Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson have always been a source of tabloid fascination. And why not? They’re a beautiful couple who know how to keep the paparazzi busy. Just ask the two of them about their wild days in the summer of 2013 or their steamy PDA at the Venice Film Festival. That was just one week after Stewart shocked the world by cheating on her boyfriend, actor Robert Pattinson, with her tennis instructor. While their romance was definitely a storyline that captivated and divided audiences, it wasn’t long before many realized that they were made for each other. Just ask their fans how many happy endings they’ve been tweeting about recently. The answer is probably a lot. But regardless of whether or not you believe in destiny, it’s clear that Stewart and Pattinson are meant to be together.

Their Best Interview Yet

It’s been almost two years since Stewart and Pattinson’s stunning breakup, but the interest in their celebrity lives hasn’t faded. In fact, it’s probably increased. After all, they’re one of the most prominent celebrity couples in the world today. Since then, they’ve managed to keep the public’s attention through constant media coverage and an active social media presence. And it’s certainly paid off. In the last year alone, Stewart’s Instagram account has over 2.6 million followers and Pattinson’s has over 2.2 million. Both of them also have over 1.1 million followers on Twitter. So it’s clear that audiences want to see what they can get from two of the most popular, attractive, and successful celebrities today. And what could be more perfect than an interview that focuses on them as a couple, their romance, and their future together?

An Evening With…Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart!

On May 25, 2018, Pattinson and Stewart were interviewed by Oprah Winfrey at the 24th Annual People’s Choice Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The interview was a conversation about the media’s obsession with their relationship and what it means for today’s society. With over 20 million homes being watched, the conversation was seen by hundreds of millions more. (It was also released on Oprah’s network, OWN, the following day, so even more people got to see it.) Although, as expected, the media focused on the more salacious aspects of their romance, there were also some really interesting answers to questions about the impact of social media on their relationship and their fame. Here are some of the most interesting things they had to say!

“Why Are People Obsessed With Our Relationship?”

Well, it certainly isn’t difficult to figure out why. As Oprah pointed out, since their breakup, their lives have been “nonstop”. Between media appearances, press tours, and social media, they’ve been on the road to rehab, to marriage, and then back on the road again. In other words, they’ve been incredibly busy. And it’s been almost two years since their split, so it’s not like they’re a newlywed couple or anything. Nevertheless, it seems as though the media has been unable to lay off of them. And when you add in Stewart’s mom, Andrea, getting in on the action by posting pictures of her and the girls on Instagram, it’s clear that this couple is in the public consciousness more than ever. With every new story about them (whether or not they deserve it), their popularity seems to only grow. And with every passing day, it’s becoming more and more difficult for them to ignore or deny their fame. To put it simply, they’ve been thrust into a situation where they can’t help but to engage with their fan base. But they are also aware that this constant media coverage can have some incredibly damaging effects. As Stewart put it:

“For a long time, I did not understand why people were so interested in me and Rob. I thought, They’re just fans, they’re just like fans of any other celebrity. But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to realize that being famous can be different and that there is a different dynamic when it comes to the press and the way they cover you. When I was growing up, people who were very famous always seemed glamorous and like they were having fun. But now that I’m older, I understand that this can be difficult. Having a large audience can be isolating because it’s not just limited to one person. People can point at you and judge you, which is never easy. It also makes you a target, which is never easy. It’s not just about you now. You have to be careful about what you say and do because your every move will be scrutinized. This is not a game. So many people are interested in what you do because they think it will affect them. But it has the opposite effect. It can make you feel small in comparison, like you don’t matter at all. It’s a tricky balance. When you know this is what you’re supposed to be doing, it can be a little easier to manage your career. But, ultimately, it’s your responsibility to know what is going on and to be careful about what you say and do. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the attention, the glamour, and the excitement of it all, but you have to be careful not to lose yourself in it. It can take away a lot of your personal life.”

“Is Social Media Changing The Way We Date?”

It’s an interesting question, one that came up during the course of the interview, and not just because of its content. Since the dawn of TikTok, everything has changed. For one thing, watching movies and TV shows has become much more immersive. Thanks to the likes of Netflix and YouTube, viewers can now get a fully cinematic or TV-like experience whenever they want. It’s not just about watching the action on the screen any more. It’s about immersing yourself in the performance. And it’s changed the way we behave, how we interact, and how we feel about ourselves. According to a 2019 Google Consumer Survey, 47% of users say that being able to follow the action live is one of the most important factors in determining if they’ll enjoy a movie or TV show. What’s more, 28% say that being able to observe the actors’ emotional reactions is also important.

“We Don’t Use Dating Apps…Yet!”

It’s interesting to note that even though the majority of respondents said that they used online dating platforms to find love, the celebrities still prefer to go the more traditional route. As Stewart said:

“I’ve never used an app to find a date. In fact, I don’t even have my phone out much because I don’t want to be bothered with it. Texting feels like a much more personal way to communicate, and I like that. Especially since it’s more like talking to a human being. I think people are slowly moving toward text messaging as a way to connect because it’s less threatening. When you’re on an app and you don’t know the person you’re communicating with, there is always that element of fear. It’s easier to be weak-willed and give in to your baser instincts when you’re on a dating app. But if you meet in person and it turns out that you don’t like each other, you can decide to go your separate ways without hurting each other’s feelings. There is always that option. I think people are slowly realizing that their phones are just going to slow them down and that it’s best to meet in person to see if the initial spark is real. And that’s the best way to ensure that your relationship will be lasting.”

“Is There A Difference Between ‘Famous’ And ‘Popular’?”

Yes, there is. While both are incredibly important, they’re not the same. You’re more than “just” a popular person if you’re famous. But in addition to the fact that they’re not the same, they can also be used to describe two very different things. As Oprah put it, “Famous is someone who is well-known, while popular is someone who is liked.”

Think about it. If someone decides to become famous by being in a famous couple, there will inevitably be a period of time where they aren’t actually that famous. They will still be recognized, but their career will have taken off and they will no longer be “in” the popular culture. This is why when someone asks, “Is Taylor Swift famous or is she just popular?” The answer is, “Well, she’s both.” While she was in high school, Swift was mostly just an average student who happened to be in a famous family. But now that she’s one of the most popular and influential pop stars in the world, she’s actually both. (And let’s be honest, her famous status wasn’t built overnight.)