The twilight saga continues! When last we left off, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were on the run from the angry mob that had swarmed London after Edward Cullen skipped out on his wedding preparations. Thanks to Bella’s wit and some strategically placed honey jars, the couple were able to elude their pursuers and make it to Scotland. There, they settled into an old ancestral home, far from the prying eyes of the public. And then, quite suddenly, the screen went black…

We still have no idea where Edward is, but we do know where Kristen and Robert are hiding. And it looks like they’re happy there! Now that the initial frenzy of wedding preparations has died down, the couple can finally relax and enjoy each other’s company. But is their happy ending a tale as old as time itself? Or is it something more… vampiric?

Where Is Edward?

To this day, Edward’s whereabouts remain a mystery. He apparently skipped town right after Kristen and Robert’s wedding day, and has not been seen or heard from since. In the interim, Kristen and Robert had a child, a daughter named Lily-Rose. Edward has offered no explanation for his vanishing act, and the only people who know what happened are Bran and Bella, who were there when it happened. But it seems unlikely that Edward would just drop his child off and leave, especially since Bran and Bella are apparently the only ones who know where he is. It has also been suggested that Edward could be in Italy, as the scenery is similar to that of the Northern Lights movie; however, this remains conjecture. When last heard from, Edward was at large in London, having evaded the paparazzi by taking refuge in a friend’s rooftop garden. It’s anybody’s guess as to what he’s up to now, but we do know one thing: he’s not with Kristen.

When Will We See Edward?

As for when we’ll see Edward again, it seems like we may have to wait a little while. True, the Cullen family has kept the old manor house in Scotland beautifully up-to-date, and it has a modern feel to it, but the good old-fashioned creepiness factor is definitely still there.

Bella’s biological father, Charlie, has made several appearances since then, but otherwise, it’s been a mostly quiet century since Edward’s grand exit. The family has done their best to keep the legend of the undead on the down-low by making sure nobody knows about their existence, even going so far as to alter their appearance and give them new names. For example, Bella is now named Leah, and Charlie has taken on the appearance of a wood elf, which is why nobody recognizes him when he turns up in small town America. The one known exception is Emmett, who is aware of Charlie’s true nature and seems to have accepted it. (He also happens to be a guardian angel who looks exactly like Edward.)

How Has Kristen’s Life Been Since Edward’s Disappearance?

What has become of Kristen Stewart since Edward’s disappearance? First of all, she had to give up her career as a Hollywood star. The lifestyle is not suitable for a mother, and she has no interest in reinventing herself as a housewife. However, she is interested in continuing her acting career, albeit on the smaller side, and has recently starred in several indie films, such as Wuthering Heights and Clouds of Sils Maria. She also did some voice work for an animated movie, The Boss Baby, and released a book titled, Life Lessons, which comes with a CD of songs for parents to sing to their kids. She hasn’t completely given up her Hollywood ways, but she’s definitely keeping them to herself, which is why we haven’t seen or heard from her since before Edward’s wedding day. It’s also interesting to note that Kristen has taken on some of Edward’s roles since he has been gone. In the twilight saga, it was her turn to play the part of Bella. And in the upcoming movie, The Snowman, she will be seen as Elisabeth, a spunky girl who befriends a handsome, yet mysterious, guy named Carl. In an interview, she stated that Carl’s character was originally meant to be Edward, but she felt she captured his essence better than any other actress could.

Is Kristen and Robert’s Romance Real?

Is the blossoming romance between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, a.k.a. the Twi-hards, for real? It seems like it! The two have been seen dining out together, and have even taken to Instagram to post pictures of one another. However, they have not confirmed their relationship as legitimate, which is understandable, as anything connected to the twilight saga is bound to be the subject of tabloid speculation. Nevertheless, if this is indeed the case, then congratulations! You may have stumbled upon an incredibly rare case of genuine romantic bliss.

It’s important to remember that true love is a beautiful thing, and it doesn’t always have to be complicated. You should never feel like you have to hide your true feelings, because that’s the key to true love and happiness. It may be hard to find at first, but once you’ve got it, it will never be the same. You may have to fight for your love, but you will be immensely grateful for it once you’ve found it.

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