It’s safe to say that things didn’t go as planned when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson got married this past summer. The couple’s highly publicized courtship, which began in 2014 and lasted just over a year, received worldwide attention when they made their engagement public in October 2015. The following month, on November 24th, 2015, the couple had a wedding ceremony in Rome, which was officiated by a different Pope from the one they used when they married in France four months earlier.

Media Buzz About Their Wedding

The day of the ceremony was covered by several of the world’s biggest media outlets, and the resulting media frenzy was unprecedented. The Inquisitr reported at the time that over 300 journalists from around the globe covered the wedding and related events, while photographers snapped pictures of the celebrity couple “at almost every turn”. One of the more memorable images, which was shared widely, featured a tearful Kristen Stewart in a white wedding dress, as she cried into the shoulder of her new husband.

The Honeymoon Was Delayed

After the marriage and the subsequent media coverage, the newlyweds had a chance to enjoy their honeymoon in peaceful seclusion. However, that wasn’t the case. Just three weeks after their wedding, Stewart announced that she and Pattinson had decided to postpone their trip to Europe, citing an unmet need to settle their newborn son, Arden, into his new home. She also revealed that she and her husband used to spend their holidays apart, and that their previous “on-and-off again” relationship helped inspire this decision.

It was widely assumed that the 24-year-old star, whose latest film, Mad Max: Fury Road, premieres in theaters this Friday, would resume working on at least some of her four upcoming films, including two projects with Woody Allen. However, in February 2020, Stewart took the unusual step of scrapping her planned Allen films and directing a film adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s bestselling memoir, What Would Mrs. Lincoln Do? The Oscar-nominated actress is also set to star in the upcoming TV series, The Family, which is based on the real events that took place in the Lincoln family during the American Civil War.

Meanwhile, Pattinson, who recently finished shooting on the dystopian thriller, The Ministry of Fear, in which he plays a spy who infiltrates an insane asylum, is preparing for his third trip to the Cannes Film Festival this month. In May 2019, he premiered the first of his short films, Three Short Films About Vietnam, at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Although the 26-year-old actor has been attached to numerous high-profile projects, including the highly anticipated Baz Luhrmann-directed adaptation of The Great Gatsby, he’s yet to land a major role in a feature film. Additionally, both Mad Max: Fury Road and The Ministry of Fear were shot back to back, with the first film wrapping in June 2019.

The Reunion Was Cut Short

On February 17th, 2020, three days after postponing their honeymoon trip to Europe, Stewart and Pattinson made an unexpected appearance at the Academy Awards, where they were honored with a Best Actor award for their performance in Marriage Story. On Twitter, the couple revealed that they had decided, as a family, to spend the night in Los Angeles before continuing on their honeymoon. The following day, they issued a joint statement confirming that they had indeed decided to call off their European vacation. No reason was given for the sudden and unexpected change of heart.

While it was initially reported that Stewart and Pattinson had broken off their engagement, a source with knowledge of the situation claimed that this was not the case. In March 2020, the couple, along with their respective representatives, issued a joint statement confirming that they had, indeed, gotten back together. They also revealed that they were in the process of planning their wedding for summer 2021.