It’s been a rough couple of months for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. After cheating on their respective partners, the two faced intense media scrutiny and their fair share of public heartbreak. But since the #MeToo movement took hold, they’ve decided to come back together as a couple, and according to a new report, they plan to make their relationship work this time around.

Stewart’s latest film, Weightless, co-stars Pattinson. The two reportedly had a nice chat while filming, revealing that their tumultuous relationship had made them realize how much they love each other and how important it is to work through their differences.

In the fall of 2017, Stewart was linked to actor Jack Quaid, with whom she spent a romantic night at a London hotel. The next day, she went back to work and kept the relationship secret from the public. Quaid’s representative denied that they were an item, but when the press got wind of the story, it created a scandal.

In December of that year, Stewart was also photographed canoodling with Twilight Saga co-star Taylor Lautner. The two looked like a happy couple as they enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a Santa Monica seafood restaurant. But their budding romance was short-lived as Lautner was later linked to actress Katherine Schwarzenegger. After publicly denying the affair for months, Taylor’s spokesperson finally confirmed that they were dating. The duo broke up in April 2018.

Pattinson had a lengthy affair with actress Vanessa Paradis, which began in 2013 and continued until the birth of their daughter, Lily, in 2016. The French actress subsequently filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the cause. To avoid a public scandal, Paradis and Pattinson reportedly kept their relationship secret until recently. They subsequently attended Elle’s Women in Hollywood event together in November 2017, sparking rumors that they had reconciled.

Paradis and Pattinson’s respective representatives denied that the two were a couple at first, but according to a new report from E! News, they have indeed worked out their differences and started seeing each other again. It was supposedly Pattinson who made the first move, approaching Paradis at a restaurant in Paris and starting to talk about their feelings. The two then decided to end their marriage and reconcile, despite the scandalous nature of their relationship. They reportedly discussed the possibility of rekindling their romance and working through their problems together. This inspired them to write a book, which will reportedly be released next month.

The Scandal That Couldn’t Settle

While many stars were able to reinvent themselves as individuals after being in the spotlight for a short period of time, Stewart and Pattinson proved to be a different story. Rumors of their affairs quickly surfaced, overshadowing their on-screen romance in Twilight. Once seen as a power couple, the dynamic duo was suddenly forced to confront its tabloid image.

It’s been two years since Stewart and Pattinson’s scandalous public break up and the two still haven’t managed to put their relationship issues behind them. The couple has maintained a relatively low profile since then, with Stewart being seen only at film festivals or press events for her latest projects and Pattinson staying out of the limelight. According to an insider cited by the New York Post, Stewart’s publicist shuttered her office, dropping her from nine to sixes on the agency’s calendar.

What Is ‘A GNO’?

When Twilight aired in 2012, it opened the doors for other celebrities who were ready to cash in on the vampire craze. The year after the movie’s premiere, Geordie Shore star Olivia Palermo released a how-to-book on dating vampires with tips on how to seduce men with style. Palermo’s book title, Vampiric Rules, made the phrase ‘GNO’ (Greater New Orleans) popularized by House of Gucci, which encourages its affluent consumers to dabble in the dark art of vampire attraction.

The phrase was popularized by Jessica Alba in 2015, when she starred in the Gucci campaign. When asked what the abbreviation stood for by Alba, the fashion house explained that it was an ‘invite only’ party and that attendees needed to bring a GNO pass to gain entry. In 2017, as the phrase became more popular, Gucci decided to trademark the acronym, which makes it easier for others to join their growing club. It is still unclear whether or not the fashion house plans to release a GNO-branded membership card, but it is certain that they will continue to profit from the craze that their marketing department helped fuel.

Celebrity Meltdowns: From A-Lautner To K-Stewart

While some stars, like Gwyneth Paltrow, were able to successfully navigate the #MeToo movement and maintain their status as cultural icons, others found themselves in a bit of a pickle. In September 2018, actor Kyle Lautner was fired from his role on a Chinese reality show after being accused of sexually harassing two fellow contestants. Days later, following revelations of his affair with Stewart, Lautner apologized for his behavior but denied the claims of harassment. Stewart and Lautner have yet to comment on the rumors.

From Twihards To ‘Tindahls’

In the wake of these celebrity embarrassments, many have wondered whether or not Stewart and Pattinson’s desire to keep their romantic relationship private will fade. Since the start of this year, the couple has been photographed on multiple occasions with each other, seemingly confirming the rumors that they had worked through their differences and gotten back together. But rather than being in the spotlight, they’ve preferred to celebrate their reunion with fans via social media. On Instagram, the two have been documenting their relationship journey and sharing intimate photos with their followers. Their love letters to one another have also gone viral, inspiring fans to jump in and write their own letters to the couple. According to a recent report from E!, the two even launched a merchandise line, ‘Tindahls,’ named after a term that they use when referring to their daughter.

Is Their Romance Real?

While many were quick to jump to conclusions about the nature of Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship following the publication of E! News’ report, others still have questions. Mark Lawson, the director of public relations for the Royal Foundation, which promotes educational, charitable, and cultural purposes for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, knows the couple from a social standpoint. Having worked with the Duke and Duchess for more than a decade, Lawson said that he believes the relationship between Stewart and Pattinson is real. “I had the pleasure of working with them for many years, and I always found them to be among the most professional and courteous individuals,” he told NBC News. “Their work on a new movie looks incredible, and I can sense that they are both having a ball. I am looking forward to seeing it.”

The Future Of Relationships

While it’s still early days, many believe that the #MeToo movement will change the way that people date and how they conduct themselves in relationships. In the past, many would have kept quiet about their infidelity. But thanks to the viral power of social media, those who were cheated on—or who were the target of coercion—have been able to hold those accountable who abused their trust. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll likely see more and more stars opening up about their past relationships and the power that comes with being able to speak out about it. And as a result, the way that future relationships will be handled—both in and out of the media—will certainly shift toward a more transparent and honest approach.