Looking like a total dream team, PLL star Kristen Stewart and her vampire hottie husband Robert Pattinson were absolutely glowing as they posed for a quick picture before the start of the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards. It’s no secret that they’re both massive fans of each other, and it was no surprise that they managed to pull off that pixie-kicks-turned-vampire look. This isn’t the first time the two have starred together on camera either, as they previously shared a kiss on-screen in the 2013 film Gangster Squad. While most of the attendees didn’t seem to mind or even notice the PLL star’s new partner, one little girl asked if it was her uncle’s birthday and got a huge grin from the 30-year-old, who won her over with a giant chocolate cake and funny dancing. While Rob was there to support his wife, he mostly kept his distance from the other celebs, which is understandable considering that he’s been through so much in the past year. It started when his actress girlfriend Suki Waterhouse admitted to cheating on him with a married man. Then, in December, the Blackberry founder and CEO Sir Terry Leahy was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex-wife Eileen. Just last week, it was reported that a woman named Emily had filed a restraining order against Leahy, claiming that he “physically restrained and grabbed her breasts” and “verbally degraded her throughout a sexual assault.” In other words, there are a lot of reasons why Rob might want to stay away from the red carpet.

But the biggest question: did Kristen really pull off that orange dress? The answer is a solid yes. The 26-year-old stunner looked incredible, and it’s no wonder that her husband has been showering her with attention ever since she stepped out on that stage.

The year 2014 has been an eventful one for Stewart, whose beauty parlor moment gained her a new legion of fans, and for her husband as well. Though their romance began three years ago, it wasn’t until last December that they finally made it public. Since then, they’ve been spotted at numerous events, including the Met Gala and, of course, the Kids’ Choice Awards.

As if wearing an orange dress at the Teen Choice Awards weren’t enough, Stewart also showed off her bewitching smile as she accepted an award for Best Actress in a Drama for her role in The Nightingale. And who could forget about her performance in the vampire romance film Dracula Untold? Though she didn’t wear a dress, she did sport a fabulous black lace outfit and her hair was perfectly arranged in a sleek bun. It seemed as though her fans have plenty to choose from when it comes to dress options for Stewart, whose style is certainly unique.

A Fashion Icon and Influencer

Though she doesn’t always like to admit it, Stewart has always acknowledged that she’s a total fashion icon, and she’s not wrong. When it comes to haute couture and ready-to-wear, the PLL star is undoubtedly a walking enigma, as she is often seen wearing bold and outrageous outfits that no one else would dare to put together. When it comes to style, the fashion world has certainly taken notice of Stewart, who has been named one of the most influential fashion bloggers of all time by Vogue, and one of the most interesting fashion icons by Teen Vogue. Interestingly, many of Stewart’s style cues come from her father, who was a lawyer by trade. He passed on his passion for the law to his daughter, and it’s likely that he also instilled in her a need for excellence. After all, he was a very successful attorney, who represented numerous celebrities, among them Kate Moss.

Though Moss is often credited with launching Stewart’s career, the fashion icon herself has credited her former agent, who once again represented Moss, with helping her build her style identity. “I grew up with my father who was a lawyer and he always said that the way you dress and carry yourself is sometimes more important than what you wear,” Stewart said in an interview with Vogue. “So, there’s a definite sense of ‘don’t be afraid to challenge yourself’ that comes from my dad.”

A Timeless Beauty

If there’s one thing that all of Stewart’s outfits have in common, it’s that they are always a work of art. While many fashion icons go through trends, stylings, and waves of popularity, Stewart has managed to keep her clothing line simple but effective, and extremely wearable. Though she’s worn many bold and eye-catching outfits over the years, the Fashionista star always returns to her basics. And it’s safe to say that her fashion choices wouldn’t seem out of place from the 1980s, or even the 1950s. Though it’s not quite as bold as one might expect, Stewart’s outfits are always impeccably put together, and they never fail to evoke elegance and timeless beauty.

A Stylish and Sophisticated Wife

Stewart is known for her fashion choices, but it’s her style and sophistication that truly sets her apart. Though she isn’t afraid to experiment with bold and eye-catching prints and materials, Stewart usually keeps things classy and elegant, whether she’s wearing a sundress or a floor-sweeping gown. And it isn’t just the clothing that sets her apart; it’s the way she wears it, as well. One of Stewart’s trademarks is her use of accessories, particularly her diamond earrings and her diamond-encrusted necklace, which she often wears with a white dress. When it comes to dressing her husband, however, Stewart has kept things classic and elegant, as well.

Indeed, Robert is often seen wearing classic suits or even a tuxedo on their wedding anniversary, though some of his outfits are quite daring as well. Nevertheless, it’s clear that this couple’s style is very compatible, and it’s also safe to say that they know how to have fun, as well.

Whatever the occasion, Stewart always looks ready for the big moment and perfectly composed, as she is a very stylish and sophisticated woman. Though she’s been married to the same man for three years, it definitely hasn’t hindered her ability to keep up with trends and to experiment with style. It’s clear that the only thing that could possibly hold her back is her desire to create a lasting family, which she is clearly working hard to do. While it might not be easy, it’s obvious that with hard work and dedication, Stewart will succeed, and she will continue to be one of fashion’s greatest icons.