It’s been two years since Robert Pattinson broke up with his Twilight co-star, but the spark between them hasn’t gone out. In fact, these days, the British actor is more motivated than ever to make things work – even if it means going back to his iconic girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

While in the past Stewart has been vocal about her attraction to other men, she’s now focused on rekindling her romance with Pattinson. And recently, she’s been publicly campaigning for him, even flying to London to do so. The resulting media attention has sparked speculation that Stewart and Pattinson might eventually get back together.

However, their representatives deny that any reunion is imminent, insisting that they are simply focused on their individual careers right now.

Why Is Kristen Stewart Backing Robert Pattinson?

In the months leading up to the release of the final installment of Twilight, the actress was frequently spotted out and about with Pattinson. And while the pair were never officially together again after their on-screen romance, they remained very close. In fact, throughout the two-year interim between films, Stewart continued to showered him with affectionate attention, whether they were seen at premieres or events, or simply hanging out together. Most recently, they’ve been photographed spending a lot of time together, with Stewart even travelling to London to support her ex-boyfriend and help launch his newest film, Ugly.

While it was previously reported that Stewart had ended her engagement to movie director Rupert Sanders due to irreconcilable differences, her close association with Pattinson undoubtedly played a role in her decision-making process. And it appears as though she’s found a way to make the most of her complicated personal life, using her public profile to advocate for what she believes in.

Has Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Felt Reconciled Since Their Breakup?

Despite the fact that they’re not yet back together, there’s been some positive development in the Stewart/Pattinson relationship. As previously mentioned, the two have been seen in public together several times since their breakup, with pictures of them enjoying friendly gestures and intimate moments frequently surfacing online. Their representatives also stress that they continue to maintain a very close relationship, and even consider themselves friends.

While nothing can quite compare to the passion and intimacy of a real-life love affair, these photographs serve as an opportunity for Stewart and Pattinson to experience something that is, to this day, only available to them in the film world. And it seems as though, for now at least, they’re more than willing to make the most of it.

Of course, this being a celebrity news site, we can’t help but wonder what eventually becomes of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If Stewart and Pattinson do eventually reunite, will it be for good, or will something terrible happen? Only time will tell.