A couple of months back, news broke of a relationship scandal involving one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Many of our readers will undoubtedly know the identity of this tabloid superstar – after all, she’s one of the most recognisable faces in the world. The story went viral, with many publications taking a curious interest in the personal life of the actress.

The actress in question is of course none other than Kristen Stewart. Notorious for her turbulent on-set behaviour and intense privacy struggles, Stewart became the object of intense media speculation following her split from her partner of six years Robert Pattinson. The pair had been rumoured to be on the brink of an official separation for some time, and the story of their imminent split was almost certainly fuelled by the fact that Stewart was seen out and about with a series of strange, celebrity-style companions. Indeed, shortly after news of their break-up broke, Stewart was spotted leaving a Hollywood nightclub with a mystery man. This was followed by a string of other late-night dinners and late-night meetings with other men. Rumours of a romantic connection with men in her inner circle persisted even after her split from Pattinson. It was an unexpected public airing of marital tensions, and one that seems to have rattled Hollywood.

Since then, both Stewart and Pattinson have stayed largely incommunicado. While Stewart has continued to be pictured with enigmatic male companions, the star has kept a much lower profile than before the scandal broke. The last we heard of her, Stewart had returned from a romantic trip to Paris with a mystery man. The pair were last spotted in Saint-Tropez, where Stewart was filmed relaxing with a drink at the Villa Bel Air hotel.

The incident in Paris marked the first time that Stewart had been photographed since her split from Pattinson. But this only served to fuel more speculation. Since then, we’ve arguably seen more of Stewart than ever before, as she’s continued to be in the public eye for all the wrong reasons.

So what is the truth about Stewart’s escapades since the scandal? In the absence of any official statements from the actress, she hasn’t done much to quell the rumours surrounding her. But now, at long last, the actress has opened up about her split from Pattinson in a new interview with Wonderland Magazine. And what a revealing interview it is.

On the subject of the rumours that surrounded her following her split from Pattinson, Stewart reveals:

“There was a period where people were like, ‘Is Kristen single? Is she dating anyone? Does she have a new partner?’ And I felt like there wasn’t anything I could say other than, ‘No comment.’ ”

“That was the only thing I could keep saying. Because, at the end of the day, it’s your life and you live it the way you want to. And I was certainly not going to get into a public fight with my friends and family over it. But it was so frustrating, because people would come up to me and be like, ‘Kristen, will you marry me? Can I borrow some money?’ and it was like I couldn’t even answer those questions. So it was this whole other dimension of, ‘Am I ever going to talk to anybody about this?’. It was so exhausting.”

The questions surrounding Stewart’s private life are understandable. After all, she’s one of the most recognisable actresses in the world, and her life will always be interesting. But what’s perhaps most notable about this interview is that Stewart has spoken frankly about her struggles with depression and anxiety. Discussing her experiences with mental health professionals, Stewart reveals:

“It’s a hard thing to admit that you’re not okay. Mental health issues are something that people in Hollywood avoid like the plague. We don’t like to talk about it. But the thing is, you never know when it might overtake you. And it’s such a fine line between being okay and having a complete meltdown. We don’t really know what triggers it, or what sets it off. But we have all these warning signs. You start to notice things about yourself – like, ‘Am I seeing things correctly? Am I being paranoid?’ You know, the questions that go through your head. That’s when you know you need to see a doctor. But by then it might be too late.”

“I’ve seen people completely destroy themselves because they didn’t want to admit their problems. They would rather hide themselves away and hope that it will all go away. But it never does. You just have to acknowledge it, and try to deal with it. Because it never goes away. It’s something I’ve learned over the years, and it’s something I’ve had to fight against.”

In light of Stewart’s revelations, it’s certainly an interesting time to be a fan of hers. Over the past couple of months, the actress has seemingly stepped out of the shadows and into the limelight, and she’s arguably done it more successfully than ever before. With a string of high-profile dates in Europe and North America following her split from Pattinson, it seems as though Stewart and her legion of fans may have just found the perfect springboard into the New Year.

So what is the secret to Stewart’s newfound celebrity? In truth, it’s probably a combination of a number of factors. First and foremost, Stewart arguably tapped into a latent desire for support among Hollywood’s A-list community, many of whom seem to have been overwhelmed by the sudden, unexpected exposure to the media. But in addition to this, Stewart has clearly been taking advantage of the fact that no one seems to be talking about her former partner. Fuelling rumours of a romantic connection with men in her inner circle, Stewart has been able to sow discord among those closest to her while remaining relatively incommunicado herself. In the meantime, Stewart has continued to be in the public eye for all the wrong reasons, but she’s also continued to be in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

The success of Stewart’s new interview suggests that, at long last, she’s decided to open up about her life and her desires. With speculation surrounding her new relationships and engagements swirling around the media, it seems that fans are granted an unprecedented insight into one of Hollywood’s most famous and vibrant stars.