Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are arguably the most famous couple in Hollywood today, having sold over 60 million tickets to their respective movies, with many more likely to follow. But aside from their celebrity, what are they really like? What is their relationship really like? How about their home? Let’s explore a bit.

The Homesick Princess

If there is one place we know they love to be, it’s their home. The British actress was born in the UK and raised in New York City, which is evident in her choice of décor. When they bought the marital home in 2014, it was adorned in British accents, with lots of floral patterns and paint colors in muted tones of red and white. It comes as no surprise then that she is often photographed in a British accent, what with her native land being her ‘princess home’.

Her favorite room in the house is the kitchen, where she spends most of her time, cooking for her family and friends. She is also a huge fan of J. M. WESTON’s Young Venetian novel, which features a kitchen filled with beautiful Italian furnishings and accessories. When the novel was made into a movie in 2018, she took inspiration from it and decorated one of her Instagram posts with images of Italian marble, crystal, and gold paint.

The couple’s love for the UK is evident in the array of British accents they have picked up, ranging from the London twang of Robert Pattinson to the high-pitched sibilance of Keira Knightley. In a 2018 interview, Stewart said of her home, “It’s more of a hybrid than an accent. It’s not that I don’t like American accents. I love them. But there is something about the British accent that just clicks for me.”

A Room of Their Own

One of the more intimate places we can explore in the Stewart-Pattinson home is their master bedroom, which is decked out in a taste of everything they represent. The room is dominated by a large four-poster bed, covered in a pale blue satin fabric with gold accents. This is the sort of sensual detail we associate with the Twilight saga more than seven years after the couple’s engagement. It’s fitting then that this room is named ‘Seduction’.

The couple has chosen to keep their engagement ring in the center of the bed, which is flanked on each side by a small table. The ‘Seduction’ theme continues in the couple’s walk-in closet, where they keep an array of lingerie, including some very special pieces. These are not ones you will want to miss if you are a fan of the Twilight movies. The walk-in closet is also home to a very special display of shoes, with a selection of the actress’s favorite shoes on prominent pedestals, surrounded by more shoes laid out on the floor. She has even displayed her shoe collection in a way that evokes the iconic image of a red-carpet ready-to-wear show. The designer Christian Louboutin is perhaps the most prominent shoe brand on display, with the red-soled ‘Christian Louboutin’ sneakers (Particular Pairs) worth approximately £20,000 (approx. $28,400) being a centerpiece.

It is interesting to note that in the middle of their walk-in closet there is a small area where they keep a selection of capes, gowns, and other outfits they feel represent their favorite movies or TV shows. This area is like a walk-in wardrobe for the couple, with a variety of gowns, suits, and capes kept there for whenever they feel like dressing up as a character from a film or TV show. A lot of time and effort is obviously put into maintaining this impressive collection of costumes. In a way, it’s like their ‘closet of legend’. When we consider that Stewart is now 27 years old and Pattinson is 26, it’s clear they have been acting and dressing up for much of their adult lives, which means this ‘closet of legend’ will be something to watch for as they enter their 30s.

The Designer’s Masterpiece

The master bathroom is yet another ode to beauty, with its skincare and bath products laid out on a ceramic tile countertop and a walk-in wardrobe filled with the designer’s clothing, including bespoke suits and couture dresses. There is also a large free-standing bath, finished in white marble with gold decor, within which the couple can take a romantic evening bath together. This bathroom will represent Christian Louboutin’s final collection for “Hermès” before he officially launched his own label, which was something of a career move, given the significance of the house.

One of the more unique features of this bathroom is the bidet, designed to resemble a Roman nose, a phallus, or an open pair of lips. Upon closer inspection, you will realize that these are all forms of the Greek letter “nu” (νυθ), which is also the first letter of the word “nude” in Greek.

Louboutin also designed a wine fridge that doubles as a flower stand, featuring a bust of a very famous person, which the couple will no doubt enjoy enjoying a drink, or a dozen, with dinner parties and outings with friends.

An Outdoor/Indoor Pool

If there is one place the couple truly enjoys getting away from it all, it’s their backyard pool. Not only does it offer some privacy, but also plenty of room for children to splash around while parents lounge in chairs and soak up the sun.

The couple purchased a pool house in 2010 and have since spent a lot of time and effort making it their own little oasis. In addition to the pool and lounge chairs, they have placed plant pots filled with tropical foliage around the space, as well as umbrellas and outdoor torches to provide light and ambience. During the hottest months, the outdoor pool becomes their biggest attraction, as they can retreat to the privacy of their own oasis.

Other unique features of the pool house include a gas fireplace, built into the surrounding brick, and a large flat-screen TV on the wall, complete with a custom stand. One of the more luxurious touches is the lighting scheme, which features overhead scented candles in ceramic containers and colorful outdoor lanterns. These lanterns were originally designed for the couple’s wedding ceremony and reception and feature photographs of their faces, surrounded by floral prints and ribbons.

In addition to the indoor and outdoor pools, the couple has designed an outdoor shower that features a seating area with umbrellas and outdoor torches. This is yet another ode to elegance, as the design on the shower curtain is reminiscent of the Greek letter “eta” (Ετη) – which is also the first and last letters in the word “etiquette” in Greek.

The house offers an array of beautiful outdoor spaces, including the couple’s signature infinity pool and the gazebo-like area surrounding it. The backyard is also home to a lemon tree that the couple planted together, which also provides some beautiful citrussy notes to perfumes and flavor to desserts.

Not One but Two Kitchens

One of the couple’s most fashionable moments to date has been their renovation of the kitchen, done in collaboration with British designer Victoria Beckham. When we consider that these are two high-profile individuals who are very fashionable, it’s not surprising that they chose to remodel one of the most functional and traditional rooms in the house — the kitchen — and transform it into something special. The couple’s interest in fashion led them to choose a designer they had recently worked with, making this renovation a great illustration of their collaborative efforts.

The kitchen is decked out in white marble and filled with the designer’s signature style, which is very much in vogue at the moment. The room comes complete with a dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven. They have also incorporated natural elements, such as linen and bamboo, into the design and décor, making it a truly sustainable and eco-friendly space.

The kitchen is separated from the dining room by an open archway and comes with its own outdoor seating area, perfect for summertime barbecues and family gatherings.