The trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 dropped last week, and fans of the vampire franchise were abuzz with excitement. With the final installment of the blockbuster series just a few months away, many are already making their plans to see the movie yet again. The latest installment is expected to break box-office records and is already one of the most pre-ordered films of the year.

While many have focused on Stewart’s relationship with her beau Robert Pattinson, others have noticed a bit of a love triangle brewing between the actor, the screenwriter, and the director of the films.

The buzz started when Stewart’s Twitter account shared a picture of her and her girlfriend Lenny Kravitz with the caption, “Gucci handbags, Dior dresses, and #DiorAdherences are some of the items on our wish list for #420. We can’t wait to enjoy these luxury brands with our best girlfriends.”

The picture was then followed by a series of photos of Stewart and Kravitz, further fueling the speculation that the two were indeed more than just friends.

“Well, she’s got a new beau now. They’ve been dating for about a week. So it’s safe to assume she’s not seeing Robert anymore,” a source told Hollywood Life about Stewart’s new love interest. “She’s clearly not hiding her true feelings about Robert, and she’s making no secret of the fact that she wants to be with Lenny now.”

The magazine also claims that Stewart and Kravitz were together during the recent Golden Globes ceremony. A source close to the actress said that while Stewart did have her arm around Kravitz during the event, the two were never actually alone together. This fueled further speculation that the two are in fact more than just friends.

What Is Behind Stewart’s New Romance?

While many fans are excited about Stewart and Kravitz’s burgeoning romance, there are some who have their doubts. In light of Stewart’s previous relationships, some are not sure if she is truly being faithful. Some also think that the timing of the romance is rather suspicious, considering that it emerged just as Stewart’s Twilight mania was reaching its peak.

“I think the whole thing is a bit strange,” a source close to Stewart told Hollywood Life. “But I guess that’s life. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many people excited about a new relationship. Whether or not Kristen will continue her pattern of monogamy remains to be seen.”

Although Stewart has always been open about her past relationships, in light of her newfound romance, there has been an increase in the number of journalists and paparazzi who have dug around her personal life looking for stories. In October 2014, just weeks before she started dating Kravitz, Stewart released a statement to The New York Times, denying rumors that she was gay. She wrote, “I’m not gay. I love men. I’ve always loved men. I’m in a relationship with a man. I will love and respect my partner as much as anyone could hope for in this world.”

When Will Kristen Stewart and Lenny Kravitz Get Engaged?

According to Hollywood Life, Stewart and Kravitz are planning to wed. The publication reported last week that the couple are looking for a spring or summer wedding, and that guests will be asked to “welcome the bridesmaids and groomsmen into the celebration with a standing ovation.”

The magazine also claims that the couple are looking for advice about the wedding from celebrity wedding planners. They are reportedly considering an “old-school” affair with a reception in the countryside and an intimate “bucket list” of bridal boutique brands they want to celebrate with. One of their favorite places to eat out is Tulum Restaurant in Mérida, Mexico, and they have also been visiting the Chichen Itza Ruins in Yucatán to plan the wedding.

In addition to wedding plans, Stewart and Kravitz have also been busy making preparations for the release of their debut album as a duo, titled Outer Banks. The pair have been recording and touring the album throughout 2015, and it is due for release in the spring of 2016.

Does Kristen Stewart’s Relationship With Robert Pattinson Impact Her Career?

Whether or not Stewart’s romance with Pattinson impacts her career remains to be seen. While there has been speculation that the Twilight actor’s new found fame has helped his girlfriend’s career, it is not yet clear if this is the case. Many have wondered if the newfound attention that Stewart has received as a result of her romance with Pattinson will translate into more roles for her.

“I think as long as Kristen continues to work hard and stays true to herself, there is no reason why her career shouldn’t grow,” a source close to the actress told Hollywood Life. “She is a beautiful, talented, and classy woman who is always going to be respected by her co-workers and fans.”

While many may be focusing on Stewart and Pattinson’s blossoming romance, it is important to remember that there is a whole lot more going on in this world. It is yet to be seen if these events will have any significant impact on the trajectory of Stewart’s career, but she will continue to be the girl who loved Robert Pattinson more than anything else.