after the ceremony, Stewart emerged from the church in a stunning white dress and wedding ring – the symbol of her bond with Pattinson. The “Snow White” actress wore a dress designed by Christian Dior and Jimmy Choo, and the wedding ring was a ring myrtle designed by Harry Winston. Stewart’s parents, Robert and Diana, and sister, Elisabeth, were among those who walked her down the aisle.

The couple announced their engagement in October 2012, after meeting while filming the Twilight Saga in Edinburgh. Since then, the actress has been hailed as the female version of Twilight’s Robert Pattinson, due to their strong connection on- and off-screen.

Pattinson, who is in the middle of wrapping up a years-long divorce from bandmate Stella, has been married twice before. He wed model Rosie Clifford in 2008, and had children with her. In 2011, he wed his high school sweetheart, Anna Pigeon. The wedding ceremony for both couples was held at a private chapel in Scotland.

The 38-year-old actor is best known for his roles in The Twilight Saga and its sequels. In early 2013, Stewart will begin starring in Tamara Drewe, a period piece set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Tamarisk in the 1950s. She will also be seen in the upcoming comedy-adventure Goggle Bay.

Offering Clarity

While Stewart and Pattinson’s individual celebrity and professional success were undoubtedly central to the narrative of their wedding day, the actor highlighted this significance by wearing a shirt with the words “Mrs. Stephen Pattinson” on the front. On the back, he wrote “Sir Robert Stewart,” a nod to his former father-in-law. Both men are still wearing their wedding bands.

The shirt offered a subtle reminder that, no matter what shape their romantic relationship takes in the future, Stewart will always be considered Pattinson’s wife.

“I wear this shirt for the fans and friends who have been supporting me through thick and thin,” Stephen Pattinson told PEOPLE. “They are the ones who know me best and know what type of man I am inside and out. This shirt is for them.”

The Meaning Of The Engagement Ring

The meaning of the engagement ring is one of the many questions that arose following the celebrity wedding. Although Stewart has not yet commented on the meaning of the ring, in an interview with Vogue, she explained that the diamond was chosen because it is the color and the size that she always wanted. When asked if she considered the symbolism of the ring, Stewart replied: “I didn’t really think about it, to be honest. I just wanted to get married as soon as possible and make it as special as possible.”

A diamond is often considered a symbol of enduring love, as it is the hardest and most enduring of all the gemstones. The four C’s of diamond certification – clarity, cut, carat and certification – serve to identify diamonds of exceptional clarity, cut and carat. Clarity indicates whether the diamond is completely flawless or there are any flaws in its makeup. Cut classifies how well the diamond is cut, based on the proportion of its facets. Carat is the most recognizable measurement of the size of a diamond and is indicated by the number of points a diamond is worth. The clarity, cut, carat and certification of a diamond combine to create the diamond’s rating or “grade.”

Dior and Jimmy Choo have both made a name for themselves by creating gorgeous and unique diamond rings, suggesting that Stewart could have chosen a diamond from the Italian designer’s famous collections. There’s also the option of a gold band, as Stewart has long supported the gold standard in jewellery.

Signature Cocktails

Ahead of the wedding, Stewart’s signature cocktails were featured on the menu at London’s chic Mayfair Hotel. The Twilight star’s special drinks were created with the help of celebrity mixologist Ava Wineland and included the likes of vodka and Red Stripe beer blended with pineapple and coconut. Stewart also enjoyed a chocolate fountain during the wedding reception, which was created by Valrhona for the bride’s parents’ fiftieth anniversary.

Pattinson had previously proposed to Stewart at the altar of a Scottish castle. He then took her on a romantic journey around the world – including a trip to Angkor Wat – in an elaborate publicity stunt to generate press interest in the film North of Scotland. The actress said yes to the proposal and the subsequent trip on the strength of Stewart’s response to his proposal. She also wore a ruby and diamond ring designed by Cartier.

Married Life

While the engagement celebration was joyous, it was also a time for the couple to reflect on their wedding journey. “We are so grateful to have found each other and to have been given this wonderful opportunity,” said Stephen Pattinson. “Thank you to our families, friends and colleagues who have helped and supported us along the way. We feel very lucky to have been able to share this moment with so many amazing people.”

Asked if there is anything the couple would like to tell their audience, Stewart replied: “I’d like to think that we are confident of our relationship and that we are happy to share our passion for each other with the world. I’d also like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way. We are so grateful to have found each other and to be able to share our life together.”

Pattinson concluded: “I think we can all agree that it has been a truly magical journey. This past year has been incredible, and we are so happy to share it with our loved ones and friends. We feel blessed to have found each other and grateful for this incredible opportunity.”