This week, the Cannes Film Festival kicked off, and several big-name stars graced the red-carpet. One of them was Robert Pattinson, who was recently in London promoting his new movie, The Librarian. The movie is the first in a series of films set in the medieval world, and stars Kristen Stewart. So, we decided to ask the couple to dive into some issues with Elle‘s Kate King.

How To Be The Most Popular Actor In The World

So, we’ll begin with the most obvious question: how did Robert Pattinson go from being one of the most popular British actors to barely being recognizable? Was it all the paparazzi? Did he become disinterested in playing romantic leads? Was it the Twilight Saga that tarnished his previous good name? Let’s find out.

The Success Of The Twilight Saga

When Robert Pattinson first came onto the scene, he was definitely not the most popular actor in the world. In fact, he was almost unrecognizable. He’d play villains in major movies and then disappear into the shadows for a decade. But after the Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson became the object of fascination for a whole new generation. And what a generation! It launched his career as an actor and revitalized his entire persona. People were curious about his personal life and what he was like off the screen. They wanted to know more about the enigmatic actor behind the charming facade.

In the Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen, and for the first time, he is the protagonist. In Twilight, he was the antagonist. But still, that’s not the sort of question that usually comes up when someone mentions their acting career. Still, after the success of his last movie, The Librarian, Robert Pattinson is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. And he’s not just being hailed as the greatest British actor, but as one of the greatest actors of our time. So, is Robert Pattinson the greatest actor of our time, as many have proclaimed? Let’s have a look…

Is Edward Cullen The Greatest Hero Of All Time?

Let’s put it this way: we won’t be forgetting Edward Cullen anytime soon. He’s easily one of the greatest fictional characters of all time. The irony is that, at least from a narrative perspective, he’s one of the most anti-heroic characters we’ve ever seen. Edward has everything he wants, and he takes advantage of that. He exploits others, especially Bella (Kristen Stewart). In fact, her whole situation is used as a plot device; the irony being that she never gets a satisfying revenge against him.

Edward Cullen is indeed the greatest hero of all time. And let’s be honest: what other character in cinematic history has weathered such unfair treatment and been lauded as the greatest? As an audience member, it’s impossible not to relate to Bella when she finally gets the upper hand and exacts her revenge against Edward. It’s like watching a Robin Hood who has finally gotten his just desserts. When Bella confronts Edward and begs him for mercy, he simply utters, “You’re not worth it,” and turns and walks away. Edward has no sympathy for her and takes no responsibility for his actions. He even claims that she was never meant to be his protégé (in other words, that he never intended to be in a relationship with a teenager). So, as you would expect, there’s no redemption for Edward Cullen. He walks away a completely different person than he was when he started.

Why Does Edward Cullen Deserve All Of This Popularity?

With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. And what is it that Edward Cullen has that makes him so interesting, complex, and ultimately, influential? It’s not just that he’s acted in some of the most iconic films of the past decade. Nor is it his phenomenal success in the Twilight Saga. We think that there’re a few key factors at play here. First, the actor portrays an anti-hero and is often times unfairly judged on that basis. Second, he’s able to tap into the zeitgeist and speak to an audience – sometimes even having a large impact on the cultural conversation. Third, Edward is not afraid to break with past practices, especially when it comes to relationships. We’re talking about a guy who refuses to drink alcohol and has sex only with willing victims. So, audiences relate to him because he refuses to fit into the mold. In a very real sense, he’s the most popular actor of our time because he defies easy categorization.

What Influences Robert Pattinson’s Performance?

Apart from the fact that he’s one of the greatest living English actors, we’d have to say that it’s the cultural moment that inspires Robert Pattinson’s work. It has to do with the perception of women, especially middle-class urban women, during the 2010s. The actor is currently starring in The Librarian, a film set in the 12th century that draws heavily from historical events that took place during that time period.

According to the actor, the main influence behind his character is late-19th century acting pioneer, William Somerset Maugham, who wrote a book called Of Human Bondage. In it, he famously said, “If your character is going to be drunk, then let it be known ahead of time, so that the writers and the actors can plan for it.” So, in a way, we can say that Maugham anticipated the #MeToo movement and the idea that a woman’s worth does not lie in her youth or beauty but in her ability to entice a man to commit and then keep a commitment to her. This idea was first popularized, or so we think, by Catherine Zeta Jones in her 2011 movie, The Best Exotic Marvel.

Did You Have A Part In The Making Of The Librarian?

The entire cast and crew of The Librarian had the opportunity to have a part in the making of the movie. They were integral in bringing the manuscript to life through their performances and the amazing costumes and sets they wore. Let’s take a quick trip back in time to see how it all came together.

Back in 2011, one of the most iconic scenes in movie history was shot in London. In the scene, Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan visits the British Library to research her family’s history. As she wanders the aisles of the library looking for books, she comes across a tome that has the power to change her life forever. Without giving much thought to the ramifications of what she’s doing, she picks up the book, opens it to a random page, and reads:

‘Edward Cullen was born in 1864 in Forks, WA. His father was a teacher and principal, and his mother was a schoolteacher who died when he was 11. While growing up, he developed a love for reading. After graduating from Harvard University, he became an English teacher and then headmaster of a private school in Massachusetts. In 1895, he married Estelle Leanne Robinson and had four children with her. During this time, he also began developing the character of Edward Cullen that would later become so iconic. In a very real sense, he founded the modern vampire movement.’

At that moment, Bella realizes that she’s read the entire story of Edward Cullen, and she’s in love with him. The scene is a masterclass in storytelling and has been heralded as one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history.

The pages that Bella opened up as she read the story of Edward Cullen revealed a side of him that the general public had never really gotten to see. According to the biographer of the actor, Nigel Hawthorne, “The Librarian was a turning point in [Robert Pattinson’s] career. Before then, his fans knew mainly what they saw in the films. Now they knew all about his life away from the cameras. His personal life was no longer a mystery. In one sense, it was a relief, because people had been wondering what was going on for so long. Now they knew, and they could judge for themselves.”