The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is finally upon us, and the final chapter promises to deliver some major revelations. In theaters now, the highly anticipated sequel picks up more than a year after the conclusion of New Moon. Amidst the drama of the feud between Bella and Edward, can Bella and Jacob ever reconcile their differences? Will the Volturi finally get their hands on the mortal enemy? Can Emmett help keep the peace between the Cullens and the Volturi?

Based on the bestselling novel by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight breaks new ground in a number of respects. For starters, it’s the first installment of the saga to be released in 3D! Additionally, the filmmakers took the opportunity to experiment with IMAX, utilizing striking imagery and a dynamic soundtrack to maximize the immersive experience of the large-format presentation.

But beyond the cinematic aspects, Twilight is also the culmination of a massive media phenomenon. The books have sold more than 300 million copies worldwide, spawning six movie adaptations and a stage play. Needless to say, this is Big Business.

Breaking Dawn – Will Bella Give Birth To A Daughter?

One of the most talked-about aspects of Twilight is the fact that Bella doesn’t just give birth to a daughter, she gives birth to twin daughters! More specifically, the opening scene of the film finds Bella in bed, cradling what appears to be a newborn baby. While this image is among the most iconic of the series, it’s not immediately clear whether or not Bella actually gives birth to these children. The question of whether or not Bella will become a mother again is a major point of interest for audiences. After all, given that she’s now 27 years old, the prospect of Bella having biological children of her own is not so far-fetched.

Unfortunately for Bella, she finds that parenthood is not for the faint of heart. For starters, the transition to motherhood is not easy, and it’s not clear that Bella is prepared for this step. While on the surface, the scene between Bella and Jacob in Twilight would suggest that they are about to engage in a loving embrace, in reality we know that this is not the case. Bella vacillates between deep despair and passionate lust, unable to form solid emotional ties with men and ultimately choosing to remain a spinster. Even after giving birth to two girls, Bella still feels no compunction about sleeping with other men! Indeed, it is only when she is faced with forcing their attentions that Bella reveals her true colors, threatening to destroy them both if they continue!

In Twilight, Bella essentially remains a dormant volcano, only becoming more volatile as she gets closer to her menstrual period. It is a source of great mystery what causes this transformation, as Bella never undergoes menopause or goes through a full-blown womanhood, instead remaining a perpetually adolescent.

Breaking Dawn – Is Jacob The Real Daddy Of The Twins?

While the attention is inevitably focused on Bella, it is important to remember that she is twin girls’ legal guardian and is, therefore, responsible for their wellbeing. The question of whose child the twin girls are has therefore become an issue – is it really Bella’s husband, Edward, or is it Jacob? This is a question that has been asked since the beginning of the Twilight phenomenon, and the answer has eluded us until now.

The scene that finally clarifies this matter is one of the most gripping in the entire film. In the books, the revelation is made slightly less abrupt, with Bella and Jacob’s relationship status being established over several chapters. However, in the movie adaptation, this moment comes much quicker and is considerably less subtle. As the credits begin to roll, the audience is finally treated to one of the most iconic images of the series. In the foreground, we see Bella cradling two baby girls. Behind her, we see a visibly disturbed Edward, who has just discovered the truth – the twins are not his, they belong to Bella!

Although Bella is their legal guardian and has full custody of the twins, it is apparent that Edward does not want them to be raised by her. Indeed, this is made quite clear in the scene where he discovers the truth, yelling at her that he never wants to see them again. His reaction is completely understandable; he has spent the last several years raising the twins as his own, and finally learning that they are, in fact, not his is more than he can handle. Seeing his daughters with Bella only confirms all of his misgivings about their relationship. Indeed, it’s a moment that causes Edward to spiral into despair, with the last scene seeing him walking away, sobbing and alone.

The reason why this scene was left unanswered until now is quite simple. The filmmakers did not want to reveal the identity of the girls’ father before the end of the story. However, despite remaining an enigma, the truth is that Jacob is in fact the father of Bella’s twins. The scene where he discovers this is among the most tragic in the entire series, as Jacob’s reaction is one of utter devastation. He has spent the last several years denying the fact that he is Bella’s biological father, not wanting to ruin her happy, adolescent life. After their fight in the desert, Bella finally admits the truth and begs Jacob to stay with her. In the books, the moment is much more drawn out, with Jacob vacillating between anger and love, before finally relenting and staying by Bella’s side.

Breaking Dawn – Will There Be Another Vampire Civil War?

In Twilight, the Volturi are the antagonists, and it is apparent from the outset that they do not view Bella as a kindred spirit. Indeed, they view her as a threat, considering her extraordinary prowess and the fact that she is the daughter of a legendary hunter. While they seek to destroy her, Bella’s strength of will keeps her alive, ensuring that the Volturi are not able to claim their rightful bride.

However, it is important to remember that the Volturi are not a monolithic entity; they are instead made up of various covens and other related factions. This is why, when they eventually manage to corner and capture Bella, she is not completely at their mercy. Indeed, there are several moments where Bella exhibits astounding bravery, keeping the head Volturi at bay with insults and bravado, even as she is being stripped of her belongings. Ultimately, this allows her to escape with her life and, as mentioned before, she does not meekly surrender to her fate, but rather threatens the very beings that seek to destroy her, vowing revenge.

On the subject of revenge, it is important to remember that Bella is not a villainess. Far from it, she is actually a heroic figure, willing to put aside her own safety and wellbeing for the sake of her daughter and her friends. In this sense, it is quite tragic that she is the victim of her own fierce will and cannot live her life to the fullest, fearing for her own safety and that of her loved ones. Indeed, the last scene of the film sees Bella, lying in bed and pondering her fate. Looking up at the crucifix that serves as a constant reminder of her mortality, Bella asks Emmett if she will ever truly be safe, having witnessed the destruction of a Volturi coven and having sworn revenge on the entire clan. Emmett’s only response is to assuringly repeat the phrase, “You will always be safe”.

As much as we might want to see Bella live her life to the fullest and happily give birth to a growing family, it is apparent that her existence is anything but secure. The question of whether or not she will be able to live a normal life remains to be answered, and it will be interesting to see how Meyer’s brilliant work tackles this issue in the years to come. What do you think will happen next? Are you looking forward to seeing Twilight again? Let us know what you think in the comments below!