Robert Pattinson is one of the most popular and recognizable faces in the world. The British actor has been in the news a lot lately as he’s been in a relationship with one of the most popular Hollywood actresses, Kristen Stewart. Even though they already got married in 2015, the speculation about an engagement and a possible wedding continues. This celebrity couple’s story is a familiar one to anyone who follows Hollywood news, but what happens when their relationship is put under the microscope? Is it really just about the sparkle and the celebrity? Does the media play a role in breaking up popular couples? Let’s take a look.

The Main Event

This week saw the premiere of the highly anticipated film, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. The movie is the concluding chapter of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling vampire saga and it follows closely on the heels of the previous installment, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. The highly anticipated film is based on a two-season series of the same name on the MTV channel and it was watched by over 10 million people in its premiere week—breaking all previous records for the network. In fact, it was the most watched premiere in the network’s history. The film also became the number one show in the channel’s history, and it beat out its much bigger sisters [Title]: The Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere and More to Watch This Summer
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The Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere and More to Watch This Summer

While the world waits for the next installment of Twilight, what are the biggest television events of the summer of 2021? Between the return of The Great British Bake Off, Stranger Things 2 and more, here’s what you should keep an eye out for.

Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things 2 is set to premiere on Netflix on July 27 and it’s been hyped up to the highest degree. The first season of Stranger Things was a groundbreaking show for Netflix, introducing audiences to a group of mischievous youngsters who live in the fantastic world of Stranger Things. With its whimsical blend of dark humor and scary excitement, the series became a global phenomenon and it was named the best television show of the year by The New York Times. The streaming service also credited the show with boosting their subscriber base by 23 million globally in the first year alone.

While the first season focused on the children of Hawkins, Indiana, the second season will delve into the origins of the strange events that plague the town. The show’s creator, Stephen King, has called it a ‘coming of age’ story about the lead character, played by newcomer, Maya Stange. She’s now an adult and she has to deal with the challenges that come with navigating the complications of romance and relationships. Several of King’s books are being adapted for the big screen and the most prominent among them is Dark Tower, which was just optioned for a major motion picture. The project is set to star Evan Peters and Song Gaither as well as Jake Choi, who plays young King Eric in the film adaptation of Pet Sematary. If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you’re in for a real treat this summer, as the sequel is not only the best show of 2021 but also one of the most anticipated TV shows of all time. Pre-order the season now to avoid disappointment.

The New Mutants

The X-Men are one of the most prominent and successful superhero franchises of all time, spawning several live-action and animated series as well as multiple game titles and thousands of comics. The latest installment in the X-Men series, New Mutants, premieres today on Netflix and it’s the first original series from the streaming service. Set in present day, the series focuses on eight young mutants who band together to save the human race. While it shares some of the same characters as the films of the same name, the series departs from the mythology established in those films. Specifically, it stars Alice Braga as Magenta, a mutant whose appearance is that of a snake; Sunspot, a young mutant from the Philippines with the ability to absorb and emit light; and Warlock, a black wizard who sports an afro, orange robes and yellow shoes. Fans of the Marvel Comics will especially enjoy this take on the classic X-Men storyline, as it features several members of the X-Men’s team, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is back for its eighth series and this time around it’s setting up camp in the nation’s capital, London. Despite the fact that the show is wildly popular in the U.K., it’s considered one of the great culinary TV shows of all time, not just because of the bakers’ talent but also because of host, Sue Perkins’ engaging personality. The BBC show features amateur and professional bakers who compete in a series of challenges, preparing intricate cakes, pies and pastries for judging. While some viewers may argue that the show’s quirky charm is what makes it great, the fact remains that it’s one of the most-watched factual TV shows of all time, with approximately 5.8 million viewers tuning into the season premiere on July 24. Given the anticipated demand, the network is expected to make the finale a one-night-only event.


Zoom is another Netflix series set to premiere this summer and it’s the first original series from the streaming service. The series follows the story of an ordinary middle-class family that’s been abruptly thrown into the spotlight after one of their children is diagnosed with a potentially deadly virus. The series explores how family, community and culture survive the pandemic while also laying bare society’s prejudices and fears. Created by documentary filmmakers, Phelim McAleer and Moira McAleer, the series stars the ever-reliable Donald Sutherland, along with Annabel Karim Kassar, Tamer Hassan and Ayelet Zurer. The production also draws heavily from real-life events, including the spread of SARS in 2021 and the Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s.

With several acclaimed series premieres this summer, fans of TV are in for a real treat. Whether you’re a fan of ancient history or modern-day adventures, these shows are sure to please.