Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seem to have the perfect fair isle wedding. The Hollywood stars exchanged vows in a romantic ceremony in front of thousands of their fans in Scotland on Saturday. But while their celebrations appear to be just as sweet as their on-screen chemistry, some are crying foul over the fact that they were seemingly back together as soon as the wedding festivities were over.

The heart-shaped diamond adorned in white and yellow gold that Pattinson gave Stewart on Saturday night was reportedly valued at a whopping £500,000 ($670,000). While the couple’s close friends and family members were present for the special day, it was the presence of cameras that filled the internet with memes and gifs.

On Saturday night, the happy couple – who have been dating for more than a year – were joined by their parents, Rupert and Shannen, and siblings, Ashling and Lily, as they celebrated the beginning of their married life. The family members had previously exchanged vows at Ashling and Lily’s wedding in 2015.

The newlyweds enjoyed a luxurious honeymoon in Portugal before heading back to work. The 26-year-old actor was recently seen sporting a wedding band on his left hand as he attended the premiere of Jee-woon Kim’s latest film, The Face Reader, in London. In attendance were Stewart’s parents, Robert and Diana, who are spending a sabbatical year in Europe after their daughter’s wedding. As well as Pattinson, Stewart and Kim are also godparents to each other’s children.

The Mystery Surrounding Their Reunion

It was only a matter of time before gossip websites started throwing out rumors about Stewart and Pattinson’s unexpected reunion. In fact, one publication claims to have the “exclusive” on the couple’s alleged get back together. Written by a supposed “insider,” the article states that the two were spotted “chilling” together at a New York City bar on Friday night. The anonymous writer went on to claim that Stewart and Pattinson were “more than just friends” and that their one-night stand on the 4th of July was just a ‘friendly’ R-rated movie night between two friends.

Rumors about Stewart and Pattinson’s supposed reunion have been circulating for months. One Twitter user wrote, “We may have seen something about kristen stewart and robert pattinson together recently…not sure if it was true but it was all over the place.” While another chimed in, “I know right? @KristenStewart and @RobertPattinson are totally getting back together. I can’t even believe it.”

But as incredible as the rumors may be, there is ultimately no proof that the famous couple are, in fact, back together. Both actors have been extremely busy with their own projects in recent months, with Pattinson appearing in hit series Sex Education and thriller Bandersnatch, while Stewart has starred in the highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, titled Wonder Woman 1984 and the upcoming horror series The Grudge.

Are They an Item Yet?

While gossip websites have been quick to speculate about Stewart and Pattinson’s alleged reunion, they have yet to confirm that the two are, in fact, a couple. Last October, amid the swirling rumors about their potential reunion, the two made some cryptic comments about their status. When asked by reporters at the premiere of Peter Pan Live! if they were dating each other, Stewart replied, “Yes, we’re very good friends,” before adding that they weren’t “feeling all the love” that the paparazzi were making them believe they were experiencing. The British actor also said that he didn’t see himself as a “traditional” boyfriend or husband. However, he did add that he was “very happy” to become Peter Pan’s friend.

The next day, while attending an intimate dinner party in London, Pattinson was presented with a golden heart-shaped locket by a woman he didn’t know. Upon seeing it, the actor reportedly cried, “Oh my god,” as if he’d just been presented with an engagement ring. But instead of confirming that he was going to propose, Pattinson said that he was simply “overwhelmed” by the attention the locket was receiving. While the attendees at the party insisted that the two were just friends and nothing more, Pattinson’s appearance at the bash was enough for their friends and family to start believing that the rumors were true. One onlooker at the affair said, “I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on. I suspect it will be a slow crush.”

Has This Hurted Stewart’s Career?

Since the beginning of this year, Stewart has been dogged by the ongoing cheating scandal involving her former fiancé, English actor Harry Styles. After meeting Styles in 2015, Stewart began a relationship with the 27-year-old singer. But the couple’s whirlwind romance came to an abrupt end in June of this year, when Styles cheated on Stewart with British actress Florence Aloud. The two subsequently got engaged, despite Styles previously telling reporters, “I don’t want to get married yet.”

The scandal surrounding Styles and Stewart is undoubtedly the biggest story in the world of celebrity right now, and has reportedly damaged both their careers. Aside from the negative press that comes with being involved in such a high-profile scandal, Stewart’s mother, Diana, also reportedly disowned her daughter over the affair. The news that her former fiancé had cheated provoked an angry reaction from Stewart, who said, “I feel incredibly sad and let down. I feel like it was all a big mistake.” Although Styles has yet to comment on the matter, his representatives have dismissed the cheating allegations as “gossip.”

But while Styles may have gotten what he wanted from the affair – an engagement ring and the temporary absolution of his infidelities – it’s unlikely that Stewart has profited from the situation. Aside from the fact that it’s likely she’ll never work in Hollywood again, she also lost a reported £30 million ($40 million) worth of endorsements due to the affair and its aftermath. According to the Mirror, Stewart’s mother has taken legal action against Styles to try and claw back the lost endorsements and damages the singer may have caused her daughter by having an affair with an older man. 

Because of the financial repercussions of the affair, it would appear that the only beneficiary of this sordid situation is Francesca Hilton, the daughter of the late publishing magnate Sir Conrad Hilton. In February, just weeks after the scandal came to light, Hilton purchased the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, which is said to have a circulation of 1.5 million. Since taking over the reins from his father, Hilton has transformed the paper into a fashionable lifestyle medium. In a rare interview about the takeover, the younger Hilton said that he wanted to make the paper “more of a reflection of what real people want” and “don’t want to be stuck in the past,” alluding to the Daily Telegraph’s reputation for being a little too conservative for its own good. On Saturday night, the Telegraph tweeted a link to the interview in which Hilton discussed taking over the paper. The newspaper’s circulation is yet to be confirmed, but it’s estimated that as a result of the scandal, it could lose as many as 300,000 subscribers.

Where Does This Leave Pattinson’s Reputation?

While fans may be outraged that Stewart and Pattinson had their reunion, the cheating scandal that surrounds the 32-year-old English actor has undoubtedly damaged his reputation. Since the beginning of this year, Pattinson has been involved in a number of scandals, ranging from drunken driving to a police investigation into an alleged indecent assault involving an underaged girl. But the cheating accusations are undoubtedly the most damaging.

According to the Daily Mail, shortly before his 19th birthday, Pattinson was arrested in Los Angeles for driving under the influence, after he crashed into two parked cars and a lamp post. While in custody, he was accused of taking a cell phone from a police officer’s pocket and slipping it into his own. The device contained a file of highly private photographs of the young star. In March 2017, a Los Angeles County judge set bail at $50,000. As well as the DUI arrest, police are also reportedly investigating Pattinson for allegedly touching a girl’s breast during an intimate dancing session at a nightclub. No charges have been filed yet, but the investigation is still ongoing.