You May Be Surprised By Their Secret Summer Romance

It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are both very talented individuals; however, it wasn’t until recently that their professional and personal lives became intertwined. The two began dating in 2011 and even split their time between Los Angeles and NYC for a while before settling down in London. While Stewart’s star is on the rise as an actress, she hasn’t always been seen as a reliable lead. After gaining fame for her role in the vampire franchise The Twilight, audiences began to see Stewart as a more mature, responsible and down-to-earth woman. This trend continued in 2013 when she starred in the acclaimed indie film Beyond The Sun, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won the award for Best Cinematography at the American Cinematic Awards. The film’s director, Kevin Macdonald, described Stewart as “a revelation” and “a complete opposite” to her character in Twilight, adding that she “had a maturity to her that was really intriguing.”

The two continue to stay private, with very little being known about their relationship outside of a few intense meetings with the media. During an interview with Wonderland in December 2014, Stewart admitted that she and Pattinson have been spending a lot of time apart: “We’re both really busy … it’s not like we see each other all the time, which I think is good because … like with any good relationship, you need time apart sometimes to be more focused and to grow as an individual.”

While Stewart and Pattinson certainly seem to enjoy their time apart, fans of the director will be excited to learn that he has started working on a new project with the actress. For his next project, Pattinson will reportedly be directing a film adaptation of Frankie Beauty, an interactive fiction novel by Dennis Paletta. Set in a near future where cosmetic procedures are so advanced that the human face has been largely replaced by synthetic masks, Paletta’s novel explores the relationships between its main characters as they struggle to define themselves and their place in the world.

Whether or not Stewart will star in the upcoming film remains to be seen. The actress is currently in the middle of promoting her new film, the crime thriller Eye in the Sky, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2015. The actress is also set to appear in Wes Anderson’s next film, Moonrise, which will mark Anderson’s return to the big screen after a six-year absence. Whether or not Anderson will utilize any of Pattinson’s previous work as a cinematographer remains to be seen as well.

The Importance Of Adaptability

While Stewart and Pattinson will certainly be missed by their fans, their decision to stay away from the public eye is undoubtedly for the best. The two could never truly be replaced as the dynamic duo they were born to be – especially since their individual and collaborative skills were vital in creating some of Hollywood’s most memorable films. If there’s one thing Hollywood has learned from the success of The Twilight Saga, it’s that being famous can sometimes be hazardous to a person’s health. Having your image splashed across the worldwide media landscape for the last six years undoubtedly has its pitfalls – which the two have navigated skillfully.

With their individual projects behind them, Stewart and Pattinson can now focus on developing their relationship and expanding their careers in new ways. In the meantime, we’ll all continue to watch and wonder about their secret romance.