Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson attended the BAFTA Los Angeles Film Awards at the L.A. Times Festival on November 12, 2018. The actresses were nominated for their supporting role in the movie Saving Margaret. They won the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for their work in the film. In addition to their BAFTA award, Stewart and Pattinson also received an accolade at the Venice International Film Festival in 2018 for their dramatic role in the film Beautiful Boy. The acting awards are a reflection of the growing visibility of openly gay characters in movies. Although the roles may be small, they reflect a cultural shift that is happening around the world.

The Growing Acceptance Of Gay Characters In Movies

Many people may not be aware of this, but 2018 was a historic year for gay characters in Hollywood films. In addition to the Saving Margaret stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, there were numerous other prominent gay roles in 2018 films. These characters often do not conform to contemporary ideals of masculinity or femininity. They are often comedic or satirical, and this year saw several diverse characters portrayed through realistic, complex dialogue.

The Rising Importance Of Women In Film

We have also seen an increasing number of award-winning, high-profile films directed by women in 2018. This is certainly a reflection of Hollywood’s continuing effort to represent a more reflective, inclusive and feminist viewpoint. Several of the 2018 films featured prominent, interesting female characters who are driving the narrative and who are not there to serve as eye candy. This trend began to emerge in the early 2010s, but it has steadily risen since then. Films like Black Widow (2016), Solo (2018) and Shoplifting (2018) feature interesting, complex heroines who drive key events and whose stories are compelling in their own right.

The Influence Of Social Media On Cinema

It is important to remember that social media has massively influenced the way films are made and received today. The impact of social media on cinema cannot be overstated. Not only do people routinely discuss films on social media platforms, but they also use these platforms to promote films that are Coming Out of Nowhere, such as Black Widow (2016) or Solo (2018). Social media has had a huge impact on film because it has enabled a new form of media consumption, where people watch and discuss films in real-time as they happen. This kind of discourse around films makes a massive difference, particularly when considered in conjunction with the ever-expanding world of competitive video games, where the narrative and cinematic qualities of a film can be dissected and analysed in-play. This influence is also seen in the way fans are able to interact with films during Movie Saturdays – where fans can join the conversation as the movie is in progress and provide feedback to the filmmakers.

Why Is This Year Special?

This year, we have seen a number of prominent gay roles in films, as well as a trend towards more gender-fluid and varied characters. In addition, we have seen more diverse and interesting female characters emerge and gain recognition. All of this adds up to a massive cultural shift in Hollywood, particularly in light of our increasingly multi-cultural world. These 2019 Oscars may just be a glimpse of what is to come.