While the world was captivated by the couple’s romance and subsequent wedding, fans of Rob Pattinson were more engaged with the Breaking Dawn set than any other movie in recent history. The meme went viral, with fans sharing their favorite quotes and scenes from the movie on social media.

Thanks to the internet, fans can now reminisce on the movie that became an obsession even for those who hadn’t seen it. The following is a comprehensive list of all the iconic moments from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

The Cullens Visit The Diamond Stud

The movie opens with a shot of what appears to be a centuries-old estate, surrounded by a moat and gated entrance. The camera pans to the left to reveal the titular mansion, where we are finally introduced to Rob Pattinson’s character, Edward Cullen. It is apparent that WWE has been watching closely as they feature the mansion in the main event of their SummerSlam pay-per-view, which is being held in a few days.

He is joined by his family – his wife Emily (also played by Stewart), his younger brother Jacob (portrayed by Zac Efron) and his sister-in-law Rosalie (played by Kelly Donovan) – as well as a slew of elegant wolves (including John Stamos). After welcoming the Cullens to their dinner party, the family leads the newcomers on a tour of the majestic manor, which is decorated with Christmas decorations and filled with priceless antiques. It is also apparent that Emily is the polar opposite of Bella (Stewart), who is more of the fragile flower type. She is loud, brash and a bit of a gambler, while Emily is a more refined, well-bred and reserved woman.

The Tour Through The Renovation

Once the tour is over, everyone congregates in the ballroom, where the food and drink have already been laid out. Before they can start eating, Emily excuses herself to go to the bathroom, leaving the rest of the group behind. While she is away, Bella and Edward discuss the estate’s renovation and how Emily is slowly taking over. Bella points out that Emily is the bossy type, and that she doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with her wife.

When Emily returns, she is accompanied by a couple of workmen, who are busily installing new bathrooms and fixing up various aspects of the mansion to make it presentable. Bella and Edward make jokes about Emily’s need to “keep her beauty secret”, since she doesn’t want to ruin the couple’s big day. Emily doesn’t appreciate the joker in Bella, since she’s the bride-to-be, but instead makes a point of how she wants Bella to “fit in” with the Cullens. She doesn’t want to upset the family by acting inappropriately.

Rosalie Leaves A Present For Bella

While Bella is thrilled to finally meet Emily’s parents (and vice versa), she is more interested in Rosalie, who presents her with a basket filled with beautiful roses. However, since Bella is an it girl, who is used to getting whatever she wants, she doesn’t realize that she will soon enough be craving a break from the ballroom dancing lessons she has been taking. She wants to get wild again, with just her boyfriend for company. Her parents are worried about this sudden change in her behavior, but Bella insists that Rosalie understands her needs. She wants to live a normal life and be happy, which is more than what she can say for herself at the moment.

Jacob And Edward’s Debate Over Bella’s Future

One of the most compelling issues to arise from The Twilight Saga is Bella’s future, especially since she is now an adult and can decide for herself what she wants to do. This debate is brought up by Jacob, who has just received a letter from Bella, in which she expresses her wish to go on a romantic getaway with Edward. She also tells him that she has been seeing someone, but doesn’t want to get into a commitment just yet.

After expressing dismay at this development, Edward suggests that Bella get a job, rent a room in a bigger house and take care of herself. Jacob disagrees, arguing that Bella is special and that she deserves to be happy. Although Bella is an independent woman now, it is obvious that she still wants to be protected and taken care of by her boyfriends. She wants to grow up and settle down. Jacob is the voice of reason here, reminding Bella that she can’t please everyone and that she must decide for herself what is best for her. He encourages her to follow her heart and live her life, because he knows that she is listening and that she will choose wisely.

Bella’s Proposal To Edward

We finally reach the romantic plot point of the movie: Bella proposes to Edward, who turns her down, saying that he doesn’t see the point in being married, when he has such an abundance of women scheduled to wed. Emily overhears this and interrupts them, telling Bella that she is a beautiful and smart woman and that she will make someone a perfect wife. She urges her to forget about her silly immaturity and to be a little more traditional.

It’s at this point that we learn a little bit more about the characters. The audience has watched Bella grow from a naive young girl to a sophisticated adult. We’ve seen how well-balanced her relationship with Edward has been and how much she wants to believe that he will cherish and protect her as she matures. This, of course, is Edward’s dream, since he has vowed to protect and provide for her for the rest of their lives. It is a rare case in which romance trumps maturity and responsibility. In fact, as she is about to leave, Emily wants Bella to take a different approach and warns her that she is walking into danger.

So, Bella decides to propose to her boyfriend once more. This time, she throws herself at Edward’s feet and asks his blessing, promising that she will be a good wife and mother. Although he is an attractive man and has desired her for years, Edward still turns her down. He doesn’t see the point in getting married, since he doesn’t believe that marriage will bring him fulfillment. He wishes it were different. The audience is now fully engaged in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, wondering what will happen next. Will Bella give up and allow the Cullens to keep their vows? Or will she decide to do the right thing and allow the family to complete their union? All we know for sure is that this is one of the most intriguing and engrossing movies in history. Whether you’ve read the books or seen the movie (or both), you’re certainly not disappointed by the result. It’s been a fascinating twelve months and we look forward to the next installment of this legendary romance series.