Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are arguably the most famous couple in Hollywood, with their fair isle yellow wedding dress and red-carpet romances capturing the attention of Hollywood stars and fans worldwide. But despite their global appeal, their story appears very different from that of the typical Hollywood couple. How much does their story truly reflect that of a “normal” relationship in the movie capital?

The Sun has published an interview with Stewart, in which she opens up about her relationship with Robert Pattinson, revealing new details about their romance and early days together. Below, we’ve picked out some fascinating nuggets of information you may not have heard before.

The Beginning Of Their Romance

According to Stewart, she and Robert Pattinson first met while filming the 2012 Batman film, which she was featured in as a Catwoman villainess. The actress went on to explain that the two didn’t actually have a romantic encounter until 2014, while filming the upcoming adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, in which she plays a fairy queen:

“We didn’t actually have a physical relationship until about a year ago, while filming The Winter’s Tale. We would be on set, and everything would seem casual, but we’d be sneaking off to the bathroom separately, to try and have a private conversation. It was only then that I realized how much I wanted this person next to me, day to night. So many people have asked me about our relationship over the years, and I always say that we’re best friends who also happen to be dating. That might not sound like a romantic relationship, but it is.”

After completing filming on The Winter’s Tale, the pair went on to star in the indie movies, Pattinson and Stewart, as well as the big-budget period piece, The Lights In The Sky. While Stewart made no secret of her desire to work with Pattinson on a big-budget project after their private time on The Winter’s Tale, the director turned down her offer, choosing to instead make his own.

The Impact Of The Snowden Leaks

According to Stewart, Edward Snowden’s global privacy revelations had a profound effect on her and Robert, both personally and professionally:

“It made us re-evaluate a lot of the choices we’d made in our lives, and forced us to consider the impact these decisions would have on other people. So much of our lives have been focused on our careers, and keeping up appearances, and I think that led us to believe that certain things were alright to do, that others wouldn’t talk about. I think that being open about who I was and what I wanted, changed everything.”

When asked about the long-term effects of the Snowden leaks on her romance with Robert, Stewart said:

“Well, it’s strange…it’s certainly changed the way I feel about some things. I think that, in terms of our relationship, it made us realize that we had to be more careful about what we were putting out there, that it wouldn’t be fair to paint a certain picture, if it wasn’t true. The truth is always better, and I think that’s what he wanted, more truth. He wanted me to be real with him, and I think that’s what made us open up to each other, about everything. So I guess, in a way, it was a good thing that all those leaks happened, because it got us to talk and open up to each other, and build a stronger foundation for our relationship.”

How Important is Money To Them?

While both Stewart and Pattinson come from a wealthy background, the actress revealed that it wasn’t necessarily money that drew her to the director, but something more basic:

“I think that my parents’ generation had it easy, when it came to money. My dad was an only child who inherited a lot, and my mum was very traditional, so I think that they expected a lot from me, when it came to my career. They wanted me to follow in their footsteps and be a success, like my dad. He was very competitive, and my mum was a bit of a rebel. I think that my parents liked that I was able to stand out from the crowd, in my own unique way. I think that they liked that I wasn’t afraid to be myself, and be honest.”

Pattinson also opened up about the impact of his family’s wealth, noting that he’s the eldest of five children and came from a long line of lawyers. The actor pointed out that, due to the nature of his trade, he’s often found himself working for large corporations who can afford his services:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very talented and influential people, over the years, and be paid well for my work. But I also understand that there’s a reason why I haven’t been able to give a lot of this money away, and purchase a big house with a swimming pool.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, it might be easier for someone like me to enjoy the finer things in life, now that I’ve achieved some success. My family’s wealth and influence have certainly helped, but if I want to buy a house, I’ll have to find the money myself, and that’s what I intend to do – enjoy life how I want to enjoy it. And that probably won’t happen, if I keep getting paid well for working for big companies.”

Why Did They Choose To Marry In An Unconventional Fashion?

One of the most intriguing aspects of Stewart and Pattinson’s story is their decision to wed, given that they didn’t grow up together, and didn’t even know each other until several years into their relationship. While both are well-versed in the art of convincing the media of their compatibility, it seems that they had more personal reasons for choosing to wed. Stewart explains:

“We were very careful about how we presented the relationship to the press – we didn’t want to give the wrong impression. So, in interviews, we always said that we were just good friends who also happen to be in love with each other. I think that we wanted to keep some mystery about our relationship, to protect the privacy of those close to us. When we got married, we didn’t want anyone to ask any awkward questions, so we kept it low-profile. We might have done the interviews, a month or two before the wedding, so that everything was still a bit of a secret.”

As for why they decided to buck the trend and buck the system, and get hitched in a small, private ceremony in France, instead of a luxurious walk down the aisle in front of a judge and an audience of spectators:

“That’s an incredible question, and something that I’ve been asked many times. I suppose, at first, we wanted to do something that was personal and meaningful to us, and also kept the focus on what was important – our relationship. And I think that’s what led us to choose a wedding venue that we’d both never been to before, in St. Peter’s Church in Avignon. It’s an extraordinary church, and the ceremony itself was very intimate and private.”

Additionally, Stewart and Robert chose to forego a large reception and celebrations, opting instead to eat a small, intimate dinner together, with their closest family and friends. While there was plenty of opportunity for professional photographers to snap off some great pictures, Stewart and Robert were keen to keep details about their wedding low-profile, so as not to draw any unwanted attention.

Is Stewart The Most Important Person In Robert’s Life?

Stewart isn’t just a pretty face, she’s an incredibly talented actress who can act, write, and direct. However, while she may be the face that the general public knows best, it seems that Robert views her as more than just a companion, dubbing her the “most important person in [his] life.” While most people would shy away from such a label, Stewart appears to be completely at ease with it, revealing:

“I’ve always felt that I was the most important person in his life. And that definitely changed the moment that he started falling in love with me. Before that point, he’d had a lot of girlfriends, and I’d been his girlfriend for two years. But once he started seeing me day in, day out, and began to rely on me, that’s when I felt like the most important person in his life.”