Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s Chia Tocchi Water.

The couple’s highly anticipated baby shower, which took place in the United Kingdom, was the perfect opportunity to reveal the exciting news that they are expecting their first child. The proud parents-to-be chose to host the event at their family home in England, which is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the world. The atmosphere was pure magic, as attendees sang songs and danced while celebrating the couple’s big news.

While many celebrities’ children attend state-run schools, Stewart and Pattinson decided to educate their infant daughter on more traditional parenting, and enrolled her in a private nursery school. The day of the shower, the actress sported a chic baby-blue dress with a white flower print, adding a polished touch to her rather traditional appearance. From the neck down, Stewart accessorised with a plain white T-shirt and a necklace that matched the flower print of her dress. She added a pop of colour by accessorising with a vibrant orange bag and matching umbrella. Stewart’s stylings were fitting for a parent-to-be; she is said to have dressed her newborn in clothes that she wore as a child. Indeed, Stewart’s youthful exuberance was evident in her playful yet polished display.

The Water Is for Baby’s Skin

The couple’s newborn daughter will be the subject of much adoration and affection, as Stewart’s previous two children, Saint Laurent-born Lily and Sailor Moon-inspired Luna, served as her fashion icons. Her parenting choices will reflect the fashionable style that she has been so accustomed to since she was a child.

In choosing a name for their newborn daughter, Stewart and Pattinson drew inspiration from the beautiful and historic Lake District in northwest England. As part of the local tradition, English parents-to-be sometimes name their newborns after the seasons. Thus, the child will be named after one of the most stunning lakes in England, which happens to be located within the Lake District.

The lake, which is also the district’s namesake, provides the perfect habitat for reclusive black-necked swans and pink-footed geese. Families of four live peacefully alongside the lake, enjoying its scenic views and wildlife. While visitors may come across kingfishers hiding among the reeds, only the most courageous can capture one on film. It is said that the lake is best seen from the air, as it seems to disappear into the clouds. Perhaps that is why Stewart and Pattinson chose to shower their daughter in the waters of this majestic lake.

Baby Wearing Is the New Normal

While celebrity childrearers usually choose to forgo clothing for their infants, Stewart and Pattinson go against the grain. They believe that, from the very beginning, a baby should be closely associated with their parents’ clothing, and so they have designed a chic, one-of-a-kind babygarment to house their daughter’s tiny form.

The striking black and white pattern on the baby’s chest represents the swirling black and white flecks on the eyes of the swans, which seem to capture the attention of everyone who catches sight of this beautiful bird. The contrast of white and black is a reference to the white wedding dress and black wedding veil that Stewart and Pattinson will wear during their wedding ceremony next month. The couple were married in France in August 2014, and will host a reception in London, where they both now live, to celebrate their union.

The matching headbands, which feature a wide ribbon in the centre, will be worn by the parents-to-be throughout their daughter’s early years. The headbands are made from the same satin material as the rest of the garments, and feature an elegant bow in the centre. This stylish accessory will be worn by the parents-to-be until their daughter grows out of the fluffiness of an infant’s clothes. Then, the headbands will be transformed into a stylish necklace, which the parents-to-be will wear together as a set.

The Water Is For Baby’s Nappy Wrapper And Diaper

Dressing your baby in a disposable nappy is a stylish way to protect their skin, and those of the people around them, from the wetness of the nursery. As an alternative to cloth nappies, which many believe are more comfortable for babies and their parents, and less harsh on the environment, the new parents-to-be chose to use luxury, organic care products to wash and dry their newborn’s bottoms. Stewart and Pattinson’s nanny, who also has a newborn of her own, prepared the couple’s precious cargo for the big day, by hand-washing and drying their daughter’s garments, to avoid any nappy-related accidents.

To make matters more luxurious, the nanny also placed a babymoon satin cushion on a diaper-changing chair. Indeed, it seems that luxury, in the form of an organic cotton nappy, is a trend that will continue as parents-to-be-to-be prepare for the big day. According to a recent study, the disposable nappy market was valued at £11.3 billion in 2016, and is expected to rise to £16.9 billion by next year.

Is This The Most Luxurious Baby Shower Ever?

This year’s Baby Shower, held at the Nottingham Sheraton Airport Hotel, was a celebration to remember. The couple, who were joined by their parents, Princesses Victoria and Henry, as well as their siblings, chose a destination that was as luxurious as it was beautiful. The bride’s haute couture collection of luxuries were on full display for guests to behold, as she sported a look fitting for a queen, in a charming display that would have made her mother, Her Majesty, blush with pride.

Stewart’s dress was designed by Stella McCartney and featured an elaborate embroidery of seed pearls and baby’s breath. The dress was encrusted with a bouclé coat, which was designed in a shape of a five-pointed star, in keeping with the couple’s surname. The dress’s high neckline and long skirt were designed to sweep the ground as Stewart made her grand entrance. Victoria wore a sleek white dress by Ralph Lauren, which featured the brand’s signature checks in beautiful floral arrangements. The princess’s dress was belted at the waist with a cream-coloured silk satin ribbon, adding a soft, feminine touch to the otherwise elegant attire. The younger members of the family looked dashing in their black-and-white checks, while the elder royals beamed proudly from on high.

Luxury baby gear and organic cotton nappies will be worn by the couple’s newborn for the first few months of her life, as Stewart continues to breastfeed her daughter as part of her healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. However, once their daughter begins to crawl and climb, the baby’s garments will be transformed into a stylish, everyday wear for the young princess. Then, as she enters toddler years, the clothing collection will be expanded to include a selection of her very first grown-up clothes, which will serve as a stylish alternative to nappy rash.