It’s been almost a year since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s break-up
(or, rather, non-ending “break”; let’s be honest, they’re still going strong
and seem more committed than ever to making the most of their celebrity), and
while the world has been focused on their public feuds and celebrity
photoshop brawls, they have been quietly working on something new together. On
May 19, the New York Times published a piece detailing how the couple has been
quietly and thoughtfully creating a new work of art, exploring various themes
related to the Mayan calendar and the stars’ shared passion for esoteric
scriptures and mystical traditions.

According to the article, Rob and Kristen have “been trying to create a work
of art that is deeply personal but also universal” and have used various
inspirations to do so, from Egyptian hieroglyphics to Native American culture
and the Bible. They’ve also turned to some of their favourite musicians for
inspiration, particularly David Bowie and the Rolling Stones, with whom they’ve
collaborated on a song called “Singing of the Night”. (Bowie died on Jan. 20,
2016, three days before the premiere of the last film he was filming,
“The Man Who Sold the World”.)

Theirs is a creative union bound to inspire. And you can bet your bottom dollar
that we, as fans, will be watching very closely to see what they come up with

The Making Of A Masterpiece

For those who may not be familiar, the Sunt Impreuna festival takes place
every four years in Timisoara, Romania, and it brings together the best
representatives of European classical music and the visual arts. The festival’s
15th iteration was held in 2015, from April 26 to May 7, and was dedicated to
art inspired by the Mayan calendar and their shared interest in mythology and

We were lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes of one of the most
anticipated events of the festival: a special performance by Robert Pattinson
and Kristen Stewart, combining their talents for a night of music and art. On
April 28, just one day before the premiere of their film adaptation of “The
Great Gatsby”, the couple held a press conference to discuss the making of
their performance and the inspiration behind it.

As the couple was eager to keep the audience members guessing, they wouldn’t
reveal many details about the project, but they did say they were experimenting
with “mash-ups” of different dance styles and were looking for “dance-y stuff”
they could incorporate. They also hinted at the possibility of recreating some
of the iconic moves from the film adaptation of “The Great Gatsby”, which was
directed by Baz Luhrmann, who also helmed the couple’s “The Twilight Saga”
movies. (In case you’re wondering, Luhrmann has developed a reputation as a
maestro of remixing dances and music, having previously collaborated with Van
Damme on the film adaptation of “Dirty Dancing”, among others. The director told
Vogue, “I want to make a movie where people feel free. So sometimes I’ll just
send them a sheet with some grooves on it, and they’ll have a go at it.”)

Getting It Right

While on the subject of “The Great Gatsby”, the couple opened up about what
it means to them personally, and what they’ve been seeking to express through
their new project. Stewart pointed out that the book and the film are
“completely different things” but that they both have something in common: an
interest in exploring “the darker side of love”. (In “The Great Gatsby”,
Gatsby’s mistress, Jordan Baker, is black. So, you know, that love is pretty
dark, even in fiction.)

“There is something about the Mayan calendar and the zodiac and the
metaphysical qualities of the elements that we both find very beautiful, very
intoxicating,” Stewart said. “It’s something about the idea of understanding
the essence of things and being able to express that through dance that we’ve
been exploring.”

When it comes to the artistic process, she continued, “With our
collaboration, there was a lot of experimenting to see what would work best,
what would create the right atmosphere and which dances and music would work
together. We didn’t really know if it would turn out like this, but we trusted
our instincts and explored a lot of different options.”

The Influences Behind Their Choice

In addition to exploring different dance styles, the couple has also been
taking inspiration from various artists and creators, particularly from the
design world and its “overlapping” influences on fashion and sculpture, as well as
music and dance. They’ve even turned to their family and friends, asking them
for their input and soliciting ideas. (You know, to make the most of their
celebrity and their access to high-profile individuals, naturally.)

“Fashion and dance are always going to be a big part of what we do, but
there are other things that are inspiring us right now,” said Stewart. “The
Mayan calendar is rich with imagery and the zodiac is bursting with
personality. We love the idea of using these colourful symbols to enhance art
that we make.” (According to a report in the Daily Mail, the couple’s
collaboration has been inspired by an “old friend” of Stewart’s who has since
disappeared, “but whose distinct design aesthetic still lingers in Stewart’s

Something To Celebrate

Despite their differences in age (Rob is 31 and Kristen is 28), the
couple’s shared passion for the arts has led to an entirely unique creative
collaboration that has resulted in something to celebrate. And, as we’ve
discussed, they’ve been doing this for a while, quietly and privately,
pursuing their goals and experimenting with new ideas. Now that they’re
finally ready to share their findings with the world, we can look forward to
seeing what the future holds for the dynamic duo.