When Kristen Stewart announced that she was dating Rob Pattinson, the world was in shock. The pair had previously dated for nearly two years before publicly confirming their relationship in April 2013. Though their union had many admirers, it wasn’t clear how committed the Scottish actress was to Mr. Pattinson. Now, with the news that she’s cheated on him, it’s time to find out: Did Kristen Stewart betray Rob Pattinson, or is this just another relationship swindle? We’ve gathered the facts about their tumultuous romance to answer this question. Let’s find out what happened.

The Beginning Of Their Affair

Though they denied it at the time, it was initially assumed that the “Twilight” starlet and Mr. Pattinson were sleeping together. After all, the 31-year-old actress and the 28-year-old writer/director had known each other for years and were considered one of Hollywood’s hottest power couples. In fact, Stewart and Pattinson were first linked together in 2010, when they were both participants in the 17th edition of the Sundance Film Festival’s inaugural international experimental film festival. The following year, they were both nominated for best actress at the 67th Academy Awards for their starring roles in the British romantic comedy “Now You See Me.”

It was after this point that things started to change. In the months leading up to their 2013 red-carpet reunion at the 2013 Golden Globes Awards in Los Angeles, rumors began to swirl that they were having an affair. The tabloid magazine “Star” even published a piece in January 2013 stating that Stewart and Pattinson were “locked in an embrace” during the Golden Globes after-party. Although they both vehemently denied it, it was clear that something more was going on than professional chemistry. It wasn’t long before the media frenzy reached a boiling point, and Stewart and Pattinson were forced to address the topic directly in an interview with Elle magazine in February 2013.

What Did They Say?

When pressed about the nature of their relationship, Stewart and Pattinson admitted that they were “more than just friends.” The Scottish actress described their bond as “a really special friendship,” adding, “I feel like I can talk to him about anything.” Mr. Pattinson echoed these sentiments, stating, “I have known Kristen for a long time, and can confirm that we are very close friends. We have the same values, and are incredibly supportive of each other. We both believe in keeping things private, but also being open with those we love the most around us.

When discussing their relationship, they avoided using the C-word and instead described it as “a meaningful connection.” While this sounds like a more mature approach than a typical romantic declaration, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their feelings for each other are platonic. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: They’ve been very open about the fact that they have romantic feelings for one another and express these feelings often through their work. The only problem is that the media and public now have a new interpretation of their relationship: Is it a romantic one or just a platonic friendship with occasional snogging?

Was There Anything More Than Just Friends?

Though their relationship was never fully confirmed, it’s safe to assume that Stewart and Pattinson had some physical chemistry. After all, the pair regularly share kisses on camera and have starred together in more than a few romantic comedies. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that their affair was sexual. It’s possible that Stewart and Pattinson had a platonic relationship that blazed into romantic obsession. This would explain why Stewart has been so forthcoming about her feelings for Mr. Pattinson while simultaneously denying that their relationship is romantic. She may also feel that since they aren’t married, there isn’t any stigma regarding their relationship (and who’s to say there should be?).

This line of thinking is supported by the fact that Stewart and Pattinson aren’t hiding their relationship from the press. For the most part, their personal lives are out in the open. The only thing that remains unreported is the fact that they are both Scots and therefore must abide by a code of secrecy that comes with their nationality. This explains why they’ve avoided using the C-word when speaking to the media about their relationship. Though the media frenzy that followed their announcement of their affair will no doubt die down, one thing is for sure: Kristen Stewart is going to be interesting to watch for a while.