Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are totally cute together. The actress was quick to notice her handsome co-star and shared a smooch with him at the premiere of their new film, On the Road. The duo’s PDA in public is nothing new. We’ve seen them sharing many a sweet peck on the lips during press conferences, red-carpet events, and even while watching a movie on a rainy day. These public displays of affection are always such a fun detail to follow on social media. It’s become quite the trend to share videos and pictures of the “Lovestruck Duo” getting all smoochy in front of the cameras.

Their Love Story

The story of how these two met and fell deeply in love is one that’s resonated with all of us. In 2013, we were introduced to the world via the social media sites as Robert Pattinson was filming The Twilight Saga. A self-described “monster” who was bored of his day-to-day humdrum life, he decided to try and conquer America and film a series of videos to document his travels. The aim of these videos was to expose the nation’s beauty and fashion styles, as well as meet and talk to as many Americans as possible. Many of us can relate to Robert’s desire to see new places and meet new people. It’s said that his fans called him “Bob” because he wanted to be a different person to everyone he met.

It was during one of these videos that viewers were treated to a glimpse of Kristen Stewart. The 25-year-old actress had attended an acting class with her friend Stella McCartney, and the latter invited her to join her at the premiere of The Hunger Games. This was back in 2012, and Kristen has never looked back. In fact, it was during The Hunger Games that she first noticed Robert. She was introduced to him through the media, and quite frankly neither of them have looked back since.

Why They’re Still ‘Fresh’

As much as we’d all like them to stay single forever, it’s clear that they aren’t. In fact, it’s been almost two years since Robert’s movie premiered in theaters, and Kristen has already begun to speak of her excitement for a third Twilight film. There’s no denying that their on-screen chemistry is still palpable, and it’s clear that a romance between these two is still very much alive. Why do you think that is? Perhaps it’s because despite dating A-list celebs and acting in some of the most successful movies of our time, they maintain a freshness that other celebrity couples don’t. It’s not easy being in love with a pop star, and it’s clear that their romance has seen its ups and downs. But somehow they’ve always managed to pull through and remain committed to each other. It seems that when it comes to romance, these two aren’t afraid to be different. They like to keep things real, maintain a healthy relationship, and not be typical Hollywood creatures. They want to keep it simple, like many of us do in our everyday lives.

Candy Shop

If you’re fortunate enough to work in the creative industry, you may have had the chance to walk into a candy shop. Well, those are the sweet treats that Robert and his co-star, Chloe Sevigny, nibble on as their characters meet for the first time in American Horror Story: Roanoke. Chloe is a candy queen who owns a little candy shop in the town. She invites Alice (played by Olivia Colman) into her world and introduces her to sweets, as well as her friends and family. Naturally, once you’ve tried a Snickers bar, a Butterfinger, and a Whopper in pink, it’s hard to resist the charms of a candy shop. In fact, it would be an understatement to say that sweets have a way of drawing people in. This is made abundantly clear in the trailer for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, where we’re treated to a feast of colourful treats. If you’re in New York City this weekend, then be sure to pay a visit to Chloe’s Candy Shop on Wooster Street. You can’t miss it.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are one of the most magical places. Whether it’s the smell of freshly-baked chocolate-chip cookies or hot apple pie, it’s hard to walk away from a shopping mall without buying at least one thing. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Many shopping malls offer a variety of affordable brands that cater to all of our shopping needs. For instance, there’s the Apple Store, which sells everything from phones to laptops to tablets and even kitchen appliances. The best part is that you won’t feel like you’re missing out on much. The shopping mall experience, as much as it may be unique to the places that we visit, is something that we can all relate to.

Sober Mixers

On the Road is the second Robert+Kristen movie that we’ve seen them share a romantic moment in. In that movie, they’re both totally hammered and decide to walk home together. Naturally, you may experience a slight anxiety attack when watching these two drink a whole bottle of tequila and snort a line of cocaine. It’s not that you’re worried about them hurting themselves, it’s more like you don’t want to be separated from them for too long. Fortunately, they’re both fine and walk away smiling. Naturally, this leads to questions about whether or not they’re actually together. There are always hints and teases that we get on social media, but it’s still a mystery as to whether or not Kristen is secretly married to Russell Crowe. Still, we can’t control what comes out of their mouths, so the best we can do is sit back and enjoy their love story.

What’s Next?

The best thing about this story is that it has more to offer. Whether you’ve seen the first or third installment of Twilight, you know that these stars have a lot more to share. For fans of the franchise, their story continues in Eclipse, Part II, which was released last year. Directed by David Slade, Eclipse is the final chapter in the Twilight saga. It picks up immediately where Part I left off and continues the story of Bella Swan and her search for her soul mate. Naturally, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the “Lovestruck Duo.” As someone who enjoys a good mystery, I’m curious to see where this story goes. It would be best if they released the next installment before the year is out. That way, I will have the opportunity to experience the thrilling conclusion to this wonderful love story. But we may just have to be satisfied with the knowledge that they still think of us every day and miss us every moment they spend apart.