Is Rob Pattinson genuinely in love with Kristen Stewart or is their budding romance just a façade? The question has been debated as passionately as ever since the pair were photographed canoodling on a Greek island in April. Since then, the actor has been linked to a number of famous actresses, including Emma Stone, but has he finally chosen a bride-to-be?

Stone Wars

The story of the leaked photographs of Rob and Kristen first made headlines when they were rumoured to be set to marry in the summer of 2021. Stone, 29, had just ended her three-year relationship with the actor a few days before the shots were taken in Greece. Rumours of a comeback tour for the actress were seemingly confirmed when she was pictured kissing another man, but few saw this as more than just a publicity stunt.

Since then, Stone has maintained her innocence, tweeting in April that she’s ‘‘not even close” to a comeback. She added in November that she was ‘‘heartbroken” over the cheating rumours. ‘‘I had no idea this was going to happen. I feel badly for [Rob]; I really do,” she said in an interview with Vanity Fair. ‘‘I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m still here, I’m still beautiful, and I still have a man [Pattinson] in my life.”

Rocking The Throne

In the years since the Stone Wars, the couple have managed to stay relatively out of the public eye. They took a break from their busy schedules to give birth to their first child, Scout, in 2021 and haven’t been photographed together for a major event since. Despite their low-profile behaviour, speculation regarding their true feelings for each other has continued to circulate.

After the birth of Scout, Rob and Kristen were spotted holding hands at a wedding in August 2021 and attending a Broadway show together in February 2022. The following month, they were photographed walking their dogs and looking loving towards each other.

Waiting For Twilight

The last few months have seen a resurgence of interest in the couple as Rob has finally chosen a bride-to-be. In the coming months, we will see the 36-year-old actor walk down the aisle with his partner of eight years, Florence Welch. For their big day, Rob and Florence have chosen a romantic getaway to Italy. In the lead-up to the wedding, the pair have released several romantic videos, including one in which they recite poetry to each other.

As for what happened on the Greek island in April, speculation has continued to swirl. Many believe it was merely a publicity stunt organised by Rob’s agency, United Talent Agency (UTA). In a joint statement at the time, UTA and the actor’s spokesperson said that he had been ‘‘misinterpreted” and that he was “shocked” by the “completely inaccurate” reports that he had cheated on his partner of eight years. The spokesperson added that he and Stewart had “never even been on a date” and that the cheating rumours were “a complete misunderstanding”.

The photos from that day in April have since gone viral, with many people questioning whether or not Rob and Kristen really are an item. While it’s always nice to see a celebrity couple that looks so in love, it’s also concerning when the “honeymoon phase” turns into monotony. In the years since their break-up, Emma Stone has stayed in touch with her former flame, tweeting in April 2021 that “it would be so wonderful to see [Rob and Stewart] together again. I am sure they would make an adorable couple.”

Can They Be Trusted?

It’s never easy being linked to a celebrity couple, especially when the media circus that surrounds them makes it hard for you to keep your private life private. Since the start of the year, the couple have managed to avoid the limelight, staying out of the public eye and only emerging when absolutely necessary. They have maintained this low-profile behaviour despite speculation regarding their true feelings, which makes one wonder: can they be trusted?

In an ideal world, celebrities wouldn’t have to deal with gossip and intrusive reporters, so they could get on with their private lives. However, the world we live in is far from perfect, and those who are linked to famous people find it especially difficult to keep their personal lives private. In the case of Rob and Kristen, their good boy image makes it difficult for them to hide their true feelings, which some speculate might not be as “grown-up” as we think.

Do you think Rob and Kristen can stay out of the limelight and be trusted?