It seems like every other celebrity couple is getting hitched these days, and while we might not typically think of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as being a traditional celebrity couple, their story actually works perfectly for today’s society. After breaking up with their long-term partners, they got together to pursue a passionate romance that resulted in some spectacular love stories and endless rumors. Here is a closer look at their romantic relationship.

They Started Out Friends First

The former couple dated for several years before officially becoming inseparable. They attended the same prestigious high school in London and were even featured in the same edition of Vogue. Friends since childhood, Stewart and Pattinson first became lovers when they were both studying abroad in Paris. With the support of their respective families, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level and became engaged in 2012. They then kept their engagement secret for a while because they wanted to take their time and grow into their relationship. They got married in 2014 in an intimate ceremony in the English countryside.

Pattinson’s Family Thrives In Entertainment

While Stewart’s family comes from a wealthy background and is extremely supportive of her, Pattinson’s family is well-known in the entertainment industry and has produced several A-list stars. His aunt is iconic designer Christian Dior and his uncle is English actor Timothy Dalton. Through their family connections alone, it’s no wonder that Pattinson is thriving in this industry. Additionally, their parents were high-profile attorneys who represented some of the most gorgeous women in modern history. His mother was formerly married to the late Sir Paul Getty, which is how he got his hands on a decent sized stash of precious stones. Through all of this, it’s safe to say that he’s been well-bred and well-schooled in the art of loving a woman.

Romantic Destination Holiday

The French countryside is absolutely breathtaking in the summertime, and who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned jaunt to some place romantic? In the summer of 2016, Stewart and Pattinson took a romantic trip to Provence, where they spent time wandering around the countryside and visiting some of the region’s most notable landmarks. Of course, it wouldn’t be a real trip to France if Stewart and Pattinson didn’t make out in the back of a car, right? Before the trip, Pattinson spoke openly about the effect the French countryside had on him and reaffirmed their commitment to one another. After the trip, the couple worked hard to maintain its emotional intensity by taking their relationship further afield on holiday. In the past, they have visited Portugal, the Maldives, and Thailand, among other places.

In 2017, Stewart and Pattinson took a trip to Thailand, where they hiked the historic Royal Road, visited temples, and explored the country’s cuisine. While there, they also stopped by for a visit with Stewart’s parents. It’s interesting to note that in a country where being homosexual is still considered a crime, Pattinson openly discussed his sexuality and the stigma surrounding it. With so many beautiful destinations to choose from, it’s clear that Stewart and Pattinson want to travel the world and make passionate love to one another every chance they get. And who wouldn’t want to join them on such an adventure?

Passionate Or Romantic?

When it comes to celebrity romances, it’s important to note that not all passionate relationships turn into marriages. Case in point, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. While the pair are undeniably smitten with one another, it wasn’t until after they broke up with their partners that they decided to tie the knot. Even after tying the knot, Jolie and Pitt have had their share of ups and downs. But the passion and chemistry between these two is absolutely tangible and has inspired many to call them perfect for one another.

Similarly, Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Taylor were engaged for less than a year before getting married. While the marriage produced one famous heir, it was also one of the most turbulent and scandal-ridden in history. In the end, their passion and devotion to one another was too strong to withstand the test of time. Like Jolie and Pitt, Grant and Taylor are still deeply in love and continue to inspire new generations of passionate lovers.

Style-Loving Celebrities

Another interesting trend that has emerged over the past year is the style-loving celebrity couple. While this trend doesn’t necessarily have to do with romantic relationships, it’s clear that many of these couples have found inspiration in one another’s styling and willingness to adopt each other’s unique looks. Take, for example, Leonardo DiCaprio and Irina Shayk. The actor-turned-DIY fashion superstar has made quite the name for himself in the fashion world. He started his line of haute couture swimsuits in 2015 and has since become a go-to source for high-fashion beachwear. Shayk has also worked with some of the most prominent fashion houses in the world, including Louis Vuitton and Dior. It seems that Shayk is the perfect partner for DiCaprio, as they adore one another and have a shared appreciation for luxurious fashion. The same can be said for Tom Hiddleston and Blake Lively. While Hiddleston is best known for his work in films like The Avengers and The Lord of the Rings, he has also worked as a fashion stylist for men’s wear brands like JOVANI and MICHAEL KOR, among others. Lively has collaborated with some of the most talented stylists and designers in the industry, like Burberry’s Christopher Bailey and Richard Chai. It seems that these couples are making the most of their professional connections in the industry and using them as a means to enhance their personal relationships. It’s interesting to see how the fashion world has changed in the 21st century. From VOGUE’s founder and editor-in-chief Anna Wintour to the most recent edition of the prestigious annual fashion show, the way we consume fashion has changed dramatically. While the industry may not be as important to some as it is to others, it will forever be a part of our culture. When it comes to style and passion, it seems that today’s celebrity couples are leading the way.