Although they are undoubtedly Hollywood’s golden couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson‘s romance story is far from being a fairy tale. The two actors first worked together on the 2012 film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, where their on-screen chemistry helped propelled the franchise to further success. Since then, they have been inseparable and have made the most of their celebrity, exploring New York City’s most romantic destinations or attending glamorous red-carpet events together. But is their celebrity and fame behind them? Or is the sweethearts’ romance still blossoming? We took a look at their romantic history (and it is indeed a pretty significant one) to get a better sense of how their story would end.

Kristen Stewart Was His First Love

It was not until 2009 that Stewart first set her sights on Pattinson. The two had met a decade earlier, when they were starring together in a stage production of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. According to reports, Stewart was initially a little shy around Pattinson, but the pair soon became close friends, bonding over their mutual passion for acting. After Shakespeare‘s classic tale, Pattinson went on to attend the esteemed American school, Williams College. While there, he made the acquaintance of a young woman named Stewart. The pair dated for a while before settling down together in 2010 and establishing a civil partnership in 2014.

A Serious Romantically Challenged Relationship

It is fair to say that Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship was not meant to be. The actress had initially avoided being committed to a long-term relationship, having experienced a string of failed romances. Stewart even went so far as to joke that she had a ‘serious romantically challenged relationship’. During an appearance on the podcast ‘How’d You Like That?’, she confessed: “I went through something of a romantic rollercoaster in my twenties. I dated, like, seven or eight guys. I was absolutely in love with three of them. But then it would be over and done with and I would meet someone new.” Stewart continued: “So it was a really exciting time in my twenties, but it also made me feel really insecure. I didn’t feel like I could really commit.”

Will They Be Together For Long?

It is fair to say that Stewart and Pattinson are made for each other. The two have a relaxed, easy-going vibe that seems to fit perfectly—if for a long time only in films. In real life, things are a little more complicated. According to reports, since their civil partnership was established in 2014, the two have been extremely private about their relationship. Despite enjoying a leisurely life, Stewart takes on a lot of supporting roles in upcoming films, including the highly anticipated period drama Dark River and the coming-of-age comedy Ugly. Pattinson, on the other hand, has focused mainly on travelling, with several long breaks from his publicist to go on a romantic vacation with Stewart. While the pair mostly keep to themselves, they have been photographed together in a number of chic ensembles, including stunning yellow-and-black dresses and an emerald-green coat and tie, all worn by Stewart. Perhaps most tellingly, they have both been very active on social media, keeping fans abreast of their every move. So even though they are rarely photographed together, the romance between Stewart and Pattinson seems to have neither end nor midpoint—at least not yet.