Well may the rumours be true. After months of speculation, it looks like Kristen Stewart may have secretly tied the knot with her beau, Robert Pattinson. The actress and the “Twilight” hunk have reportedly wed in Paris last week, after keeping their relationship under wraps for so long.

According to reports, the pair exchanged vows before friends and family at the City Hall in the French capital. And, after the celebration, the newlyweds jetted off for a private honeymoon in Scotland.

The union comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. The couple first met when they were both starring in the movie “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” in 2012 and reportedly began dating soon after. It was only a matter of time before they decided to make their relationship public, and, as you may have guessed, since then, the couple has managed to keep their romance under wraps. But now that they’re tying the knot, it looks like they’ve finally decided to embrace their star-crossed-love and live their lives as a couple.

Why Aren’t They Secretly Caught Skyping?

Of course, the fact that they’ve decided to go against the grain and keep their relationship a secret probably goes down as the main reason why they haven’t been caught on camera together in months. It’s possible that Kristen and Rob have been spotted sharing a passionate kiss or cuddle session, but it’s certainly not been confirmed. The last time they were photographed together was in July 2016, when they were both spotted at the Wimbledon Championships – albeit completely unromantically. But with the year of their engagement drawing ever closer, it seems that the couple have finally decided to throw caution to the wind and show the world what committed fandom looks like. And who knows? Maybe they’ve even decided to forgo a traditional, boring wedding ceremony and eloped instead.

Has Rob’s Mom Gone Vegan?

It’s also a possibility that the engagement was a last-ditch attempt to keep their romance a secret. For years, Rob’s mother, Dianne, has been extremely dedicated to animal rights causes. In 2014, she helped to establish the Veganuary initiative, an annual celebration of plant-based eating that encourages people to try something new for a month. And, in 2015, she penned an opinion piece for the New York Times, defending her decision to go vegan. “I would rather hurt the animals than the humans I love. It’s more difficult to get them to eat healthy if they are tortured to do so,” she wrote.

While Kristen has always been a passionate advocate of Veganism, it’s possible that she and Rob had never actually tried it themselves. As she’s publicly stated in the past, she loves animals and believes that they’re worth protecting, but doesn’t identify as vegan herself. It seems that the couple’s romance was finally pushing Rob’s buttons – and, perhaps, Kristen’s as well. After they met, the pair began discussing veganism and shifted to a plant-based diet overnight. Once it became clear that their relationship was no longer a secret, Dianne immediately went vegan and began incorporating more vegan recipes into her repertoire. According to a family spokesperson, Rob’s mom is “delighted” that her son has finally found happiness and is “ecstatic” that she was able to play a part in the couple’s secret ceremony. The spokesperson also added that she and her husband, Bill, would like to “send their love” to Kristen and Robert.

What’s Their Reception Venue Like?

Another possible explanation for why the pair haven’t been photographed together in much is due to their desire to keep the celebration low-key. According to reports, the wedding venue was chosen because it has a formal garden and provides a picturesque view of Paris. The same logic can be applied to the honeymoon location, which is said to be one of Scotland’s most historic castle sets. The venue is decorated in vintage style and provides a stunning backdrop for the newlyweds’ big day. It’s not hard to understand why the pair would want to keep the details of their big day as private as possible; a wedding and honeymoon that are covered in glory are the stuff of dreams, after all.

What Will Their Wedding Look Like?

It’s still too early to say exactly what the couple’s wedding will look like. However, given his strong dedication to animal rights causes, it’s likely that Rob will adhere to a vegan menu during the event. Dianne has also confirmed that she will be attending the wedding, in addition to Bill. The spokesperson for the couple also revealed that they had considered eloping abroad, but decided against it due to expenses. Instead, they are said to be considering an intimate reception at home, followed by an open invitation to all their fans.

Meanwhile, it has been established that the wedding will be followed by a reception, with the venue still to be announced. For those who can’t stay for the big day, the location will be streamed online, so that everyone can join in the festivities via live video.

Have They Signed Any Ties?

It’s also a possibility that the newlyweds chose to forgo signing any marriage-related documents, due to the weight that these might carry. For example, in Scotland, it is a legal requirement to get married within six months of signing the paperwork. If the couple are to wait until after their wedding day to finalise their union, they risk being hit with a huge bill from the solicitor’s office. But maybe it was a wise move on their part; who knows what the future may hold? It’s certainly a step up from the usual fare featured on a Hollywood couple’s wedding menu, to be sure.

In any event, regardless of the reasoning behind their “reticence”, it seems that the couple have finally decided to embrace their star-crossed-love and are looking to make the most of their time together. They are said to be taking their wedding season very seriously and have reportedly begun scouting locations for future events. It’s clear that these two have made the right decision and are committed to living their lives as a couple for the foreseeable future. It won’t be easy, but they have each other, and they seem determined to make the most of it.